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One Piece Chapter 1037 Raw: Release Date

Chapter 1036 from One Piece, titled “Bushido is the Way of Death,” is the newest chapter in the manga.

This chapter shows that Zoro is finally able to defeat King. After King and Queen’s defeat, the outcome of the war is dependent upon Big Mom vs. Kid and Law and Kaidou Luffy

Should Luffy be victorious, Onigashima will fall on the capital city, and it’s the responsibility of Yamato as well as Momonosuke to save thousands of lives.

Luffy’s fight against Kaidou was finally addressed and the two seem to be matched. What happens when Luffy be able to overcome Kaidou in order to be the King of Pirates? 

We’ll discover the answer when we get to the final chapter in One Piece.

Chapter 1037 Raw Scans, Leaks

This new episode is entitled “Shuron Hakke. The battle between Luffy and Kaido appears to never end and the event has come to an end in the “Flower Capital.’

During their battle, Kaido mocks Luffy by drinking sake. Kaido employs his ‘Gundari: Ryuseigen attack against Luffy but then he counters the attack with a by using the ‘Gomu Gomu, not Rock Gatling’.

In the next chapter, the government ships arrive at Wanokuni and a man informs Gorousei that they’ve seen the shadow of a man. 

After hearing this information, Gorousei is taken aback and recalls an old legend that has never been confirmed over the course of many centuries.

Gorousei speaks about Akuma no Mi in the chapter and concludes with the revelation of the nature that the ghost.

Chapter 1037 Discussions and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1037 Raw 2

As the story progresses the battle of Luffy the Kaidou and Luffy Kaidou will be rekindled, but the fight will most likely not be over until all other fights are finished.

We’ll see updates regarding Big Mom vs. Law and Kid however, it won’t end in one book because Big Mom still has a large amount of power.

In addition, also, The CP0 agents will be closer to Robin and Brook. Their final fight could occur in which Robin and Brook beat the agents once and for all.

Another thing worth noting is the flashback King had in his flashback we heard him tell Kaidou that if he continues to be the strongest pirate. King is never going to lose an engagement. 

Chapter 1037 Release Date

Chapter 1037 from The One Piece manga has been published on Sunday, January 16, 2022.

One Piece manga is published under Shonen Jump magazine, which is released every Sunday.

Is One Piece on a Break This Week?

Chapter 1037 of the One Piece manga is in an absence for a week. The manga will continue within The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine after the break.

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Chapter 1036 Recap

Chapter 1036 concludes with Zoro’s final blow to King. When he is thrown down to the ground, his mind goes back to the conversation he had with Kaidou. 

Captain asks him if the world he’s created is exactly what he’s wishing to create.

King responds by saying that he desires nothing from Kaidou as his life is his own. He only wants Kaidou to be the best and says that he’ll never lose a fight and that he will make Kaidou the king of pirates.

In the same way, Zoro remembers the time that he told Luffy that he would never lose another time. After his last punch, Zoro defeats King, keeping his word to Luffy.

The Marys tell an unidentified CP0 member about the outcome but explain that there are two monsters involved in the fight that could render Sanji and Zoro’s triumphs meaningless. 

They include Big Mom and Kaidou fighting against Kid & Law and Luffy.

If Luffy beats Kaidou and Kaidou, the flame clouds that surround Onigashima island will disperse and it will fall onto the capital and then explode.

The burning spirit of Kanjuro’s hate is seeking to stoke Onigashima in mid-air and is headed toward the armory, along with Yamato following in the pursuit.

Yamato finally gets to the armory and commands Fuga to smash the door that leads into the room, as they did not have time to find the key. They then turn levers to push the door back.

In the castle, on the Usopp’s second floor is an affluence of Animal Kingdom Pirates who intend to eliminate the Akazaya Samurai and Straw Hats. 

Kin’emon tries to convince him to kill Kiku and flee, but Kiku isn’t willing to go away.

On the other hand, Usopp announces that he’s going out to leave both of them to protect his own skin. 

He tells them that he doesn’t like the samurai tradition and doesn’t care about if running away to save his life is a pathetic act.

When he’s just about to be surrounded from all sides, Izo makes an entry and smudges the pirates. Izo is able to fend off attacks while Usopp and Hamlet flee the scene.

On the third level, Raizo and Fukurokuju are in a position of being unable to move as they have put paralysis jutsus on one another. 

They both stand on their feet and wait for each other to ignite in the flames of the growing fire.

In the meantime, Orochi is waiting for Fukurokuju in the treasure store located on the 2nd floor. He requests Komurasaki for his favorite song for his sake. 

Then we move into Inbi and Apoo getting away from the members trying to take Robin.

Zanki remains behind to fight them on her own but fails to beat them. The CP0 members notify other agents regarding Robin’s condition.

We then see Luffy unleashing the Roc Gun at Kaidou and causing him to slide back. Two men begin to laugh and proclaim that they are just beginning to enjoy themselves.