Re:Zero Season 3

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date & Latest Details

It is one of the most popular anime series.

It has already accumulated 50 episodes and plenty of original material to continue, should the creators choose to.

Two seasons of this anime has already been released in 2016 and 2020 but the third season is not confirmed yet.

Re: Zero: What Is It About?

rezero subaru

Re Zero is an anime that focuses on exactly what the title says: Subaru Natsuki, suffering from hikikomori, is taken to another dimension on his return trip to the grocery store. 

In the other world, he attempts to aid Emilia, who is a half-elf, only to end up dying.

To his delight, he awakens just a few hours earlier. 

After several more deaths, he realizes the power of his newfound abilities that allow him to change the time every time he passes away. 

Subaru decides to make use of this ability to aid Emilia, who is the heir to the King in the Kingdom of Lugunica.

The problem is that he has to bear the pain that he is left with after so many deaths, as well as the traumatizing memories that he accumulates throughout the process.

Re: Zero Season 3 Renewal Status

As of the time of writing, Re Zero isn’t officially renewed for a third season, though there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that a third season is possible. 

Season two of Re Zero just finished airing in early spring 2021.

Several anime release new seasons right after the end of a season, particularly if new episodes are expected to air soon. However, some shows have to wait months, or even years, to make an announcement.

Since this is a successful and well-known work that continues to sell a variety of DVDs, issues, and other merchandise, it has a good likelihood of coming back.

Zero Season 3 Release Date

subaru and emily

Re: Zero Season 3 has no release date yet, as it hasn’t been officially confirmed. 

The first season premiered in 2016, while the initial season of the second began airing in 2020. This means that we may have to wait many years before we know the absolute truth.

However, the popularity of the second season could suggest that Re Zero Season 3 will be given priority in favor of different projects. 

In any event, likely, we won’t see it released before late 2022 or even 2023 because most studios release their lineup of anime far in advance. 

In any event, we’ll inform you of more details as soon as the announcement has been made.