Making money is a key aspect of OSRS.

To upgrade your skills and buy new equipment, you need gold.

It’s important to identify the gold farming strategies that use the least amount of time.

The objective is to make as much money per hour as possible.

In OSRS, efficiency reigns supreme.

Keep in mind that these are the strategies that new players prefer the most.

However, the actual average profit you make using these strategies may differ from the advised one because product prices are always fluctuating.

How to Farm Gold in OSRS’ F2P Version?

Three distinct money-making manuals with no requirements were chosen.

These strategies won’t provide you the highest profit per hour in the game, but they’re a great place to start for players without strong fighting or skilling aptitudes.

You will require an initial bank balance for these strategies to be most profitable.

The more money you have to work with, the quicker you can acquire and process the necessary things.

The Eight Best Ways to Make Money in OSRS

1. Telegrabbing Nature Runes and Wines of Zamorak

The first type of transmutation spells is those that utilize nature runes, such as Alchemy and Superheat Item.

In addition, spells like “Bind,” “Snare,” and “Entangle.”

Telekinetic grabbing, or simply “telegrabbing,” is a typical F2P way of collecting them from high-level spawns in the wilderness to the south of bigger demons.

It is a Magic skill of level 33 that needs an Air Rune and a Law Rune, or just the former if you are carrying a Staff of Air.

This skill will be used because the area is dangerous.

There are other, substantially safer ways to acquire this, but this is one of the quickest since it generates about 300,000 gold per hour.

On the other hand, you should choose Wines of Zamorak as a substitute if telegrabbing nature runes are too risky for you.

It needs to be teleported in because it is at the end of the Deep Wilderness Dungeon, much like nature runes.

However, be aware that telegrabbing makes monks hostile toward the caster, so use caution. However, the reward is worth the risk because you can earn 150–250,000 gold per hour.

Because it is necessary to make Bastion Potion, which raises Defense and Ranged levels, as well as Ranging Potion, which raises Ranged level, it has a somewhat high cost.

2. Tanning Leather

You might want to completely refrain from telegrabbing objects in risky regions.

You could always tan leather in place of that.

The Tan Leather spell can be used as an alternative to using an NPC and wasting valuable cash.

With the right timing, you can tan up to 8000 hides in an hour, and it can tan up to five hides in your inventory.

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You can grind for magic levels with it in addition to earning OSRS gold.

You must be at Magic Level 78, possess five fire runes, two astral runes, one nature rune per cast, and the required quantity of gold for the hide you’re attempting to tan in order to utilise it.

Price increases with item quality, with Black Dragon Leather selling for as much as 448,000 gold.

3. Mining Runite Ore

This approach requires 85 Mining. If you do this, you’ll be able to generate up to 450K per hour.

Since it will take a very long time to get your mining level to this level, it would be worthwhile to invest your time mining Ankous to obtain enough gold to purchase a bond.

Then you may sign up for a subscription and earn even more on a members-only website.

You must proceed to the Wilderness Rune Maze if you want to continue mining runite ore.

It may be found at level 46 Wilderness to the northwest of Lava Maze.

Because of the intense competition, you’ll need to planet hop and be ready for PKers.

4. Crushing Bird Nests

The final option is the least lucrative per hour, but it is preferred because it may be carried out directly from the Grand Exchange.

The other two need you to switch back and forth between locations and are more click-intensive.

To begin, make sure you have one pestle and mortar in your collection.

Next, buy bird nests with the remaining cash you have.

The remaining items in your inventory can then be quickly filled with bird nests before being crushed.

The bird nests will be slowly crushed if you right-click and “use” the pestle and mortar, but an entire inventory is completed automatically.

As an alternative, you can manually demolish each nest by clicking on it.

The second alternative is quicker, so you’ll earn more per hour, but it calls for greater focus.

How to Farm Gold in OSRS’ P2P Version?

You’ll notice how much simpler it is to make money in Old School RuneScape as soon as you sign up.

You’ll be able to maximise your profits because none of the limitations you initially encountered in the F2P version of the game exist anymore.

5. Tanning Dragonhides

To tan Dragonhide for profit, follow these steps:

Buy Dragonhide in the Grand Exchange

Go to Al Kharid to process it

This strategy relies on the fact that Dragonhide Leather is typically worth more than Raw Dragonhide, so you may sell it for a profit when you return to the Grand Exchange.

