“My Little Monster” is a short animated series that has 13 episodes. Each of which is approximately 24 minutes long. 

I typically like shows that are short and easy because watching a long-running series is an investment. 

One of the best things about these 13-episode series is, even if the series does not perform well, you don’t have to regret it.

There are instances where some shows use their limited runtime in an odd way that you forget that you’ve only gone through a season of 13 episodes. 

“My Little Monster” is among the few shows that are so intense that even 24-minute episodes can feel nearly 50 minutes in length. It’s not slow-paced at all and its plot is so dense.

The majority of shoujo-based anime settings have one main character who is a socially awkward teenager who is ostracized by all the other kids, and then there’s a second main character who is more popular and open. 

“My Little Monster” breaks the norm of this genre by introducing two main characters that are both rejected by the other students due to their “special” behaviors. 

Although the characters featured in this show are different from the majority of animations, the storyline that follows is mostly similar, except for one thing that is important instead of being focused on a lot of embarrassing moments of the characters and demonstrating how they attempt to interact with each other.

In the main story, the protagonist is shown as a psychopath that goes to the very extremes of abuse and blackmail to obtain the woman that he desires. 

I’m hoping that if given another chance “My Little Monster” will be a better animation without using an unflattering “you’re a delinquent, so I’ll fix you up” theme.

My Little Monster Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

Season 1 debuted on October 2nd, 2012, and concluded on the 25th of December of 2012 with thirteen episodes. 

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The first season concluded with a dramatic cliffhanger that provides the perfect premise for the next season, but it doesn’t necessarily suggest that there is going to be a season 2. 

A lot of anime series abruptly end and leave behind a myriad of gaps to make it difficult for viewers to go through the manga. 

An OVA for the show was released on the 12th of August 2013. However, the OVA is not a part of the show which is situated in a different universe.

In the interest of the overall comical motif that the series follows, which has made us smile and made me feel like “My Little Monster” is deserving of another season. 

While there aren’t official announcements from the studio’s side however we are hopeful that it will happen soon. 

Our most likely guess is that the ‘My Little Monster season 2’s release date could be sometime around 2021-2022. We’ll update this page whenever we hear more.

My Little Monster English Dub:

You can view “My Little Monster” Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

My Little Monster Plot

Shizuku Mizutani Shizuku Mizutani is a disciplined high school student who is concerned about nothing other than her academics. 

She is apathetic towards her fellow students and is indifferent to everything that happens around her and then comes Haru Yoshida who is a rebellious trouble maker who has stopped attending classes due to a feud which he’d previously gotten involved in. 

Both are at a crossroads concerning the majority of aspects. However, they do have one thing they share -they’re both in complete ignorance of human nature and don’t know what it takes to make new friends.

A few days later, Haru suddenly approaches Shizuku and informs her that she’s interested in him. This is an unwelcome surprise to Shizuku as this is the first time she’s had the pleasure of meeting Haru. 

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While Haru appears to be very confident in his decision, Shizuku shows some resistance and disbelief at the man’s admission. 

Both are brand newly married, and the story unfolds as an awkward romantic story in which the two of begin as friends and come face to face with each other’s flaws. 

They soon begin to realize (especially Shizuku) that there is more to the person they are with than the flaws they see. 

There are feelings she begins to develop for him however, due to her lack of knowledge about the whole thing she is unable to communicate it most effectively as she can. 

The relationship is complicated and the couple embarks on a trip to discover the challenges it brings.

My Little Monster Main Characters

Shizuku Mizutani

Shizuku is a typical high school girl with long brown hair which is often tied behind her ears. She makes two ponytails.

She also lets the fringe fall down her forehead. Shizuku is blessed with gorgeous brown eyes and if she weren’t so unpopular, she’d surely have had many admirers. 

Shizuku doesn’t rely on anyone else and believes that progress is only for those who can solve their issues. 

She is often seen as emotionally distant and only cares about obtaining high marks to one day become like her hardworking mother. 

In the past, there was a situation in which the pet of the class from her group had died. 

As everyone else mourned their loss, Shizuku pleaded with the teacher for an excuse to go home to finish her homework. 

After this incident, it was that people began making fun of her as “Dry Ice” for her inability to tolerate coldness toward almost everything.

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Haru’s first confession frightens her, and she’s in awe of what she needs to do about the incident. She is unsure about the whole situation due to Haru’s bad reputation at the school

However, she eventually realizes that he’s not a bad person and starts to feel a connection with Haru. 

While their romance isn’t very clear but deep inside, Shizuku becomes extremely sure of her feelings towards Haru.

Haru Yoshida

Haru is a high school student who is in the same school and grades as Shizuku. Before the events in this anime, Haru has been exiled from school due to an argument with a group of upperclassmen.

However, when the show begins the show, his suspensions have already been lifted. Even so as the rebellious and crazy teenager Haru is, he skips every class. 

Haru is a very good looker with a stylish hairstyle and has a lean muscular body, but due to his fearsome ways and behavior, he’s frequently referred to as the school’s “monster”.

At first, Haru appears to be an extremely violent and hot-tempered character however, as the story develops, his true character is revealed, and it becomes clear that he’s a very innocent and gentle person toward everything around him. 

An incident that happened in middle school caused him to be traumatized, and since that time, he’s had problems socializing. 

Even so, it seems that for some reason, he’s not at all uncomfortable with Shizuku. In terms of academics, Haru is extremely smart and, even with no study and studying, he’s able to be a top performer in his class. 

Haru is extremely protective of the people he is truly concerned for, however, this can become somewhat extreme in certain situations and he can turn into an insecure monster.