Sims 4 Missing Homework: How to Get it Back?

Oh my, the assignment that your Sim was supposed to do is not in their inventory!

This article will show you how to rapidly cure the missing homework bug in The Sims 4.

A number of users have expressed their frustration that the schoolwork that their Sims was supposed to complete has gone missing, and they are unable to retrieve it.

In any case, we’ll investigate what causes that to happen and how you may get your Sim’s schoolwork back in this article.

We won’t be playing Sherlock Holmes here, that much is certain.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Why doesn’t my Sim seem to have any homework?

The majority of the time, Sims in elementary school, high school, and even adult Sims attending college do not place their finished homework assignments in their inventories after they have completed them.

If you look around the house or the dorm, you might be able to locate the solution to this problem, which is the easiest way to fix it.

You might get lucky and find your Sim’s schoolwork by accident, and then you’ll be able to put it back where it belongs.

However, there will be occasions when you will be unable to locate it.

It is not unusual for non-controlled housemates at Discover University to place their homework books on the table in the common room where students study.

You shouldn’t be astonished if you see this happening.

What should you do if you lose your homework in The Sims 4?

METHOD 1: Buy the Homework

sims 4 buy new homework bookshelf Sims 4 Missing Homework: How to Get it Back?

From the bookcase, you may purchase homework at both school levels, and it will only cost you one dollar.

Simply pick “Order books” from the bookcase or computer, navigate to the children’s area, and then purchase the assignment that you require.

It is important to keep in mind that adults are required to order books, obtain the assigned homework, and place it on a table for the student to pick up.

If your Sim’s homework goes missing while you’re playing Sims 4 Discover University, you can replace it by purchasing a new one from the bookshelf in the library.

You can acquire the necessary materials for your homework at the campus kiosk if you are currently on the premises.

METHOD 2: Delete or Sell Your Bookcase

sims 4 buy new homework computer Sims 4 Missing Homework: How to Get it Back?

Other people indicated that a potential solution to the issue would be to either delete or sell your existing bookcases and then purchase new ones.

Your bookshelf could have technical difficulties at random times.

When you transfer a Sim to a new residence and bring their furniture and bookcases with them, you may frequently run into this issue.

It is expected that the issue will be resolved once the problematic bookcases are replaced.

METHOD 3: Check other Sims Inventories

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It’s possible that the assignment that belongs to your Sim ended up in the inventory of another member by accident.

A significant number of gamers have reported that they discovered the assignments that their Sims had been assigned in the possession of another player.


Q- Where can you find your homework in The Sims 4?

Ans: In The Sims 4, you may locate your Sim’s homework by clicking on their inventory.

There ought to be a grey and black assignment that you can select and then click on in order to get your Sims to begin working on finishing it.

Q- Do the Sims in Sims 4 University have to complete assignments?

Ans: In the video game The Sims 4: Discover University, students are required to complete regular assignments as part of the curriculum.

That sums it up nicely. We sincerely hope that you were successful in retrieving the homework for your Sim.

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