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Say “I Love You” Season 2: Release Date & Rumors

Say “I love you”, also known as “Sukitte Ii na Yo“, is a Shoujo anime that’s very relatable and realistic. It aired in October 2012 and finally ended with an OVA in 2013. 

The anime’s popularity has not diminished even though it ended nearly a decade ago. 

Say “I Love You” Season 2 is a highly-anticipated romance sequel that has attracted many fans since its release.

Say “I Love You”, which follows Mei Tachibana, Yamato Kurosawa, and Mei Tachibana presents a real picture of high school relationships. 

Although the anime isn’t too dramatic or sweet, it will make you feel nostalgic about your school days.

Say I Love You Season 2: Release Date

Say “I Love You” Season 2

Season 2 is almost a decade old since its debut. There are no words because of this. Season 1 debuted in October 2012 and consisted of 13 episodes. 

A single OVA episode was later released as a sequel. There have been no indications that the story will continue.

The show is an adaptation of a manga series that has enough content to last the season. The first season was only 29 chapters long.

The manga was published between 2008 and 2017. If we look at the availability of source material, it is much more than sufficient. 

They learn more about themselves and how to accept each other. They discover the true meanings of three “Magical Words”: “I Love You” and “I Accept You.”

Main Characters

Yamato Kurosawa

Yamato Kurosawa

Yamato Kurosawa, the main male protagonist in the show, is the most well-known guy at his high school. 

Yamato Kurosawa is very protective of the people around him. He was bullied as a child and he decided to stop bullying others in public places. Yamato still feels guilty for being so cruel to his best friend in the past.

His protective nature is now more a result of that guilt. Later, he develops a crush on Mei and becomes very attracted to her because she is so different from everyone else. 

He is very understanding of her feelings and will do anything to keep her happy when he’s in a relationship.

Mei Tachibana

Mei Tachibana

Mei Tachibana, Yamato’s love interest, is the main female protagonist in the show. She is a beautiful blonde teenage girl with brown hair. 

She is very thin and walks with a slight slouch. Although she rarely smiles, Yamato often sees her smiling or blushing when she’s around her. She has short hair and medium bangs at the start of the anime.

However, as the anime progresses, her hair grows longer until her shoulders.

Mei is a very distant person because she believes everyone will eventually betray her, no matter how close she gets to them. 

Mei is a very reserved person at school. She only speaks to people when necessary. 

She finds that Yamato’s faith and loyalty to her make it easier for her to accept people as they are. 

Slowly, she becomes more social and makes new friends. She is still insecure and struggles to express her emotions to Yamato despite all these changes. 

Even though there are many misunderstandings later, they manage to resolve them all.