New Horror Game is Inspired by Hideo Kojima’s PT

A new psychological survival horror game called Haunted Bloodlines is going to be released on Steam. The game is inspired by Hideo Kojima’s infamous PT.

PT remains one of the best horror games ever created, despite being only a small portion of what Silent Hills, a project that has since been scrapped, was supposed to be.

Fans of PT were left dissatisfied and unfulfilled after the game was taken off the PlayStation store; however, the legacy of PT could be preserved through the creation of a copycat game that replicates the addictive and exhilarating mechanics of the teaser.

A photorealistic playable teaser for Silent Hills, an installment in the Silent Hill franchise that was ultimately cancelled after three years of development, was created by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, a legendary filmmaker. This teaser was completed in 2014.

It was originally planned for Norman Reedus to play the lead role, but Kojima, del Toro, and Reedus decided to work together once more for Death Stranding instead.

The decision that Konami made to cancel PT was met with criticism from both journalists and fans, but the reasoning behind the decision still remains a mystery to this day.

Now, ten years later, Iphigames is releasing a PT-like game in the hopes of reviving the straightforward yet efficient game play style.

Steam Next Fest is a celebration of upcoming games that provides a sneak peek at all of the most recent titles that will be available for personal computers in the year 2024.

In the beginning of the event, which will begin on June 10 at 10 AM Pacific Time, Iphigames will announce a free-to-play demo of Haunted Bloodlines, a first-person psychological horror game that was developed by Horrified Triangles, a newcomer.

The story revolves around a character who, after the passing of their father, inherits a large mansion. However, they start to experience supernatural disturbances that cause them to question whether or not they are still sane.

There is no way to defend oneself in Haunted Bloodlines, which is comparable to the concept of PT and even comparable to the Outlast series, which has received a lot of critical acclaim. The only options available are to either run or hide.

New Developer Horrified Triangles Spearheads Haunted Bloodlines

Skaramazuzuzu is a hand-drawn, gothic adventure game that was released earlier this year by Iphigames. The game is set in an atmospheric shadow puppet world and features a visual design that is comparable to that of games such as Undertale and Night in the Woods.

Although it has only been available on Steam for a few months, Skaramazuzu has already garnered a number of positive reviews.

With the help of environmental point-and-click interactions and a security camera setup, Iphigames also developed Abtos Covert, which is another survival horror game that takes place in a remote military outpost.

This game combines the creative visions of Slender: The Eight Pages, which is an immersive experience, and Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is a terrifying experience.

Horrified Triangles is likely to make the full version of Haunted Bloodlines available in either the latter half of 2024 or the early part of 2025. However, the release date for Haunted Bloodlines has not been confirmed.

A partnership with Iphigames could prove to be beneficial for the developer, despite the fact that it is still in its early stages.

This is because the publisher’s other titles have received a steady stream of positive reviews. This could be the beginning of a successful career for Horrified Triangles, especially if Haunted Bloodlines proves to be as popular as Supernormal, which is the spiritual successor to PT.

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