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Shimoneta Season 2: Release Date

“Shimoneta”, also referred to as Shimoseka as well as ‘ Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai in Japan means “Shimoneta: A boring World in which the notion of filthy Jokes isn’t a thing’. 

It was printed in Shogakukanas 9 volumes in total since the year 2012. In 2014 the manga adaptation started publication as an element of Mag Garden’s shonen manga magazine, ‘Monthly comic Blade’. 

Because of the popularity of the show, it was decided to make an anime adaptation. The first episode began airing in the year 2015 under the direction of J.C.Staff which is an independently owned Japanese studio. 

The show airs the 12th episode from July through September 2015. This is the first season of the show.

There’s been no announcement of a second season for “Shimoneta,” and it’s possible that the show will never return.

Shimoneta Season 2’s Release Date When will it premiere?

Shimoneta Season 2 1 1

Shimoneta season 1 debuted on July 4, 2015 . It concluded the show on September 19 the 19th of September, 2015. 

Although there aren’t any public announcements, however, there are stories about a sequel under development. 

We aren’t able to confirm the claims however, based on the success in the premiere, you could expect a second season to air very soon. 

There’s more to the story than what was revealed through the opening season and there’s no reason why the show will not be renewed. 

We’re guessing that the Shimoneta season 2’s release date may be in 2021. We’ll update this page when we learn more.

Shimoneta English Dub:

Shimoneta was licensed from Madman Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand, which simultaneously broadcast the show on AnimeLab. 

Its English dub and sub-versions are available to stream through Funimation, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

Shimoneta Plot:

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In a dystopian future Japan The government has imposed certain restrictions on the public’s opinions and communications. 

What began as an attempt to limit the distribution of shady materials throughout the country, and as an attempt to stop violence has now put all the citizens of Japan under the strict supervision of the government. 

The authorities have now scrutinized every act performed by the citizens of the state. And if they do something to insult another person they will be immediately detained and brought before a court. 

Anything that is considered to be immoral can cause such actions to be carried out by the government regardless of whether it’s some minor thing such as an innocent joke or the distribution of sexually explicit materials classified as unlawful.

Furthermore, all citizens in the country are required to wear a “Peace Maker device that tracks their actions. 

They are designed to notify security personnel, who come promptly to the area of concern, in case suspicious activities are discovered. 

These are high-tech devices that can decode and register the human voice, which allows it to recognize each word spoken by the user. 

It is also able to track hand gestures as well as interactions between individuals to make sure they aren’t engaged in any illegal activity. 

This violates fundamental human rights as well as the freedom of choice and the right to privacy, which are concepts that are dying in our modern world.

There have been numerous attempts to challenge the government with some of the attempts being crucial to the overall process and some that were utterly useless at the very least. 

However, there is hope as stories of people working to free themselves from the very foundations of government appear every day. 

Certain of them go out quickly, but others are known for their capability to resurface and haunt the government. 

There is a sense that everything is gone and that people have to live within the very fabric of chaos for the best part of the next few years. This is the time Tanukichi Okuma enters the mix. 

A lively and vibrant character who is the protagonist in the tale, Okuma swiftly becomes a household name when he enrols in a ‘public morals school as a high school student to reconnect with his long-time lover, Anna.

But these policies pose an actual threat to his plans, and the reason he begins to think of ways to undermine it to satisfy his desires. 

Things quickly negative turn when he begins to become increasingly acquainted with Blue Snow, an attractive woman who is lusting for him and helps him defeat the law. 

The situation is heating up, leading to funny and dangerous situations where the characters attempt to trick the government to participate in more raunchy actions. 

It’s quite entertaining watching them try to beat each other up while beating the government. And we certainly feel that a 12-episode season doesn’t do justice to the show.

“Shimoneta” literally means ‘vulgar slang which is also known as a ‘dirty joke’. It’s very easy to comprehend why the author picked this particular name. 

This is a classic instance of wanting something you can’t possess. On a typical day, one would not miss the opportunity to curse or participate in illegal activities.

However, once the options are restricted in some way, it increases the desire for them. A dirty joke has greater significance and significance when it is considered a joke by society, especially when it’s unlawful. 

