Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Is Here

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Is Here

Mushoku Tensei is certainly an extremely well-known Isekai series in 2021. 

The series received a lot of positive reviews from fans. It was also ranked among the most popular Isekai series for a few weeks. 

However, the show didn’t get enough episodes during its initial season. 

The second season is airing right now on Muse Asia as well as other platforms. The premiere episode is entitled “The Woman With Demon Eyes”.

About Mushoku Tensei

The story concerns an unknown Japanese NEET who was completely useless throughout his existence. 

Then he was reincarnated in an era filled with swords and sorcery. He was renamed Rudeus Greyrat. 

He is determined to become a better human being in this world and puts his mind and energy into learning the art of magic

The story of the anime revolves around his life as well as the adventures the character goes on.

Mushoku Tensei, Season 1 Ending

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Mushoku Tensei, Season 1, is the beginning of the tale. 

Season 1 shows the progress of Rudeus Greyrat and is all about learning new magical incantations. Season 1 also showcases his three love interests. 

After the magical incident, Rudeus is still traveling with Ruijerd and Eris. 

They were trapped on the Demon Continent. 

With assistance from Ruijerd, Rudeus resolved to help Eris back to her home safely.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Explained

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The premiere episode of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 starts exactly where the first episode of the previous season ended. 

The first season ended in March 2021.

The second season is already airing. It’s more of a second “first season” rather than a second season. 

However, the show is so fast that you’ll notice it in the characters. 

In the first season, Rudeus was already 10 years old. older. If you’ve read manga, you will notice that there are a lot of things that aren’t included in the book. 

As in the instance where Ruijerd and Eris were fighting and Roxy was listening. In the manga, Ruijerd asked Roxy direct questions about what she was doing, which is completely absent from the anime. 

Numerous tiny details are not present. However, the manga was inspired by the Light Novel. The manga is missing pieces as well.

First Episode Explained

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The first episode premieres after six months of traveling with Ruijerd. 

They finally make it to the beach to rent a boat and then reach the Fitoa kingdom. But, after seeing the prices for boats and the time frame, they decided to put off their plan for a few days. 

They remain in the inn and think about ways to take on the vessel. 

Then, Rudues once again meets the mysterious shadow, Hitogami. 

He suggests that Rudeus visit the market early in the morning. He is pleasantly surprised by the demon-killer Kishirika Kishirishu, who grants Rudeus the eye of one. 

Kishirika grants him eyes of foresight, which assists him in seeing about a second into the future. 

This is an amazing aid when fighting. He even defeated Eris in a fight. 

He also tries to battle Ruijerd as well, but he is unable to overcome Ruijerd. 

The manga portrays the fight between Ruijerd and Rudeus, but the anime completely omitted this fight. Overall, the episode is decent enough for an episode that is the debut of the series.

Final Verdict

The anime’s pace is quick; it might outdo the manga in the next season. 

If you think about it, you will realize that this light novel series is a long way ahead. 

The manga hasn’t even completed half of the light novel, and there are many anime that are inspired by the light novel and aren’t dependent on manga. 

This is the case for Mushoku Tensei too. 

There aren’t many details in the manga series that have been overlooked in the animation process. However, there are a lot of tiny easter eggs in the series that have been included!