Minecraft Guide: Dolphins

In Minecraft, dolphins can be found in groups of up to five in frozen marine biomes. If you attack a dolphin, other dolphins will also attack you.

However, if you kill one, you will get 0-1 raw cod and 3-5 XP. If you swim beside them, you will get a speed boost, and if they are fed, you might be able to find treasure chests. 

These untamable creatures can often be seen jumping above the water’s surface.

Dolphins are a wonderful sight to see, but you need to be careful how you swing around them.

BehaviorAttack DamageHealth
NeutralEasy: One-quarter full hearts; Normal, one-quarter full hearts; Hard: Two-quarters full hearts5 full hearts


ocean biome minecraft Minecraft Guide: Dolphins

Non-frozen ocean biomes are where dolphins can spawn. They spawn in groups of up to five, and baby dolphins make up 10% of the population. 

There are no limits to the number of dolphins that can be spawned. However, there will always be more natural spawns. In Minecraft, you cannot breed dolphins.


Dolphins will drop 1-3 XP point orbs for every raw cod they kill. They will be more useful if they are alive dead. 

Dolphins don’t have any unique drops, and their buffs and tracks are better than those of potential raw fish.


A dolphin attack will result in the dolphin attacking you and other dolphins nearby. Pay attention to where you swing. 

If the player is running in the water, dolphins will follow them and give them speed boosts.

minecraft dolphin Minecraft Guide: Dolphins

You can see them jumping over the water surface and even jumping into other bodies of water. You can improve your relationship with dolphins by feeding them raw cod or salmon.

They will also lead you to treasure in a shipwreck or buried treasure or other ocean ruins. It can be a great way to find all the treasure underwater, as dolphins can lead you to intact treasure boxes. 

Once you have found a chest, you can open it and give the dolphin another chance to find more.

Guardians and elder guardians will be avoided by dolphins as well.

How can you control a dolphin in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can’t tame dolphins. You can feed dolphins raw cod or pull them along with a lead.

minecraft dolphin 1 Minecraft Guide: Dolphins

However, they are not able to be trained like wolves and ocelots. Dolphins can be difficult to keep as they will soon return to the ocean and are capable of leaping over blocks to reach new bodies of water.

Did you know?

Dolphins can drown, even though they are not required to breathe in Minecraft.

The sound designers used real dolphins to record the sounds of dolphins in Minecraft. Similar work was done by the sound designers for pandas in Minecraft.


Q. What do Dolphins in Minecraft do?

Dolphins have a breathing meter, and they will need to come back to the surface for more air. Dolphins are also quite small. 

A dolphin could become too close to a wall or ceiling and suffocate. Dolphins cannot survive on land, and they will drown if they get too close to a wall or ceiling.

Q. What do Dolphins in Minecraft do?

If you give them raw salmon or cod, dolphins will lead you to hidden treasure. If you’re running in the water, they will grant you a speed boost. 

They are neutral mobs and will follow the player to extend the speed buff.

Q. What do Dolphins eat in Minecraft?

Raw cod is not something dolphins will seek out on their own. However, they won’t eat fish from the sea.

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