It seems that the notion that breaking laws has fascinated us as human beings and, consequently an incredibly boring task such as telling a joke can be interesting once the power is removed from us. 

It seems like this is an example of moral stipulations that the anime seem to play within every scene and we believe this is something that we need to discuss.

Shimoneta Main Characters

Tanukichi Okuma

Tanukichi Okuma 1

He is the son of notorious terrorist Zenjuro who was arrested for dispersing condoms in front of the Diet Building in a gesture of protest against the government. 

Tanukichi Okuma was the greatest master of sexual and lewd behavior. 

He was a child who took a fascination with the art of sexual activity when he was a young child, thanks to his father

Being a father who handed out condoms as protests at the entrance of one of Japan’s most significant public buildings in Japan requires at least some bragging rights and we’re not judging his morally deficient circumstances when he finished his intermediate school. 

Anna is his childhood best friend and crush, and she’s an ideal moral character. Tanukichi has to conceal his unsavory behavior from her to gain her trust.

But as soon as he arrives at school, he comes into contact with Ayame and the situation gets increasingly complicated. 

He is always split between Ayame and Anna and has the dilemma of deciding whether to give Ayame to Anna but is unable to decide to do it.

Ayame Kajou

Ayame Kajou

Ayame Kajou is a rebel and is the daughter of an infuriated Diet officer who was unsuccessful in her campaign against the law of public morality and was ultimately ejected. 

As a result, she has also become adept in the ways of immoral conduct and is looking forward to the day that the laws that prohibit homosexuality are removed by the government. 

She tirelessly promotes her methods by promoting outside of school against the law under the name of “Blue Snow”. 

She can conceal her identity by wearing clothes that cover her face and engaging in various activities that target the government. 

Additionally, she is the vice-president of the Student Council in school, while the other students are unaware of her double existence.

After meeting Tanukichi, Ayame decides to create the group SOX together with him to advance their cause towards the government. 

It appears that she develops an affectionate relationship with Tanukichi since she’s often found blushing in the presence of Tanukichi. 

Her father, the notorious rebel had been, instructed her to turn off her PM devices for 3 minutes every day.

This allowed her to engage in any sexual activities she wants. This is extremely helpful for her, and she could be seen spreading pornographic content and yelling profane jokes while taking all the benefits of it.

Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna is Tanukichi’s crush from childhood and also is the head of the Student Council. 

As a very well-behaved and law-abiding citizen, she has decided to dedicate herself to exposing the identity of the Blue Snow before the reputation of the institution itself is destroyed. 

To make this a reality, she has assigned Tanukichi with determining the identity of Blue Snow. 

But she doesn’t realize the fact that Tanukichi himself is in close contact in tandem with Blue Snow to combat the laws that prohibit homosexuality. 

They’ve even created the group called SOX which acts as an excuse for all the suspicious behavior that is possible.

Anna then falls in love with Tanukichi after Tanukichi accidentally kisses her, but she fails to express her feelings properly because she does not know sexual desires. 

She eventually entices Tanukichi into sexual relations with her because she’s unable to control her sexual desires and control them while making threats to anyone else who gets near Tanukichi. 

To try to win him over she enlarges her security in the intention of winning him over by virtue and moral behavior but it backfires. 

She may be extremely competent and enthused when she is looking to be but does not utilize her abilities correctly, in part since she fails to use her sense of humor when confronted with a difficult circumstance.

Otome Saotome

Otome Saotome

Otome is an intriguing character, to not mention. She is an artist whose paintings are on display all over the school, but is unmotivated and doesn’t feel aroused by the popularity. 

It is reasonable to believe that being among the most well-known girls at school would have some significance however, this isn’t the case with Otome. 

She’s not just unaffected by the amount of attention paid to her but also seems as if she’s bored. 

One day, she sees Tanukichi switching out her SOX Blue Snow uniform and is then able to blackmail him to become her pet. 

However, she soon becomes bored as she joins SOX to master the art of painting naked art. 

Thanks to the PM device which constantly monitors the movements of her hands and movements she is taught to draw with her mouth to fool the machine.