24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

The idea of defining Minecraft as one of the most enjoyable video games released would not do it justice.

Minecraft isn’t just a video game it’s a unique experience that everyone who plays games should experience at minimum once. 

As the game continues to be supported by a great team, and with new content added every month, there is a way to enhance Minecraft through mods.

When playing Minecraft the players can automatize various tasks including mob farms, sorting of items cooking, and many others. 

A lot of automated systems depend upon the Redstone to function flawlessly.

Although Minecraft is full of Redstone objects players might be restricted when it comes to automating their projects. 

Through mods, players can move their automation up a notch.

Technology mods, in this instance, are the best method to bring things to the next level. They include machines that can aid in making it easier to produce the in-game materials.

If you’re a fervent Minecraft fan, then you’ve experienced how frustrating it can get. 

Therefore, let the grind become obsolete and let something else take over the work so that you can concentrate on the most enjoyable part: making.

This article outlines some of the most effective Minecraft modifications to automate your work. 

These mods add new Redstone elements and improve existing blocks such as slime blocks, dispensers pistons, and much more.

24. Quark

quark mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Quark isn’t an automated focused mod, however, it does include many features Redstone engineers would like to see in Minecraft. 

Through this Quark, mod players are able to make use of chains to connect blocks, dispensers that can be used to place blocks, pistons for moving tiles, and more.

23. Tunnels Integrated

tunnels integrated mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

The integrated Tunnels include tunnel-like blocks that are capable of moving objects into the chests and out. 

There are three kinds of tunnels: Importers Exporters, and Interfaces. Importers take items from a specific location while exporters move items to the desired place.

Interfaces differ from those used by exporters and importers. Interfaces are used to prioritize particular items. 

They possess a number of unique properties such as the placement of blocks, breaking blocks or collecting them directly, and so on.

22. Advanced Peripherals

advanced peripherals 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Advanced Peripherals is a sci-fi-based mod that lets players develop artificial intelligence. This AI is able to control every farm of players while they relax or do other tasks.

Players needn’t be worried about AI causing problems because they are able to control everything using their commands. 

In addition to AI, The Advanced Peripherals mod features many different ways to automate tasks in Minecraft.

21. Golden Hopper

Golden Hopper 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Golden Hopper is a simple mod made by the popular mod maker MrCrayfish. Based on its name this mod includes golden hoppers, as well as golden minecarts. 

Golden hoppers function as sorters for items. They only allow certain objects to pass through.

Golden hoppers come as a pre-made sorter for items. It’s also easy to make as players just require one-hopper five gold ingots two Redstone dust and a comparator. 

Similar to normal snapshots, combining gold hoppers with the minecart can result in the golden minecart hopper.

20. Minefactory Reloaded

minefactory mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Automatism at its best. This is the experience Minefactory Reloaded offers.

Presenting a wide range of devices that can be used to automate difficult processes.

MineFactory Reloaded will be a great tool for anyone who wishes to spend the time to be productive, without the hassle of tackling the most basic tasks.

19. Refined Storage

refined storage mods mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Storage issues? They’ll soon be a thing in the near future I can assure you.

Refined Storage offers network-based storage that lets you keep any item in new facilities and also access the items from other storage facilities.

It is even better, you can also set up auto-crafting tools that will end the grind for good.

Very simple and yet efficient!

18. Red Power 2

redpower mod spotlight mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Redstone provides the power source in Minecraft.

It can make the impossible possible. The people who utilize their full power will be the most powerful in the world.

Red Power 2 is your chance to dominate the world because it extends and enhances the performance of Redstone. 

It also lets you create more intricate circuits that can provide power to multiple machines and make your life easier.

Why should we add new technologies in Minecraft even if you have everything you require?

17. Applied Energistics

redpower mod spotlight mc 1 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Application Energetics could be considered a basic technology modification without some fresh elements that make the world look fresh and brand new.

In addition to the tech fundamentals such as a new storage system and a number of automation tools, Applied Energists brings a number of brand new decorative blocks. 

Additionally, the ability to conceal cables by using Cable Facades.

I’m a huge fan of the management of cables, both real as well as virtual. Therefore, something like this would be an absolute blessing to the Minecraft gods.

16. Solar Flux Reborn

solar flux reborn mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Praise the sun! Sorry, it was a mistake.

Although you’re no longer playing Dark Souls, you’ll still be praising the sun when you play Solar Flux Reborn.

The mod introduces solar panels that produce energy, effectively. 

The mod is compatible with other technology mods, so you’ll be able to get creative and design the power plant you’ve always fantasized about but haven’t dared to create.

15. Extreme Reactors

extreme reactors mod mc 1 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

The process of generating power has never been so easy using an Extreme Reactor that does all your heavy lifting.

In the event that the name doesn’t sound very simple, Extreme Reactors introduces some efficient multiblock machines that create energy.

It is possible to get creative and create the idea of a Giant Reactor that can produce energy using multiple resources. 

That’s a lot of fun!

14. Thermal Dynamics

thermal dynamics mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

It’s time to be active Now, everyone!

Thermal Dynamics won’t be able to leave you in awe of its intricate machines or new ways of power.

It will leave you happy with its convenience because it comes with blocks that can transport almost all things from players to items.

Even better, the new model is accompanied by a great feeling of progress that will let you build your own transportation system with each time you invest in it. 

Nice, eh?

13. Thermal Expansion

thermal expansions mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Do you need a base automation system to help you run your daily Minecraft sessions?

Thermal Expansion isn’t an interesting mod when compared with other mods at the very minimum.

It is incredibly useful because it includes blocks to automate various tasks such as making Redstone Flux, storing items as well as other items.

The great aspect to know about Thermal Expansion is that it isn’t very complicated. 

You can therefore begin to reap its benefits without having read for hours and hours instructions or watching instructional videos.

