21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

I must tell a confessional story.

The color purple is one of my favorites.

To be more specific, a neon purple (you can blame Blade Runner for that).

It’s a shame that you can’t buy any neon purple shiny things.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to put in the time, there are a few normal purples that are well worth the effort.

A lot of the purple glittery designs we have now are from previous generations, so I’ll preface this list by mentioning that.

Back then, Purple Shiny Pokemon hunting wasn’t quite as popular as it is today.

Thus, Game Freak didn’t devote a lot of resources to making them.

However, the designs improve with each succeeding generation, so please bear with me.

21. Slowbro

080 f3 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Many Pokémon fans overlook Slowbro because of its slow speed.

It appears that Slowpoke is the most popular comic relief character.

The Pokémon Slowking has been widely featured in media since its debut in Pokémon: The Movie 2000.

However, Slowbro often falls behind the rest of the group.

However, its bright hue stands out from the other two.

The pink foundation of the original Slowbro has been replaced by a lovely, mellow purple that was all the rage a year or two ago.

In contrast to the purple, the shell on its tail transforms from a heather-grey to an odd yet pleasant golden tint.

20. Vaporeon

20 purple shiny vaporeon pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

To make matters worse, Vaporeon kicks off a new wave of boring shiny Pokemon.

In previous generations, this formed something of a team, but in more recent times, purple varieties have been rather rare.

Despite its oversimplification, I find the glossy design of Vaporeon to be rather endearing.

A little shift from blue to purple gives Vaporeon a touch of femininity that works wonderfully with its otherwise refined aesthetic.

Especially considering how frequently 3D sprites are used now.

19. Lapras

lapras 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Lapras and Vaporeon are virtually interchangeable.

It’s a classic Pokémon from before everyone became shinies crazy.

The shift in color scheme works wonderfully with the item’s feminine style.

In a rare occurrence, though, it is one of the Pokémon whose appearance I would claim has degraded through time.

Lapras looked like a Disney figure, thanks to the brilliant purple of its belly, on its Gen II sprite.

I’ll never understand why this was discarded in favor of the more standard white belly.

18. Rapidash

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In a perfect world, Rapidash would be at the very top of this list.

Unreasonable as it may sound, I have a thing for purple and blue flames.

I can’t explain it, but it’s like a shot of dopamine for the eyes.

An Example: Emboar and Litwit (both do not make the list).

Back in the day, my go-to shine was Rapidash.

The Pokémon’s flames changed colors, giving it a ghostly appearance like one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Then Generation III came along.

Additionally, Rapidash’s once-magical purple flames have been replaced with a more subdued black.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s quite neat as is.

Additionally, I assume it’s meant to symbolize smoke in some way.

The “pop” that purple Rapidash had, however, was completely nullified.

Even so, I shall proceed to add it to my agenda.

In the past, it flashed a vibrant purple color.

Even if that’s no longer the case.

17. Dragalge

21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

The design of Dragalge is extremely badass, yet for some reason nobody noticed it.

Sea algae as the basis for a dragon-type shouldn’t work, yet Game Freak made it happen.

Even though the purple is really muted, this is one of the shiny things that benefit greatly from the simple color adjustment.

When compared side by side, the glossy sprite seems like the default appearance, while the brown design looks like a shiny variation.

It may have gained more attention and appreciation if this were the case.

16. Wailord

wailord shiny en raids de pokemon sword and shield.jpg 1902800913 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

One more form of water has become purple.

This is very exciting!

Wailord beats out the other two for first place because he appears happier in Generation VIII.

Honestly, you’re missing out if you haven’t seen its sprite.

Its bright white teeth complement its genuine expression of joy.

If I’m being really honest, I’m a little envious.

15. Heracross

15 purple shiny heracross pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Does Heracross have a pink sprite with a glossy exterior?

Perhaps, but in the end, does it even matter?

Adding weight to the “pink” hypothesis is the fact that female Herracross have a heart-shaped horn rather than a pointed one.

