Sims 4: How to Make Sims Eat Faster?

Frustrated by how slowly your Sims consume food and liquids?

So that your Sims can quit being sidetracked and focus just on eating, you NEED the Sims 4 faster-eating mod!

If you’ve been around since The Sims 4 was released, you might recall that everything was incredibly slow initially.

I’m not referring to how the game would function on your machine.

I’m referring to how slowly they had set up time in the Sims universe.

Even if you set the game’s timer to speed three, it will still seem like speed one.

Your Sims didn’t get a full night’s rest for FOREVER.

Before daylight arrived, I could get out of bed and prepare an entire dinner for myself.

Fortunately, they swiftly resolved that issue.

However, it didn’t address some of the other problems, such as delayed eating and drinking, endless hours of university schoolwork, and sims which are frequently interrupted.

Your Sims taking too long to complete eating and/or drinking is one of the most irksome Sims 4 concerns, and I’m here to help.

Sims 4 Faster Eating Mods

Here’s how to use the rapid eats hack in The Sims 4 to speed up your sim’s eating.

How Can You Get Your Sim to Eat Quicker?

You’ll need the assistance of a mod if you want to speed up the rate at which your Sim eats or drinks, which unfortunately means that console players can’t make use of this method. Sorry)

There are a few other mods that can resolve this issue; however, the mod that I’m going to talk to you about is the very best one there is.

It functions exceptionally well and provides you with choices for personalization.

Introducing The Sims 4’s Quick Eats Mod!

Sims 4 Faster Eating Drinking Mod Sims 4: How to Make Sims Eat Faster?

Your Sims will focus MUCH more intently on actually consuming food and drink thanks to this modification for The Sims 4, as opposed to being continually sidetracked by other activities such as having conversations, watching television, mindlessly wandering around, etc.

The fact that the mod’s developer has provided us with a variety of different options is perhaps one of the best aspects of this modification.

You will see that there are four different file options available to you when you go to the download page.

You should download just a single copy of each of these files.

A brief rundown of the many types of mods is as follows:

  1. Slow-Eater

The Slow Eater is more tolerant of interruptions, but food consumption remains their primary focus (slowest eating speed)

  1. Peckish

Sims with a peckish disposition will concentrate a great deal more on their food, but they will tolerate minor distractions.

  1. Hangry

Sims with a hangry mood will concentrate nearly solely on eating their food, with extremely brief opportunities for diversions.

  1. Ravenous

Sims with a ravenous appetite will almost exclusively concentrate on their food and completing their meals (fastest eating speed)

The ‘hangry speed’ file was the one that appealed to me the most since I believed it offered the optimal combination of speed, distractions, and realism.

You are going to need to download one of the files in order to implement the faster eating mod into your game.

After you have downloaded the file, you will need to unpack it and then place the .package file that is created in your mods folder.

You’re good to go at this point!

Start up your game, making sure that mods are turned on in the configuration menu, and your Sims should now be able to consume food more quickly.

This Sims 4 mod completely altered the way I play the game for me.

Eating slowly is EXTREMELY unpleasant and annoying (at least, that’s how I feel about it. ).

The incorporation of this mod into my game resulted in a far less choppy and more satisfying gameplay experience overall.

One of the most useful and fun additions to The Sims 4 is the Quick Eats mod.

In no uncertain terms, make it a point to investigate it and give it a shot!

You are welcome to post a comment below if you have any questions regarding how to make use of or download this modification.

In addition to that, I’d be very interested in hearing about your experiences with this patch.

Does it significantly reduce the amount of aggravation you feel while playing games?

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