One Piece Episode 1008 Release Date 2

One Piece Episode 1008 Release Date & Time Details

One Piece returns this week!

The show will see Queen continuing to wreak chaos on The Live Floor with even more the Plague Bullets. 

To make the experience even more exciting Queen makes the decision to offer the cure to Apoo. 

In the meantime, Kaido is still fighting with the Akazaya Nine. 

What is the outcome of their fight?

This is everything you need to be aware of for the upcoming season on One Piece!

One Piece Episode 1,007 Recap

One Piece Episode 1008 Release Date

Many of the people on both sides of the samurai and those from the Beast Pirates’ side continue to transform into ice. 

Queen’s subordinates feel violated and question why he killed them, too. Queen continues to shoot at everyone making more people Ice Oni. 

Ohmasa is at the brink of slashing himself because the samurai doesn’t want to do injury to his fellow warriors. 

Hyogoro warns him to not act recklessly while reminding him of the incident Chopper made in Udon.

Chopper tells the others that it’s hard to come up with the cure for the disease while fighting. But, he also points out that Queen may have some cure for the virus he created. 

Queen spots Apoo going off and throws the one antidote at Apoo. An abrupt game of tag starts and everyone is on the hunt for Apoo to find the cure.

On top At the top, on the roof, the Akazaya Nine continue their face-off with Kaido. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi fight using their Sulong form However, Kaido fights back. 

He informs the two that they’ll die an unmeaning death in the near future. In the meantime, Yamato pledges to shield Shinobu as well as Momonosuke against Sasaki as well as his Armored Division. 

Yamato tells them that he witnessed the execution of Oden and felt moved by the execution. Then, Yamato tells Momonosuke that he’ll die for him.

One Piece Episode 1,008 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1,008 will air in Japan on the Sunday of January 30, 2022. In the US The episode will premiere on January 29, 2019.

One Piece Episode 1,008 Release Time

One Piece Episode 1,008 is scheduled to air on January 30, 2022, at 9:30 AM JST. 

The simulcast will be available at the time on the following Sunday throughout the US and on Sunday in Europe:

  • Pacific Time: 6:00 PM PT
  • Central Time: 8:00 PM CT
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 PM ET
  • British Time: 2:00 AM GMT

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1,008

You can stream one Piece On Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV.