18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Ravasheen is an outstanding Sims 4 content designer, and here is everything you need to download from him in order to improve your Sims 4 gameplay.

A feature article on a Sims 4 content maker is something I’ve never done before.

I tried to resist, but after recently downloading practically all of Ravasheen’s custom content and mods, I just couldn’t.

Ravasheen is without a doubt recognized as being among the most talented Sims 4 custom content designers.

Their works greatly enrich my experience of playing The Sims 4, making the game more engaging and interesting through the production of products that have improved utility and a great deal of inventiveness.

I’m going to run down for you all of the top Ravasheen Sims 4 CC and mods that, in my opinion, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have installed in your game.

This post is all about the top custom content and mods for The Sims 4 created by Ravasheen.

18. Tabletop Pumpkin Carving Mats

RVSN TableTop PumpkinCarving sims4CC 1 768x768 1 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

This item functions the same as the Pumpkin Carving Station, BUT you can slot it to any surface!

You can place these next to one another on a table (or any surface) so your sims can all carve pumpkins together as well!

17. The Voidcritter Tablet

the tablet 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Your Sims, from Children to Elders, can use the Tablet to enter the world of the Voidcritters.

Little Dica and Ravasheen made a new version of the toddler tablet. This one has ten colors inspired by Voidcritters and a logo that lights up.

You have to have the tablet to use these new Voidcritters features, but you can use it no matter where your Sim is.

It works both in the real world and in your Sim’s inventory, so you can use it anywhere.

Shift-clicking on the tablet also gives you access to cheats like “Find 10 Virtual Voidcritters” and “Get All Monsters.”

16. Pack Compatibility For Into The Void

pack compatibility 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

The Voidcritters from Kid’s Room Stuff is used in Into the Void, of course. But The Sims 4: Snowy Escape added Simmies to the game, so it also has those.

You can’t collect Simmie Capsules with the tablet, but you can buy things that have to do with Simmie.

But you only need Kids Room Stuff to actually use the mod. Some of its features even work with the Base Game.

Collecting, fighting, or training Voidcritter cards, among other things, requires Kids Room Stuff.

Shopping and other features, on the other hand, are fully compatible with the Base Game.

15. Photographic Memory 2.0

ravasheen photographic memory 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

In The Sims 4, the Ravasheen Photographic Memory mod makes a HUGE contribution to the game’s narrative.

Because it enables you to convert your Sims’ photographs into polaroids, prints, paintings, and other works of art that you can then position anywhere in the world, it lends an incredibly lifelike quality to the environments in which your Sims live.

The fact that the prints and everything else are compatible with the corkboard that is already included in the game is one of my favorite aspects of it.

This means that you may have an entire corkboard loaded with images of your family.

How adorable!

In addition, you are able to edit images after they have already been taken, allowing you to improve the clarity of any low-resolution photos in which your fingers are visible.

This modification has even more features, and I strongly advise reading the download page to find out all that is included.

14. ISO Love Photos Sims 4 Full Control Camera

ravasheen iso love photos 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

When it comes to capturing images in The Sims 4, having more control over the final product is one of the goals of Ravasheen’s ISO Love Photos camera hack.

It eliminates the requirement for a photographer sim, ensuring that your sims maintain the postures they were given, and enables you to position the camera in the environment at whatever location you choose in order to capture the picture.

In addition, the number of photographs taken during a session is increased from ten to twenty-five by the specialized camera, giving you a greater number of opportunities to capture the ideal image.

13. Sims 4 Hidden Lighting System

sims 4 lighting system mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

This is a very helpful mod that was developed by Ravasheen and it enables you to add hidden lights in various locations across your lots.

You won’t need to use the one saucer light (you know the one I’m talking about) all over your ceilings if you use these since you can place them in varied and random locations, and when you go into Live mode, they will be concealed!

Additionally, it comes with a cute light switch that you can mount on your wall to control the hidden lights. This switch may be used in any room.

Excellent for realism in both gaming and house construction!

12. Ink for Yourself Sims 4 Memory Journal

sims 4 memory system mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

If you are someone who, like me, genuinely adored the memory system that Sims 2 had, then you unquestionably require this mod.

Even though it’s a laborious procedure, this is a way for your sims to record memories and access them whenever they need to throughout their lives.

Everything is recorded in a journal, and you are free to compose and format the entries as you see fit.

11. Trash Talk Sims 4 Recycler

sims 4 recycler ravasheen 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Because the original recycler that came with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack is SO awful and, once again, CLUNKY, this is another one of my must-have Ravasheen mods.

I just can’t play the game without it!

This is not an override; rather, it is an additional recycler that can be used in the buy mode.

It has the appearance of a typical recycling can, but it may also be used as a garbage can!

10. Shop Chef Ingredients

sims 4 grocery store mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

If you enjoy realistic gameplay as well as retail, then you absolutely must have this collection of custom content ingredients.

This little add-on would be IDEAL for constructing a supermarket in The Sims 4, if you ask me.

