Fans have been waiting for Sankarea Season 2 for eight years. It is a unique anime series. It was a popular anime series that has been viewed many times. 

Although it is certainly something that viewers are not used to, you will find something strangely enjoyable about it. 

Every viewer is curious about what the next episode of anime will bring.

Sankarea: Undying Love, a Japanese anime series. It is based on the manga series by Mitsuru Hattori. 

The first episode of the anime aired on April 5, 2012. It ran twelve episodes. 

The makers released an OVA the following the show’s completion on June 8, 2012. In November, two additional special episodes were released to the anime fans.

Sankarea Season 2 Renewal Status

When the anime premiered in 2012, the audience was engaged from the first episode. The anime kept viewers on the edge of their seats until the end. 

It ended on a cliffhanger. Everyone thought it would return, as it received a tremendous response from both the viewers and critics. 

It didn’t happen. Fans were able to watch one OVA and two episodes of the special episode, but it was not enough. They still waited for the full season. 

They are still waiting for any updates on Sankarea Season 2. The makers remain very tight-lipped about it. The show was neither renewed nor canceled for the second season.

Will the Anime Ever Come Back?

The anime’s first season lasted only twelve episodes. The manga, however, has fourteen volumes. Hattori published the last volume in November 2014. 

Studio Deen, the producer of the first season, has enough material to create Sankarea Season 2. 

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The problem is that they don’t have any content to promote. They released the anime series to promote its source material. 

They don’t have any content to promote since the manga series ended in 2014. This is the main reason the anime fans haven’t yet seen the second episode.

Another important factor is the declining popularity of the series. The manga and anime were both discontinued in 2012, while the anime ended in 2012. 

Its popularity has declined gradually over the past six years. The show isn’t as popular as it used to be, so no studio would want to invest in it. 

It wasn’t produced when it was most in demand. The chances of Sankarea Season 2 happening are now very slim. 

It is, therefore, better to assume that the anime series won’t return.