Minecraft Guide: Evoker

An Evoker is an enemy found in Minecraft that falls under the category known as Illager Mobs, which is a category that functions as the reverse of Villagers. 

Like other Illagers, they appear in raids but can also be seen at Woodland Mansions and drop a highly valuable prize if you are able to bring the mob down.

Sprawning Woodland Mansions:

woodland mansion Minecraft Guide: Evoker

In the initial generation of the Woodland Mansion, individual evokers will appear inside and won’t disappear until the world has been changed to a peaceful difficulty. 

After death, they are not able to return in any way to these mansions.


Evokers are rarely born as raid captains, wearing a banner on their heads that will fall at the time of the end of their lives.

During raids, as many as five Evokers can be spawned. Beginning with the 5th wave, evokers will begin spawning when there is a world of hard difficulty. Evokers may appear riding Ravagers in wave 7.


Evokers can attack all sorts of creatures. Whenever the attacker is getting closer to stopping the Evoker’s attack, the Evoker will run between attacks to maintain its distance.

The Evoker strikes with a range of magical spells, which can depend on the surroundings.


fangs Minecraft Guide: Evoker

The Evoker signalizes the assault by emitting dark violet particles of potion from its hands.

The main magic attack of the evoker is summoning fangs that rise from the ground and bite the victim.

 They can be summoned in different ways in the vicinity of the evoker and can inflict three hearts or six damage. 

These fangs are usually on the ground. However, they can appear upstairs in the event that the target is above.

Typically, fangs are summoned straight to the left of the evoker, but when the target is near, fangs are summoned in a larger circle surrounding the evoker instead.


Minecraft Guide: Evoker

The Evoker announces the attack by emitting white particles that emanate from its hands.

If there is a small number or no Vex enemies around, then the Evoker will summon Vexes within it. The Vexes are able to fly and pass through the blocks, and then surprise the targets.

Sheep Color Conversion:

sheep color conversion Minecraft Guide: Evoker

The Evoker signalizes this assault by emitting red particles that emanate from its hands.

If the evoker is not in combat and is near a sheep, it is able to use an effect to change the wool color of the sheep. It can only be activated on blue sheep and will alter the sheep’s color to red.


The Evoker offers a handful of uninteresting drops. It could drop as much as 1 Emerald and, if it’s the leader of a raid, it could deliver one Ominous Banner. It also drops 10 EXP.

The primary drop it drops is called its “Totem of Undying.” The Evoker can always give one and, if the player is killed while holding it, the player is instantly revived by the Regeneration and Absorption potion effects.


The Evoker is like the unplayed Illager, the Illusion. It’s even got a hat like the one worn by the illusion in the Minecraft game “Meet the Evoker.”

The Sheep color changing spell refers to the game “Age of Empires,” in which priests can transform enemies into friendly units while changing their color.

The Evoker even produces the same sound as in the game when you change the color of a sheep. This is possible because Minecraft, as well as the video game “Age of Empires”, are both controlled by Microsoft.

In the code for Minecraft and in the code for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, Evokers are described as Illagers of Evocation.


How can I get rid of Evoker Fangs?

Evoker fangs are able to escape simply by being far enough away or being located two blocks higher or beneath the Evoker. Fangs can move down or up only one block, but not two blocks at a time.

Can the Evoker be modified to not alter colors for Sheep?

Yes! In the event that you set the Mob Greefing rule is not set, an Evoker can’t alter the color of a sheep. It isn’t possible with Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition of Minecraft however.

Does the Evoker offer any achievements?

The Evoker has a specific achievement attached to it, the feeling sick achievement, but it is linked to it being associated with the Monster Hunter achievement, Monster Hunter advancement, and Monsters Hunted advancement. 

Its Totem of Undying, which it drops, can provide the Postmortal Advance and that of the Cheating Death achievement if used.

What number of totems of Undying can I use?

This Totem of the Undying has no limitations on its use. While it does break when used, so long as you’ve got more, it can be utilized. 

That means that you can have as much as a complete inventory of totems at one time.

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