The price differential between the hides you select will have a significant impact on the profit you can make. To determine the optimal price for you, purchase one of each of the following:

  1. Red Dragonhide
  2. Blue Dragonhide
  3. Black Dragonhide
  4. Green DragonhideNext, buy and sell one each of the following:
  5. Red Dragon Leather
  6. Blue Dragon Leather
  7. Black Dragon Leather

Dragon Leather in Green Please note the dragonhide’s BUYING price and contrast it with the comparable dragon leather’s SELLING price.

The color you select should be the one with the greatest degree of difference.

Next, visit Al Kharid after purchasing as much Dragonhide as you can.

You can take the following path in Al Kharid to tan your Dragonhide and make it into leather:

  1. Visit the Bank in the south of Al Kharid.
  2. Use one spot of your inventory for coins.
  3. Fill the rest with Dragonhide.
  4. Go north to the furnace room and speak to Ellis.
  5. He will tan your hide for 20 each.
  6. Next, go back to the bank, store the Dragon Leather and repeat.

6. Going to the Barrows

If you don’t mind ghosts, Barrows is a wonderful place to gain some OSRS GP in pay-to-play worlds.

The spirits of the fabled Barrows brothers can be found in Morytania, so if you choose to confront them, you’ll need all of your cunning.

The goal of the Barrows minigame is to eliminate each of the six brothers by breaking into their crypts and disturbing them while they are sleeping.

But when one of the brothers utilizes magic, another uses distance, and the others use melee, it’s not so simple.

You will therefore need to get ready for battle against three different fighting techniques.

In addition, one of the brothers won’t be in the crypt, which opens up a risky network of tunnels.

Head into the underground to confront the final brother after disposing of the first five in their crypts.

If you make it out of the tunnel alive and discover the chest in the center, you might be awarded a valuable piece of Barrows armor that you can trade for cash on the Grand Exchange.

Since the prizes are determined by luck, it could take a few runs before you start to see a profit, but it’s ultimately worthwhile.

7. Growing Magic Saplings

In OSRS, growing magic saplings is currently the most lucrative way to get money.

You will need 68 Magic and 75 Farming to complete this approach.

By doing this, you can generate up to 8M each hour. First, grab a Gardening Trowel and a Steam Battlestaff.

68 Astral Runes are also required.

With your remaining funds, you’ll need an equal amount of filled plant pots and magic seeds.

The quests for the Dream Mentor and Lunar Spellbook must also have been completed.

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You can begin once you have all the necessary prerequisites.

The actions you need to take are as follows:

  1. Have your gardening trowel and Astral Runes in your inventory
  2. Fill the remaining spaces with an equal number of Magic seeds and Filled Plant Pots
  3. Click on a Magic seed and then click on the Filled Plant Pot. This creates a seedling.
  4. Repeat this process for all Magic Seeds.
  5. Use the Humidify spell on all Seedlings.
  6. Put the seedlings in your bank. They’ll turn into Saplings in your bank.
  7. Repeat the process above.
  8. Sell the saplings on the Grand Exchange and start again with new Magic Seeds and Filled Plant Pots.

8. Exchanging Mole Parts

Another successful way to earn money in Old School RuneScape without the need for any special skills is by exchanging Mole Parts, albeit P2P users can only do this.

You must first go to the Grand Exchange to complete it.

Spend all of your money on mole claws and skin once you get there.

Buy one-mole claw for every two-mole skins you buy.

After that, go to Falador and add the mole claws and moleskin in the proper shape to your inventory.

Go to Wyson the Gardener by heading northeast of the main Falador bank.

To swap your mole things for nest boxes, you can speak with him.

After that, you may start opening the nest boxes and putting the stuff in your bank by going to bank.

This process takes a lot of clicking, but it’s incredibly profitable.

Why We Don’t Recommend Flipping As Your Sole Money-Making Method?

Flipping or merchanting is the practice of purchasing goods from the Grand Exchange and reselling them for a profit at a greater price.

You can also do this in F2P, although P2P servers are preferable because there are more goods available for flipping.

Be aware that doing so necessitates stockpiling.

Flipping is reserved for persons who have a significant amount of gold already; you must have accumulated a substantial amount of gold from the start.

Starting out with a few million OSRS GP should be sufficient, but the more you have, the more you may earn.

You must pay attention to item market pricing before turning on the GE.

For instance, it makes sense to invest in a product if its price is at an all-time low or if a new update would make it popular.

A bad investment, however, is a product that has been nerfed or is at an all-time high.

Keeping Things Stable

Knowing how to gather gold is only half the battle; the other half is knowing how to use it properly.

That concludes the best ways to earn money in the free-to-play and paid editions of Old School RuneScape!