To provide a more in-depth explanation of the mod, if you click on the fish, your sim will have the option to buy fish, which will then be added to their inventory once the transaction has been made.

It’s quite close to the genuine thing!

9. Functional Sims 4 Piggy Banks

sims 4 piggy bank mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

This money mod is going to be VERY helpful!

It makes it possible for individual Sims to have their own money in addition to the money that belongs to the home.

This would be ideal for a teenager who wants to put away money from their part-time job for college or for a sim who lives with roommates and wants to keep their respective finances organized.

When you set up the piggy bank and one of your Sims deposits money into it, that Sim will become the owner of both the piggy bank and the money it contains.

On the other hand, dishonest Sims have the ability to take money from their neighbors.

8. Ken You Not Sims 4 Dollhouses

sims 4 dollhouses ravasheen 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Ravasheen has created a set of charming one-tile dollhouses for your youngster Sims to utilize in conjunction with the new cubbies you have purchased.

SO MUCH BETTER than those ridiculously large ones that consume the entirety of the area in your child’s bedroom!

The nicest aspect is that even your sims who are only toddlers can take part in them.

The dollhouses are available in a wide variety of designs and color schemes, and they resemble legos or building blocks in appearance.

Imagination is a skill that can be gained by toddler sims while playing, and creativity is a skill that can be gained by kid sims.

7. Do It Your Shelf Cubbies 2.0

sims 4 ikea cubes ravasheen 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

This is an upgraded version of Ravasheen’s original bespoke cubby system, and it features improved functionality as well as an overall improvement in appearance.

When it comes to arranging rooms for kids and teenagers, I absolutely adore employing these!

They are fantastic for holding all of the toys, trophies, and other trinkets that you accumulate as a child and totally remind me of furniture from Ikea.

6. Saleabration Sims 4 Retail System

ravasheen saleabration retail system mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Another crucial mod for getting the most out of your Sims 4 gameplay is Ravasheen’s Saleabration Retail System.

You can acquire it from their website.

We are all aware that the retail system in The Sims 4 suffers from serious deficiencies; but, with the addition of the saleabration mod, you now have the ability to design incredibly distinctive shops and have even more control over your establishment.

One of my favorite aspects of The Sims 2 was the ability to start a business from home, and this functionality is included here.

This modification does not place any restrictions on the items or locations that can be sold to customers.

The package also includes a bunch of adorable tiny placards that you can print out and use.

Total vibes reminiscent of The Sims 2: Open for Business!

5. Voidcritter Gaming Tablet

sims 4 voidcritter tablet mod ravasheen 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Ravasheen has created a one-of-a-kind Voidcritter gaming tablet, and it has really captured my attention.

This is maybe going to end up being one of my favorite things on the list.

This gaming tablet takes the place of the outrageously huge Voidcritter battle station that was a gift from EA to us.

You’ll probably notice a recurring theme throughout the rest of this piece.

It is highly recommended that you go to the download page and read up on everything there is to know about this modification or custom content.

In addition to that, adults can make use of this as well.

The game can now be enjoyed by teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens.

4. Uplifting Sims 4 Elevators

ravasheen elevator mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

There’s a good reason why Ravasheen’s fully functional elevator is such a popular download in the Sims community: it looks amazing.

This grants you the ability to place an elevator on any lot, regardless of the packs you currently possess.

You won’t need stairs on that property because Sims will utilize these on their own, which means you won’t have to manually direct your Sims every time they need to walk upstairs or downwards.

Thank goodness!

3. Filthy Fabulous for Rags to Riches

ravasheen rags to riches challenge mod 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

When it comes to developing Sims 4 CC and mods, Ravasheen is without a doubt one of the most talented minds around!

The challenge known as “Rags to Riches” is quite popular among Simmers.

Now we have twelve additional useful objects that will be of great assistance to you in the early stages of the rags-to-riches storyline when your character has very little to their name.

All of the elements can be used independently of the grid and effectively convey a sense of hardship.

The page for downloading can be accessed via the link provided below, where you can also find additional information.

There is even a movie that provides an overview!

2. A-Dough-Able Sims 4 Cupcake Maker

sims 4 cupcake maker replacement 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

Sometimes, the decision-making process at EA is completely beyond my grasp.

Why did they choose to transform practical, commonplace products into large, cumbersome things?

In particular, I’m referring to that enormous factory that makes cupcakes.

It is such ugly to put it in your sim’s house that I personally never even use it because of this reason.

The piping bag that Ravasheen invented turned out to be an excellent stand-in for the cupcake factory that we needed.

To begin baking the cupcakes you desire, all you have to do is click on the piping bag, and your sim will prepare the cupcakes in the oven exactly as any other human would.

1. Market Science Sims 4 Retail Stands

sims 4 retail stands 18 Best Ravasheen Mods & CC in Sims 4

When it comes to selling their wares, your Sims will have additional alternatives thanks to these unique market stalls for The Sims 4.

On these market stands, your Sims can sell anything to make some additional money for themselves.

I believe that one of these would be IDEAL for establishing a location for a communal flea market!

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