Land of the Lustrous Episode 2 has not yet been officially confirmed.

Is there a second season of Land of the Lustrous? When will season 2 of Land of the Lustrous air be?

This is everything we know about whether Land of the Lustrous anime season 2 would be released in 2022.

The Land of the Lustrous anime is based upon a manga that was wildly successful.

Haruko Ichikawa has written and illustrated the Land of the Lustrous manga series.

Land of the Lustrous anime series is an action-drama with fantasy elements. It’s no surprise that Land of the Lustrous fans around the world are wondering if there will be a second season.

Phosphophyllite is the main character in this anime series.

Phosphophyllite is a young, delicate Gem who wants to help in the war effort. The Phosphophyllite, due to its fragile condition, is given the task of compiling an Encyclopedia.

Is there a season of Land of the Lustrous? Only one season of Land of the Lustrous anime is available. There is no Season 2 of Houseki no Kuni.

Since there were never any movies or OVAs made for the Land of the Lustrous series, the first season is the only one you can view.

In Japan, the first season of the Land of the Lustrous anime aired with 12 episodes in October 2017. 

This series has gained a large fan base, many of whom still hope for Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous.

Continue reading to find out if Land of the Lustrous will be returning for a new season, and the probable Season 2 release date.

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Is there a Season 2 of Land Of The Lustrous?

To determine if Land of the Lustrous season 2, 2022, will there be one? If so, when is it likely to release season 2 of Land of the Lustrous?

The source material is the first factor, while the second is how profitable the first season was.

Now we will examine them both to determine if Land of the Lustrous will get a second season.

Land Of The Lustrous: Manga

Manga is the source material for the Land of the Lustrous anime.

What number of Land of the Lustrous volumes are there? There are currently 11 manga volumes of Land of the Lustrous as of December 2021.

Is the Land of The Lustrous manga over? 

The Land of the Lustrous manga continues, but the end is not in reach. This series is not yet over, but it will continue for at least a few years.

Haruko Ichikawa released the latest volume in Japan, on July 20, 2020.

Land of the Lustrous Volume 12 Release date? Volume 12 release date is unknown, but it should be out in 2022.

How to read Land of the Lustrous after the anime? 

The Land of the Lustrous manga is now Volume 5.

If you’re looking for a continuation of the story, Land of the Lustrous Manga Volume 5 English is the place to go.

The first season adapts volumes 1 through 4. Therefore, the second season should adapt four manga volumes.

This means there’s enough content for at least one more Land of The Lustrous in 2021.

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I recommend the Land of The Lustrous Manga. Many anime fans prefer manga to anime. It is the only way to continue the story until 2021.

Land Of The Lustrous’s Profitability and Sales Figures

How did the Land of The Lustrous Bluray-ray do? 

The Land of The Lustrous Bluray sold approximately 6,000 copies per disc. This is an impressive number for 2017.

Solid Blu Ray sales are always a bonus to a new season’s chance.

How does the Land of the Lustrous manga do? 

Volume 10 of Land of the Lustrous sold 125,000 copies and Volume 11 only sold around 110,000 copies.

The Land of The Lustrous manga is also selling well.

How many Land of The Lustrous copies are in print? 

The Land of The Lustrous series has 1,400,000 copies as of 2017/05/23.

It is not among the top 200 most-loved manga series.

How many merchandise items are there for Land of The Lustrous?

There are over 40 figurines. This is quite a lot. This series also has more than 400 merchandise pieces.

Only 20% of anime series receive more than this.

Some figures are amazing, such as this PhosphophylliteFigma.

It’s obvious that this series was enough successful to warrant a second season.

If you are a Houseki no Kuni fan, I recommend Land of The Lustrous merchandise. This franchise has some amazing merchandise.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2: Release Date

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 has yet to be released.

Houseki No Kuni Season 2 won’t happen if there’s no news in 2022.

As you can see, there’s plenty of material to make a second season. This series also made enough money.

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It was a small success, but it did not make enough money. And it doesn’t have the support of Netflix as Beastars.

The first season’s profit was likely to be modest. New seasons can make much less, so it may not be worth investing in a second season.

The second season has a 30% chance to happen. This is due to the fact the first season was not well-received.

Studio Orange will be animating the final season next year of Beastars.

They’ll either continue to work on Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous, or they’ll start a new series they think will be more lucrative.

This series is not available from any other studio, I believe.

This series has the best chance of success if Netflix is interested in adding Houseki no Kuni, which would follow the popularity and success of Beastars.

Land of the Lustrous Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice actor
PhosphophylliteTomoyo Kurosawa
AlexandriteRie Kugimiya
AntarcticiteMariya Ise
CinnabarMikako Komatsu
Kongou-senseiJouji Nakata
DiamondAi Kayano

Anime Staff

Position for Anime StaffPersonal
DirectorTakahiko Kyougoku
Series Composition. ScriptToshiya Oono
Character DesignAsako Nishida

Final Words

There is a good chance that there will be a Land of the Lustrous Season 2. 

It is worth learning more about the possibility of a Houseki No Kuni season 2 in 2022. 

However, don’t be surprised if the second season is not released anytime soon. 

It was 2023 at the earliest.