However, it was unmistakably purple in Generation II, rendering your entire argument moot.

Why do I like Herracross’s secondary color so much?

I can’t say for certain.

The darker blue is boring, but the lighter pink/purple gives it an exotic insect vibe, which is OK with me.

14. Sharpedo

FEScf SXwAIHoEv 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

The purple Sharpedo seems much crazier than the original.

Previously, it appeared to be a very ferocious Pokémon.

The Pokémon now appears to be of a kind that would have been hunted to extinction.

And that doesn’t even address its flashier mega-development, which appears crazier.

If one of my Pokémon appears to target the player directly rather than the team, it will be included in my roster.

13. Kingdra

13 purple shiny kingdra pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

The color purple has come to symbolize royalty.

Therefore, it stands to reason that Kingdra would look fantastic in those hues.

Before its glittering makeover, Blue Kingdra was much too flimsy to exude any sense of regality.

Switching from bright to dark makes Kingdra seem much cooler, in my opinion.

12. Swampert

2260 Shiny Swampert 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

I think it’s fair to say that purple and pink do not blend well together.

Despite the odds, Swampert manages to look spiffy as ever.

Swampert’s standard colors seem to have the same “light blue” issue as Kingdra’s, in my opinion.

Even if the shade of purple he is makes him appear like he’s blushing after being declared attractive, the purple is a good touch when what Swampert really needed was a deeper tone.

11. Roserade

592 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

In contrast, are you sure it’s not acceptable if I say so?

Even if a sparkly Roserade isn’t purple, I’m counting it because it has a purple flower.

When it comes to shiny things, I like to go for well-thought-out tweaks rather than simple color swaps.

I like it when people pay attention to Pokémon’s real design rather than simply its color palette.

The case of Roserade fits this description.

The unconventional color combination of purple and black in the blossoms is a welcome change from the standard red and white.

The intended effect, I suppose, is to make it appear like a toxic blossom.

There’s nothing I can do about it, but I wish more shiny things paid attention to detail and design in the same way.

10. Delibird

10 purple shiny delibird pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

The correct color for Delibird is red.

Game Freak could not have done a better job than they did with the original color palette, which perfectly captured the spirit of the holiday season.

However, the Christmas spirit is still alive and well thanks to this purple sprite’s glistening sparkle.

Delibird is a simple little penguin that looks just like a Santa’s little helper Pokémon should, if we disregard how it appeared in Generation II, which let’s be honest, was ugly.

The idea that its sole purpose in life is to make other people happy is quite inspiring.

The glossy version ditches the Santa suit in favor of a cute little winter coat.

And I will always strive to be as adorable as you are.

9. Ampharos

09 purple shiny ampharos pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Ampharos is one of the first Pokemon, even before Delibird, that comes to mind when I think about adorable ones.

Its flawless execution of design renders irrelevant the fact that it has abandoned the sheep-inspired design of earlier evolutions.

It’s a Pokémon that just looks wrong in any other color.

I wouldn’t blink an eye if male Ampharos were yellow and ladies were purple; the sparkly design is far more feminine than its yellow sibling.

Could I send Nintendo my suggestions?

It’s also one of the few non-legendries to appear in the tale of a major title outside of battle.

8. Dragonair

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Strangely, Dragonair is more attractive in purple, although it is fitting that its shining form is more attractive.

It seems uncommon and sophisticated.

It’s so unusual that it’s hard to imagine anything else happening to you.

The purple enhances the white of its wing ears, making them stand out more than they would in the animal’s more common hues and adding to the creature’s overall air of sophistication and mystery.

7. Gourgeist

gourgeist shiny by applewoodart dan3hre fullview 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

If my ideas on shiny Roserade haven’t made it clear, purple and black are two of my favorite color combinations.

While Roserade makes use of these hues in only a few spots, they make up the backbone of Gourgeist’s aesthetic.

Given its intended use as a Halloween Pokemon (a gourd, not a pumpkin? ), the design benefits greatly from the use of darker and more ominous hues.

