15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Moriarty The patriot is well known throughout its fanbase not only for the Ikémen that it features but the way it builds a story, its characters, and its flaws with all but one goal.

A desperate attempt to create a better world.

15. Mary Watson

Mary Watson 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Mary was one of the most ambiguous characters. At times, her outer nice, caring, and innocent girl personality seemed like a farce. She looked like she was planning something underneath the surface.

Being portrayed in a villainous light for some time, but later revealed only to be an innocent victim.

Mary not only added dimension to the story with her nice-greedy-fearful victim character but also provided the necessary motivation for John and Sherlock to take action.

14. George Lestrade

Yuukoku no Moriarty 08 15 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Lestrade is the only reason why Sherlock can continue being a ‘Consulting Detective’. Lestrade knows and trusts Sherlock’s skills.

He believes in Scotland Yard’s authority and wants to use it to do some good to society. He wouldn’t just sit back and take a look at all the injustice happening while sipping on his tea!

Lestrade does things that he believes are right no matter what other people think. He has a good eye to judge people’s intentions and judgment.

He isn’t afraid to be reckless when the time calls for it. He even attacked his own superior after he tried to frame an innocent for being Jack the Ripper.

13. Miss Hudson

miss hudson 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Sherlock’s landlady is SICK of him and why wouldn’t she be?

Never pays his rent on time, goes long periods without getting cases, always is being targeted, destroys the entire structure for experiment and case solving purposes!

Despite yelling at him, complaining, and even threatening him multiple times, Miss Hudson does have a soft spot for our Sherlock which he uses to the fullest!

She’s a sweet, understanding lady who can be truly fearsome when she wants to.

12. Jack Renfield

Jack Renfield 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Also known as Jack the Ripper, he is a perfect example of attractive older men in anime. As a murderous assassin, Jack the Ripper gathered quite the reputation.

This fearsome reputation, however, was going to be used against him in the future.

He’s also the one who trained Louis and William to be able to protect themselves and took care of them as a butler. Jack the Ripper, after the incident, became a vital part of William’s plan to change and bring peace to this world.

11. Fred Porlock

Fred Porlock 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Fred has a skill that is extremely malleable and useful.

Fred can transform and disguise himself into someone else. This not only includes outer appearance, but also voice, stature and behavior as well.

Fred’s skills are second to none and he can virtually do any task given to him.

Infiltration? Done.

Gather intel? Done.

Assassinate? Done.

Fred is an all-around package of versatility!

10. Sebastian Moran

Moriarty the Patriot sebastian moran 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

This sniper can kill you not only with his gun but also with his looks!

Sebastian is a very highly skilled sniper who can accurately aim at a very long distance. His aim is accurate enough for it to even aim for something indirectly.

He trusts all his comrades blindly, is prepared to do everything he can to save them, and believes in their skills.

He is a great leader for the squad and lets people act according to their wishes as long as the mission isn’t endangered.

Plus he’s shy when around a woman! What more could we ask for?!

9. Zack Paterson

Zach Patterson Anime 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

This man’s biggest flex is that he has a cocktail made by James Bonde, to his name.

Paterson is responsible for providing insider information and aids any missions that require the help of the Scotland Yard from the inside.

He stays calm and collected even in times of crisis. He doesn’t like to stand out which makes him work perfectly in the shadows.

He often helps and is good friends with Lestrade. Paterson, working along with Lestrade and Bonde, became the next Chief of Scotland Yard.

8. Mycroft Holmes

mycroft holmes 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Mycroft can be best known for his dynamic with his brother.

He had to carry on the responsibility of the family of being under direct service to her Majesty and carrying out missions without having to pay heed to any of the aristocrats or even Scotland Yard while hiding his identity the entire time.

Mycroft holds Sherlock dear, but Sherlock on the other hand doesn’t think of him at all.

