Ojarumaru: New Ending Theme Song Out!

NHK announced the latest ending theme song and artist for the 27th series of the Ojarumaru (Prince Mackaroo) anime on Monday.

Singer Shizuka Kudou has been chosen to perform the new ending theme song, “Maru.”

The song was written and composed by Yōhei Hashiguchi of the rock band Wacci.

NHK Anime has also shared a sneak peek of the new ending song with a video:

Ojarumaru: Release Date and More

ousa onepiece ojarumaru Ojarumaru: New Ending Theme Song Out!

The show’s 27th series is set to premiere on April 1st.

The 26th series debuted in April 2023. The show presented a delightful five-episode “Genji Series” that delved into the captivating story of The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari), a beloved Japanese classic by Murasaki Shikibu.

The series aired from November 8 to December 6, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

The series revolves around a charming prince from the Heian era who embarks on an adventure to the Enma world, where he mischievously snatches King Enma’s scepter.

He finds himself unexpectedly transported to the present day, specifically to Moonlight Town.

Ojarumaru forms close relationships with the townspeople while evading King Enma’s minions who are on a mission to recover his scepter.

Ojarumaru started as a manga series created by Rin Inumaru, which was published in Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine.

The anime series was released in 1998. A live-action special based on the franchise was released in 2017.

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