All of this is accomplished without diminishing Gourgeist’s endearing qualities in any way.

The Gengar’s coloring is spot on for a ghost-type Pokémon.

In addition, I recognize the unique elegance of Gourgeist’s purple hair.

6. Quagsire

06 purple shiny quagsire pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Pokémon Quagsire is extremely formidable in combat.

To judge by its expression, it seems to have nothing but sunshine and rainbows on the brain.

The transition from blue to purple emphasizes this purity. It’s charming in a derpy sort of way.

Furthermore, I can empathize with that position.

5. Celebi

00 featured purple shiny celebi pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

On this roster, only Celebi can claim legendary status.

It’s pity, since a Moltres with purple flames would be awesome to watch.

Unfortunately, purple Celebi are all that are available at this time.

Additionally, it is done.

Celebi, like Kyogre, has a purple glossy sprite, however unlike Kyogre, it doesn’t resemble a huge beetroot.

It’s paradoxical, though, that Celebi, a flying head of lettuce, also has the ability to control time.

And the sprite’s sheen isn’t merely a result of some careless purple spray paint work.

Two distinct purple tones are used instead. Because of this one small change, Celebi goes from looking like a rotting vegetable to a magical fairy deserving of its legendary position.

However, good luck acquiring one.

Celebi has not been catchable in the beginning games of any of the main series games.

You no longer have legitimate access to the few generations in which it appears; it can only be obtained through mystery gifts or special in-game events.

4. Zoroark

04 purple shiny zoroark pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Generally speaking, I favor blue shiny objects over purple ones.

Except for Zoroark, of course.

Zorua, its pre-evolutionary form, transforms from a dark red to a drab brown to a stunning blue.

In addition, Zoroark replaces the brown with black and the blue with a dark purple.

Again, a mix of black and purple has won my heart.

However, Zoroark excels at this task more than any other Pokémon.

Maybe I’m biased toward Zoroark because I was able to catch a shiny version of it, one of the few Pokémon on this list I was able to do so.

No matter how you look at it, this is some very dazzling new money.

This is a great illustration of how far Game Freak has come in terms of creating visually appealing versions.

3. Magcargo

03 purple shiny magcargo pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

As I’ve mentioned before, purple fire types are my favorite, and Magcargo fits that category because to his fire resistance.

However, Game Freak didn’t disrespect me as Rapidash did by switching its bright colors in the middle of the series.

We could go on and on about how the existence of Magcargo should figuratively kill off all life on Earth, but that’s a discussion for a different list.

Instead, let’s sit here and agree that a purple lava snail is far more attractive than an orange one.

This is a transition that seems to work well, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

2. Omastar

753 7532095 139 omastar ag shiny 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

Those who were active in the community during the now-famous Twitch plays Pokémon will understand the significance of this level for Omastar.

Omanyte/Omastar became a deity by harnessing the will of the Internet.

God Helix, Father to Bird Jesus” is now the accepted name for this ancient ammonite.

Just that one statement encapsulates everything that makes me a fan of the Pokémon fandom.

The “uninspired old-school glossy design” of the purple Omastar makes it look equally as nice as the blue version.

1. Honchkrow

01 purple shiny honchkrow pokemon 21 Best Purple Shiny Pokemon

The Shiny Honchkrow is a notorious pimp. I’ve finally said it.

That is a fact that you cannot deny.

The “coat” it wears is more like a stylish cap.

The all-black aesthetic makes it like a figure from a film noir.

However, when colored purple, it only takes on the persona of a pimp.

To be sure, Game Freak’s design team was well-informed when they came up with this concept.

What clinched the deal for me was the white “scarf” that it has, which is the sole color shared by both patterns.

At this point, it is irrelevant that the purple transformation looks stunning.

Honchkrow stands head and shoulders above every other purple shiny Pokémon since it was intentionally made to proliferate Pokémon (gosh, that sounds horrible).

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