Pokemon GO Reveals June 2024 Community Day Classic Pokemon

The Pokemon GO community day classic will feature the Fire-type Cyndaquil as its featured Pokemon.

There was a Community Day in Pokemon GO in November 2018 and Cyndaquil was the featured Pokemon. Now, there is a Community Day Classic featuring Cyndaquil.

For Pokemon GO players to have a chance to catch monsters they don’t yet have on their records, Niantic frequently holds events.

The Pokemon GO Community Day Classic is a very popular event that features Pokemon that have already had their own Community Day.

Pokemon GO players receive a special move that can be used in battle as well as other items to help their other Pokemon during this event.

The Pokemon featured in June’s Community Day Classic has been identified as Cyndaquil in Pokemon GO.

Trainers will have a better chance of finding a shiny Gen 2 starter during the event, which takes place on June 22 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm local time.

To get a Typhlosion that knows Charged Attack Blast Burn, a skill with 110 power in trainer battles, Gyms, and raids, players who evolve Cyndaquil into Quilava during the Community Day Classic will benefit.

Pokemon GO June 2024 Community Day Classic Cyndaquil Event

  • Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time
  • Featured Pokemon: Cyndaquil
  • Evolving Quilava into Typhlosion grants the Charged Attack Blast Burn
  • Players will be able to purchase a new Community Day Special Research Story and Field Research
  • New bundles will be sold in-game and on the Pokemon GO Web Store

As with other Community Day Classic events in Pokemon GO, catching Pokemon during the Cyndaquil event will give you double XP and Stardust.

Players who take snapshots during the event will receive a surprise, and Lure Modules and Incense (except Daily Adventure Incense) will last for three hours.

There will be new Field Research and PokeStop Contests, and you will be able to buy an exclusive Special Research story for $1 USD.

There will be two in-game bundles and an Ultra Community Day Box on the Pokemon GO Web Store on June Community Day Classic.

Pokémon GO players now know for sure that June will have a Community Day Classic. They have a lot to look forward to in June. Starting in June, there will be a new Pokemon GO season.

In the US, Japan, and Spain, there will be Pokemon GO Fest. The Community Day in June has also been set in stone, and players will have the chance to catch the cute Goomy.

At the Slumbering Sands Pokemon GO event, you’ll be able to catch themed creatures and get new custom Pokemon.

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