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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stand

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10. Nut King Call

Nut King Call is a humanoid Stand similar in height to Joshu. It has screws embedded both in the sides of its head and its spindly arms; two shield-shaped eyes similar to a bug’s, and a ruff collar of sorts composed of many nuts and bolts.

On its forehead rests a large V. Its face and arms are also textured with slight ridges. By planting nuts and bolts in a target, Nut King Call creates functional artificial joints.

When a nut is removed from a bolt, which may be done almost instantly, the object breaks up and is disassembled. When applied to humans, the process of dismantling body parts appears painless

Paisley Park
Part:8, JoJolionUser:Joshu HigashikataNamesake:The musician, Nat King Cole

9. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

D4C has a humanoid form with large, upright horns that somewhat resemble the ears of a leporidW; a masked mandible, and a light body lined by an almost unbroken seam or trim.

It’s designed after the image of leather being stitched together, like on a baseball. Under its brow, its eyes appear to emote a cold gaze.

D4C expresses no particular personality. However, representing Valentine’s spirit across all dimensions, passing between a number of his bodies and linking each to the “root world” of the Corpse, D4C’s abilities lend it peculiar depth.

D4C is among the most powerful Stands in the series. In its default form, it is a close-range Stand with above-average strength and speed.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Part:7, Steel Ball RunUser:Funny ValentineNamesake:A song and album by AD/DC

8. Milagro Man

Milagro Man takes the appearance of a humanoid figure of ambiguous s*x. Its body is patterned in upward-facing triangles, including triangular horns on its elbows and shoulders.

It doesn’t have a face, instead, its head, palms, arms and legs have holes that can be seen through.

The story of Milagro Man’s curse originated from its ability. At its most basic, the Stand can create and duplicate money, with the legal tender changing depending on the country the Stand’s money is currently in.

Milagro Man
Part:8, JoJolionUser:AnybodyNamesake:The album, Milagro, by Santana; a Elvis Costello song

7. King Crimson

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand King Crimson is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Diavolo’s, but tends to look much bigger and taller.

Its body is covered by a raised diagonal grid; save for its face, neck, shoulder guards, elbows, hands, abdomen, crotch, knees, and feet/footwear.

King Crimson embodies Diavolo’s personality in its entirety, as he frequently speaks through his stand. 

Aside from that, its face frequently possesses an angry or irritated expression, though on rare occasions, it also shows a maniacal grin when certain events fall in Diavolo’s favor, such as when he gets his hands on the Arrow.

King Crimson
Part:5, Golden WindUser:Diavolo/Vinegar DoppioNamesake:The band, King Crimson

6. C-Moon

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand C-Moon is a humanoid Stand. As a result of the Green Baby fusing with Pucci and his Stand, Whitesnake, it bears similarities to both, giving its appearance a sense of fusion between the two.

C-Moon shows little learning/developmental potential, requiring direct instructions from Pucci in order to act meaningfully; but, shown considering them, it appears to possess a degree of independent intelligence.

Part:6, Stone OceanUser:Enrico PucciNamesake:A Wings song

5. Catch the Rainbow

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand Catch the Rainbow takes the form of a mask worn by Blackmore. A heavy supraorbital ridgeW of a vaguely troubled angle hangs over its eyeholes.

It has no nose, and in the region of the mouth it bears a row of five long, vertical slits, dotted by five holes.

Catch the Rainbow functions as an ability for Blackmore, who personally deploys his control over rain to fight.

Although providing very powerful abilities in heavy rains, the Stand has one major drawback, it requires a natural rainstorm to occur over it’s user and continue during its usage.

Catch the Rainbow
Part:7, Steel Ball RunUser:BlackmoreNamesake:The band, Rainbow, and their song, Catch the Rainbow

4. Heaven’s Door

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand Heaven’s Door resembles a small boy similar to Rohan’s manga character, Pink Dark Boy. It wears a long overcoat, closed to the end of its torso, and a bow tie. It has lines emanating from the bottom and the bottom-outsides of its eyes.

Heaven’s Door is a weak close-range Stand unsuited for direct combat, but has several powerful abilities. For an inquisitive mangaka like Rohan, Heaven’s Door is a handy way to gather research material out of people’s pasts without the hassle of an interview.

Heaven’s Door
Part:4, Diamond is UnbreakableUser:Rohan KishibeNamesake:A Bob Dylan song

3. Soft and Wet

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand Soft & Wet is a humanoid Stand of a streamlined, robotic form, light in color, and similar in height to Josuke.

On the top of its head is a five-pointed star bound with a circle. Horns roughly two-thirds the width of its head grow from the region of the ears, shaped as tapering pentagrammic prisms.

Soft & Wet is a humanoid close-range Stand. It possesses enhanced strength, demonstrated first when it breaks a large portion of an apartment wall with a single back kick, and is also capable of extremely rapid hand-to-hand combat.

The extent of the damage it can inflict is limited, however, as it is unable to break rocks.

Soft and Wet
Part:8, JoJolionUser:Josuke Higashikata (Gappy) / Josefumi KujoNamesake:A Prince song

2. Sticky Fingers

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand Sticky Fingers is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Bucciarati’s.

Its face is hidden apart from the mouth by a helmet-like covering adorned with a mohawk-like row of short spikes.

Its body is covered in a dark body suit, with the chest and stomach exposed, and has pieces of padded armor over the shoulders, arms and wrists, knees and feet.

Sticky Fingers
Part:5, Golden WindUser:Bruno BucciaratiNamesake:The Rolling Stones album

1. Tusk

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stand Tusk ACT1 possesses sentience separate from Johnny, as it is the guardian of the Left Arm. It decides to appear to Johnny and independently help him.

Despite having a corporeal form, Tusk’s power functions as a supernatural ability that Johnny must use personally to fight like a gunman.

Tusk ACT1 is overall quite weak and isn’t sufficient to challenge most Stand users.

Part:7, Steel Ball RunUser:Johnny JoestarNamesake:A Fleetwood Mac song and album

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