New Dragon Quest Remakes Announced

The Dragon Quest franchise was highlighted during the Nintendo Direct broadcast that took place on June 18th.

The broadcast included announcements for the HD-2D remakes of Dragon Quest 1 and 2, as well as Dragon Quest 3 which was also HD-2D.

Whereas the highly anticipated release date for Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake was announced to be November 14, 2024, the former was announced to be released in the year 2025 during the announcement.

As the first installment in The Erdrick Trilogy, the third game in the Dragon Quest franchise is widely considered to be among the most well-known games in the series.

The initial announcement was made during the 35th anniversary celebration of the Dragon Quest franchise, which held a celebration honouring each and every game in the series.

A gameplay style that is reminiscent of Octopath Traveller has been announced by the developers of the game.

Although it is an HD remake, players can still anticipate the game’s original graphics to be rendered in a vivid HD-2D format.

It is also possible to say the same thing about the Dragon Quest 1 and 2 HD-2D Remake, which on their own are completely different beasts.

For a specific reason, the third game begins with a completely different storyline than the previous two games.

Players have plenty of time to speculate about what they can anticipate from the Dragon Quest 1 & 2 HD-2D Remake, which Square Enix announced will be released in 2025.

For the 14th of November, the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake is scheduled to be released. In each of the three games, Erdrick serves as the protagonist, and all of them are a part of the same story.

The third game is the first one in chronological order. Taking this into consideration, it is reasonable for the developers to release the third game in the franchise previous to the release of the other two games.

Dragon Quest 2 is widely considered to be the most challenging of all the games, according to fans.

Dragon Quest Remakes Take Over the Switch

The Erdrick Trilogy is the first of two distinct trilogies that are part of the Dragon Quest franchise.

Even if they were not initially released for modern consoles, the majority of the games that were released later on have undergone some kind of remake that was made available on the most advanced console available at the time.

It was the first of the games to be remade for the Nintendo DS, and it was the Zenithian Trilogy, which consists of Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Remakes of games that were not part of a trilogy, like Dragon Quest 7, 8, and 9, were released on the 3DS.

Given the lengthy wait due to the departure of producer Yu Miyake, it is fantastic news that Dragon Quest 3 has an official release date on modern consoles.

Fans are likely to have a great deal of anticipation for both the Dragon Quest 1 & 2 HD-2D Remake and the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake, which is especially true given that Dragon Quest 12 was revealed during the livestream commemorating the game’s 35th anniversary.

The game will have a new battle system that is different from the traditional turn-based system, according to Yuji Horii, the creator of the franchise. He also stated that the game will be much darker than previous games.

The release of the first two will bring in new fans just in time for the next game, which will be played shortly after.

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