7. Albert James Moriarty

Albert Moriarty 1 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Albert is truly kind and empathetic, which is an extremely rare quality among the noblemen. He had always been opposed to the self-centered and exploitive behavior of the noblemen, including his parents.

He often visited the orphanage where he found William and Louis. He wanted to change the world but didn’t have the means to do it.

Once William had confirmed and strengthened his resolve, Albert never looked back.

He fully trusts William, is willing to do things his way when they need to be done. He’s the face of the Moriarty family and will not stop at anything to get a mission to succeed.

6. Adam Whiteley

𝐀𝐝𝐚𝐦 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐲 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Whiteley is probably the only character in the series that does things abiding by the skewed laws of the tainted world that they live in and change it by staying within its bounds.

Adam Whiteley wants to do good for the people by using good means. He consistently put forward plans to reform the societal structure for the upliftment of the poor.

He is very kind and selfless, trusts the masses, and has an excellent judgment of people. He is brave and doesn’t let himself get too affected by the protests or hate against him.

Adam Whiteley is truly a man of honor.

5. John Watson

John Watson 1 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

John is what keeps Sherlock on his track. In the beginning, he may look like nothing but an ATM and an escape route for Sherlock, but over time Sherlock’s friendship with him deepens enough for Sherlock to put John’s needs and happiness above himself.

John cares about Sherlock a lot and it is often shown through him yelling and lecturing Sherlock but still having his back in no matter what they’re going through.

John brings out in Sherlock something he doesn’t normally put on display, how much he cares about the people that he is close to him.

4. James Bonde (Irene Adler)

james blonde 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

(Please note that masculine pronouns will be used.)

James is strong.

James is charming.

James is a badass.

James got herself in quite the troublesome situation.

If anyone wants to do a role model from the series it would either be Whiteley or him.

During his career as a prima donna, he learned that no matter how talented you are, to truly succeed in the world, you need to have money and aristocratic connections. This drove his friend to suicide which deeply affected him.

He started blackmailing and stealing from the nobles to get what he wants, to change the world, and to support any talent that he finds worthy irrespective of their social status or financial background.

3. Charles Augustus Milverton

Moriarty the Patriot Milverton social 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

Antagonists are a vital element of the story and yet are so difficult to execute since each one of them has to have a motivation for why they behave the way they do.

As for Charles Augustus Milverton, it’s easy. His motivation is that he just enjoys causing people pain.

Charles is just a William gone wrong. Charles has everything that William has a superior network of followers that obey his every command, sources of information, authority, ability to execute his plans, a superior intellect to plan out everything according to his wish, no qualms about killing to squeeze out as much sadistic joy as he can out of it.

He knows exactly how to make use of his resources… And this is exactly what makes his character so entertaining to watch!

2. Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

The only person who was able to one-up Williams intellect.

To sum up, Sherlock is suave. He has extreme deduction skills paired with a carefree personality and a strong moral compass.

Sherlock usually doesn’t care about anything else rather than solving his riddles until it comes to his friends. He then goes out of his way to protect them and doesn’t care what happens to him in the process.

Sherlock has a very interesting character arc throughout the two seasons of the story. From caring about nothing other than solving his riddles on his terms, Sherlock went on to caring about himself and his friends more than the enjoyment of having solved a riddle.

Now, with his trusted partner John by his side, Sherlock is ready to take on and solve any crime in the world!

1. William James Moriarty

Moriarty the Patriot Season william james 15 Best Moriarty The Patriot Characters

The protagonist of the story.

The Lord of Crime.

Professor Moriarty.

William. James. Moriarty.

You can call him by any name that you want but this man had stolen the show completely!

What makes this character so great is the emotional appeal added to him. Often geniuses are written off as dry, only logical, and almost unreal, but that isn’t the case with Liam.

His motivations are primarily based on his emotions to create a better world for the kids in orphanages and help people live their lives easier using his intellect.

Agree with the list? Have your own opinions? Know anyone we missed out on? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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