Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru manga begins last chapter

The first part of the final chapter of Saki Sakida and Manatsu Suzuki’s manga adaptation of Yomi Hirasaka’s Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru (Making Progress on Yuri Before the Deadline) light novel series was recently published on March 16 by Square Enix’s Manga UP! platform.

Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru: Story

The story revolves around Ayu Shirakawa, who has decided to leave her home.

Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru manga begins last chapter

Ayu is introduced to the author Yukari Ebiwara (penname Hikari Ebiwara) through her cousin Miyako, and begins a part-time job as her caretaker.

Yukari frequently indulges in leisure activities like playing games and going on trips, while Ayu finds great pleasure in her new everyday life.

As the two live together and grow closer, Ayu starts to experience new and unfamiliar emotions.

The manga adaptation by Sakida and Suzuki debuted in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine in October 2021

The novel series showcases beautiful illustrations by U35. The second volume was shipped in October 2021.

Hirasaka has written some novels that have been adapted into anime and manga series, such as Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends and A Sister’s All You Need.

Source: Manga UP!’s Twitter account

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