PS VR2 Production Reportedly On Hold As Stock “Piles Up”

Due to a growing backlog of unsold units, Sony is reportedly pausing production of its PS VR2 headsets.

Since its release in 2023, sales have decreased every quarter, from 595.5k units sold in Q1 to 325.2k in Q4. For comparison, the sale of Meta headsets went from 792,500 in Q1 to 1.3 million in Q4 of last year.

The reported figures of PS VR2’s sales are as follows:

  • 2023 Q1 – 595.5k units sold
  • 2023 Q2 – 435.3k units sold
  • 2023 Q3 – 343.6k units sold
  • 2023 Q4 – 325.2k units sold

It was revealed last month that it has plans to add PC compatibility to the PS VR2 later this year, which will make it available to a wider audience and potentially help sell the unsold stock.

As long as current owners also have a gaming PC, that means they can play Half-Life: Alyx, Blade and Sorcery, Beat Saber mods, Boneworks, and various other games.


Because of its high price tag ($549.99), analysts suggest that the PS VR2 is having a hard time selling its stock.

The base model PS5 costs $499.99, for example. They also suggest that the price is too high due to the lack of games.

According to Macquarie analyst Yijia Zhai, “the high price of VR hardware acts as the main barrier to its expansion.” “There are currently few games that support VR devices, which will also result in a lack of player motivation to buy VR games.

This limited content is also for a reason: making VR games costs a lot more than making regular games.

Last year, our Editor-in-Chief Stacey Henley got her hands on a PS VR2 and declared it to be the “best VR headset I have ever used,” but she also declared the price a “dealbreaker.”

“For VR enthusiasts looking to upgrade, or even first-time buyers with money to spare, it’s easy to recommend PS VR2,” said Stacey. “There are some issues, but they are greatly outweighed by its technical effectiveness.

You can find a PS% for less than the PS VR2, but I don’t think that’s a good deal right now.

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