Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Season 2 are the most anticipated Ecchi anime sequels. 

The show, which is not plot-oriented as its title implies, features lots of ecchi/harem stuff. This anime is popular because of its excessive fanservice and similar content. 

This anime was designed to satisfy the guilty pleasures. Fans are now clamouring for more, and the official announcement of the second season has been made.

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time, also known in Japanese as Peter Grill To Kenja no Jikan. The Ecchi comedy-fantasy anime is an adaptation of Daisuke Hiyama’s manga series. 

The first season was produced by Sentai Filmworks, while Wolfsbane Studio animated it. The anime series debuted on July 11, 2021. After twelve episodes, it ended on September 26, 2021.

Manga compared to anime

This anime series was one of the most successful manga adaptations. The anime series was able to adapt the manga’s content easily, and the pacing was perfect. 

The show did have to reorganize some plot points and reduce the worldbuilding because of time constraints. 

Many fans pointed out that the TV series contains more mature content than the manga. It featured more raunchy scenes than comedic scenes.

This animated series had 15 chapters in its first 12 episodes. Season 1 consists of 15 chapters. This means that Season 1 has exhausted all the content from the three previous volumes. 

The author has published five additional volumes and the series now has eight books. Studio Wolfsbane, therefore, has enough material to make Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Season 2. 

They could make two additional instalments if they got one more volume.

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Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Times Season 2: Renewal Status!

Officially, Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Season 2 have been released by the makers. This announcement was made along with the publication of the manga’s ninth volume. 

Although they have not revealed much information about the project, staff members promise to provide more details at a later time. 

The production studio may have already begun work on the second season.

This anime’s first season isn’t plot-oriented. It didn’t get a great response from critics. The critics also believe that the production company made a lot of fanservice. 

The show’s popularity was due to the same reason. In a short time, it gained a lot of viewers. 

Despite this, producers decided to renew the show. It is currently ranked #1250 in popularity with almost 130K members of its MAL group. These numbers prove that this show is very popular.

What’s next?

The series’ last episodes were more focused on action sequences than harem comedy. Fans can expect the same routine in the sequel. 

The second season will continue Peter Grill’s adventures. All women would be interested in having Peter’s baby in the second season. 

The competition will be even greater this season as more females from other species join the race. Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Season 2 will include a new Goblin Disaster episode.

The female Goblins will start the rampage by killing all the other male Goblins. They might also go after other species of males once they have killed them. 

The kidnapping of Luvelia will most likely occur in the second instalment. Peter will have to rescue her. 

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In the next instalment, the Hellish Three Stars will play a significant role. They will likely be the next to torture Peter.

Peter will have to deal with Hobgoblins, making matters worse. Although they look cute on the outside, their behaviour is very similar to monsters. Fans might see Peter spend some time in Goblin prison.

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s time Season 2: Release date

The anime’s second season has been officially approved. Fans won’t need to wait long. We can only hope that Wolfsbane’s animation studio will be able to complete the production on time. 

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Season 2 is likely to be released by the end of 2022. This show seems to have a perfect release date in Fall 2022.