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My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising- Previews

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The key visual of the movie “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” (released on December 20) was announced. This is a must-see for all the 20 students of Class A in the 1st grade of the Heroic High School Hero Department.

“My Hero Academia” is a hero action serialized by Kohei Horikoshi in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is a popular work that has exceeded 23 million copies.

My Hero Academia The Movie -Heroes

Animation will be broadcast from the first to the third period, and the fourth period will start from October. “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” is the second movie version.

This time, the key visual of this work became clear. All the 20 students of Class A, 1st grade of the Heroic High School Hero Department, appear and show a brave expression.

As the copy “Be one, go beyond the strongest”, it ’s a piece that is excited about what the next generation of heroes will do.

Two characters are also drawn behind Deku and Bakugo who are at the top. These two are the original characters of the theater version, residents of the remote islands Nahojima who visited for off-campus hero activities. Apparently it seems to hold the key to the story.

In the upper right, you can see the appearance of a professional hero Hawks that has not yet appeared in the TV series. This movie version is the first time to see Hawks in anime. It’s a point that you can’t overlook how the story gets involved.

My Hero Academia The Movie -Heroes: Rising Details

■ Title: My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising
■ Original story, the total supervision Character draft: Kohei Horikoshi (Shueisha “Weekly Shonen Jump” series)
■ Director: Kenji Nagasaki
■ Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda
■ Character Design: Umakoshi Yoshihiko
■ Music : Yuki Hayashi
■ Animation production / Bonds
■ Release date / Friday, December 20 

The theater version released in the summer of 2018 recorded a huge hit with 1.39 million spectators and box office sales of 1.72 billion yen, and “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” will be the second.

Mr. Hidehisa Midoriya and the 1st graders of the British High School Hero Department Class A are a part of the next-generation hero development project that succeeds the retired No.1 hero alumite. I was visiting Ayushima.

Suddenly, mysterious enemies (villains) attacked the island. New heroes of Class A will face one year in front of Nin, the leader, overwhelming “individuality”.

“My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” Key VisualThe theater advance ticket released on October 11 includes a “Rising Heroes Clear File” limited to 60,000 people. 

My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising

There are 3 types of clear files: “Deku ver.”, “Bakugo ver.” The childhood that shines in the longing for almight and the current three people growing up as heroes are depicted. 

In addition, if you arrange three types of clear files in a horizontal row, it will become a connected visual, with an alumite back in the background. 

The result is a must-see visual for fans, inspired by the inheritance of the theme.

The surface of the clear file has been decided to become the movie version poster visual that will be released soon. 

Expectations expand to specifications that allow you to enjoy the world of movies on both sides.

Guest voice actor who appears in the movie “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” (released on December 20, 2019) announced.

Yoshio Inoue

Yoshio Inoue was named as the most evil enemy <Villan> Nine, and Misakura Imada was named as Nine’s entourage.

The original of “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” is a comic that has over 23 million copies in the series published in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Until now, TV anime has been broadcast from the first to the third. The fourth period starts from October 2019.

Also, the anime theater version released in the summer of 2018 has recorded a huge hit with 1.39 million spectators and box office revenue of 1.72 billion yen. 

In this work, all members of the first class of Class A, such as Deku and his childhood friend and rival, Katsumi Bakugo, Ochako Reihi, Tenya Iida, and Shoro Tsuji. 

They will confront the most violent enemy of all time, “Villan” Nine, as a “new hero of the new era” that will inherit the will of “All-Might”, a symbol of peace. 

Two guest voice actors were announced. Playing Nine, the mysterious enemy Vilain, who has been killed by the swords, is starring in numerous musicals, and the anime voice actor has participated since “Theatrical Sword Art Online-Ordinal Scale-” Yoshio Inoue. 

Nine’s entourage, the “villain” enemy with “individuality” that manipulates the hair like a knife, playing slices, including numerous drama appearances and winning the “Yahoo! Search Awards 2018” actress category Collected by Misakura Imada. 

The movie “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” will be a road show on December 20, 2019 in Toho, Japan.

Nine role: Yoshio Inoue

When I received an offer of voice appearances, I consulted with the son of a big “Hiroaka” fan, and I was thankful that I was fully encouraged to do it. 

Nine role: Yoshio Inoue

Although the theme linked to the present world seeking heroes was included, I felt that it was a very entertaining work by being wrapped in fiction called anime. 

I think that it is a necessary work now that it has become just a peace.

I have never played a villain on a stage such as a musical, so I’m very excited to play “Nine”, the most evil enemy I got this time, and I’d like to play it more drastically than ever before I think!

Slice role: Misakura Imada

When I read the script for the first time, it was the same as when I read the manga!

This is the first time I will challenge the voice of an animated movie, but I would like to do my best so that I can play the role of a cool, beautiful, slice that is not in the original. 

And I’m really looking forward to completing this exciting story and I want everyone to look forward to it!

(C) 2019 “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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