12. Industrial Craft 2

industrial craft mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

If you believe that Minecraft is a complicated game, then you’ll be amazed by Industrial Craft 2.

Industrial Crafts 2 brings some real-world engineering concepts to the realm of Minecraft and introduces many brand new machinery along with nuclear reactor parts.

It’s a good sign if you’re ready to get your hands on fire.

It’s a complex task that requires some effort from you. 

Once you’ve got things up and running you’ll be able to make that sparkling Electric Jetpack that’ll let you explore the Nether with such ease that you’ll never ever want to go back the way you were in Vanilla Minecraft.

11. PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

pneumaticcraft repressurized mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Do you have the time to discuss the marvels in compressed air? Yes!

Pneumatic Craft: Repressurized has its own power system, which is based on compressed air.

This is the reason for the development of numerous equipment that requires different amounts of air, as well as specific pressures for proper operation.

Include more intricate mechanics, and you’ll have the job done. The rewards are incredible.

10. Traincraft


There’s no stopping on the Minecraft train!

Traincraft will bring your childhood fantasies to life through the introduction of the world’s largest train collection of more than 80 and curves and switches in Minecraft to be used regularly.

It will allow you to create an entire transportation system, fundamentally.

Did you really think that the train ride was not your idea? But it’s still a lot of enjoyable, darn it!

9. Electrical Age

electrical age mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

For you to use to make the most of the Electrical Age mod, you require a thorough knowledge of how electricity operates in the real world.

You can also just go with the flow and forget about it. Minecraft right?

Electrical Age introduces a complex but real electrical simulation model that can allow for massive crafting possibilities.

This lets you build anything from basic lamps to electric furnaces and even transporters.

It’s not an absolute necessity, but if bored of vanilla, this will provide plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained.

8. Immersive Engineering

immersive engineering mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Immersive Engineering immerses players into an old-fashioned world that machines can’t simply release resources.

This mod is about machines that are infused with realisticity.

As opposed to blocks that spew out dust, you have an apparatus that has wheels that turn.

In lieu of red glowing tubes, you’ll get powerlines.

Instead of magical effects, You receive a grounded technology that makes Minecraft seem more like a computer simulation. Imagine if the real world were composed of blocks!

7. ComputerCraft

computer craft mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Have you ever attempted to master a programming language? How about a crash course in Lua?

ComputerCraft can be described as an extremely clever mod for technology which includes Computers and Monitors, Modems and robots with advanced capabilities into Minecraft. Minecraft experience.

They’re all written in Lua, which is the Lua program language. Therefore, you’ll require some fundamental knowledge to start or be prepared to learn!

A worthwhile effort, and it’s worth it to utilize an entirely functional computer in the game of computer.

Also, the possibility of occupation in the field of programming… It’s a good idea to start with Minecraft. say, why not learn more about Minecraft?

6. Tech Guns

tech guns mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

I don’t know about others, however, using with the Diamond Sword gets old after a time. We could have guns…

Tech Guns is the Minecraft mod designed for gamers who want to be ruthlessly efficient in eliminating opponents.

It allows you to access various guns. Basic, yeah?

The game also includes it includes an upgraded armor bonuses system and new equipment which can create all the new items.

Tech Guns is more of an overhaul rather than a technological mod. However, it’s more impressive.

5. Botania

botania mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Don’t get bored with the grey boring technology that is based on real-world scenarios.

We must turn our attention towards the magic of Mother Nature.

With Botania Botania, you’ll not be developing complicated machines. Transportation networks that use real-world locomotives.

You’ll tap into Mana’s power Mana to design gadgets that wouldn’t be feasible IRL.

The most appealing feature of Botania is Botania is completely adaptable with other technology modifications which means you’re free to unleash your imagination and create your dream of green energy realization.

4. Mekanism

mekanism mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

If you’re in need of speed and efficiency, Mekanism is your solution without a doubt.

Mekanism is a redesign of the Minecraft experience.

It is a high-tech machine that makes your production of materials highly efficient. 

Equipment such as that of the Fusion Reactor, an advanced machine configuration system designed for the development and operation of transport systems.

and hydrogen-powered Jetpacks for your leisure time. Absolutely cool.

I’d say jetpacks are the main draw here. A lot of work with no fun results in Steve being an uninteresting boy.

3. NuclearCraft

nuclearcraft mod mc 1 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

If you are feeling the need to be powered and power, there is no other option but to go nuclear.

NuclearCraft is focused on using the power of nuclear to create energy.

This system is intricate in that it permits you to generate power in three distinct ways. This basically is like nuclear power plants.

Imagine the excitement of separating atoms and joining them into one without the need for an engineer. There is no chance of destroying the entirety of your city in the process!

2. Ender IO

ender io mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

Oh, how to start with Ender I.O.

This mod, as it is described simply put, is magic.

The marvels of technology are mingled with the magic of the imagination, Ender IO introduces different devices that serve various functions.

They include processing of ore and player progression that is unique, automated processing of materials, and much more.

After you’ve wrapped your mind over the possibilities of this mod, it’s time to unwrap your head and begin your journey to the realm of Teleportation.

1. GregTech

gregtech mod mc 24 Best Minecraft Mods for Tech & Automation

GregTech is considered to be one of the top Minecraft mods and with excellent reasons.

If you thought that the vanilla game was complicated You haven’t seen anything yet.

GregTech isn’t just a technical mod. It’s a complete revamp to Minecraft. Minecraft experience.

It doesn’t just add equipment and materials that enable you to build extremely complex machines worthy of a degree in engineering.

However, it also alters recipes for the existing products to be compatible with the brand-new technology.

This shows a level of care that’s unmatched in the field of Minecraft mods. I’d say this mod is definitely worth trying.

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