All James Pokemon List That He Ever Owned!

James was born into a wealthy family and had attendants who took care of his every whim and need. 

James attended Pokemon Tech, an educational institution to study Pokemon. 

In the end, James got fed up with his life and decided to leave it at home, leaving only his pet, Growler. 

After that, James became part of his fellow members of the Bridge Bike Gang and, later on, decided it was best for him to be a part of Team Rocket

Together with Jessie and Meowth, James has always been in support of Team Rocket

Even though he’s on Team Rocket, he is an extremely kind and caring person who truly cares about his Pokemon and his fellow Pokemon.

James hasn’t had many accomplishments. He has participated in numerous contests, like the PokeRinger contest as well as the Pokemon Orienteering Contest that he took home.

James’s Pokemon in Storage

These are the Pokemon that James carries with him in his storage pokeballs.


Mareanie 1 All James Pokemon List That He Ever Owned!

Mareanie was first seen in the wild, where it was able to attach itself to James after mistakenly identifying James as Corsola.

Corsola, however, bonded with James when it realized that James appeared a bit like the Mareanie and then joined James to aid him during battle, but it is known to hug James on the face, leading James to be poisoned. 

It has the abilities Spike Cannon and Sludge Bomb at its disposal.

After the journey within Alola, Jessie & James were brought home by Giovanni and decided to take it over the supervision of BewearIn’s episode: The Sun, the Scare, and the Secret Lair!



Team Rocket first encountered Inkay after it began to steal its food from Lumiose City. 

When they left, Inkay began following them and was seen on their inflatable. 

Deciding to fight it, they quickly discovered difficulty when Wobbuffet could not reflect the attacks. 

However, James lured it with food, which he then captured. Its fighting capabilities are not yet known.

Froakie vs. Fletchling was the episode that was recorded! Battle of the Air Maneuver!



After they have received orders to do the best they can in support of Team Rocket, a Yamask is discovered by Team Rocket. 

James is determined to get the Yamask and feed it. Soon after, James is captured by the Yamask. 

Then, he began fighting with it. It comes with a formidable Shadow Ball attack that allows it to battle enemies.

In the episode: Battling for the Love of the Bug-Types!



When returning to the Unova region, James was able to catch Amoonguss. 

Amoonguss is among the most formidable Pokemon James has encountered, and he was able to knock out Pikachu

It is equipped with the move Stun Spore that it employs to weaken its foes and Hidden Power, which it sends out in swarms to take down opponents.

Filmed before the show: Juniper’s Laboratory! A New Adventure!!


Carnivine 1 All James Pokemon List That He Ever Owned!

When James was just a child and Carnivine was with him.

Carnivine was with him at his house in Sinnoh. He, as well as Carnivine, played with their pals. 

However, James later discovers Carnivine in a box containing all his cap bottles from Sinnoh. 

Due to their past, James and Carnivine are close friends, and as with his Flytrap Pokemon, Carnivine affectionately bites James on the head. 

The battle skills of Carnivine are undetermined.

Before the episode, I obtained: Two Degrees of Separation!

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. was captured accidentally by James. James’ pokeballs fell onto the ground, and Mime Jr. chose to get into one of them and was thus captured. 

Mime Jr. is a friendly Pokemon that instantly took an interest in James, who was the owner of the home for vacation that Mime Jr. resided in, and even hung with him when taking care of Chimecho. 

The battle-savvy Mime Jr. does not have many offensive moves. However, it does have some moves that can be used to deter. 

Mime Jr. is also well-known for totally mimicking James’s mannerisms on numerous occasions.

Sweet Baby James was obtained in this episode.

In rotation: Pokemon



Morpeko joined Team Rocket on their return from Galar and settled into their home. 

Throughout the entire time, it ate all their food and caused problems for the team. 

At some point, Team Rocket felt that it was enough and decided to let it go into the wild, but it would return. 

Then, James started to bond with it and became uncomfortable, so he took it in. 

It is equipped with moves like the Aura Wheel available to it.

Obtained through the episode: Please Get Morpeko

Pokemon previously owned by



James met Cacnea in Hoenn. Having noticed his observation that Cacnea seemed hungry, he offered them some cookies. 

Later, Cacnea got together with James again and thanked James for his cookies. 

James asked if the group wanted to join with him. Cacnea was adamant. 

Cacnea was James’ main battle Pokemon and was equipped with a wide range of powerful attacks, but typically, they do not have much power in the face of Ash and Co.

Cacnea is a loving Pokemon and is always with James, as it leaves its Pokeball and shows a relationship between James and Cacnea. 

James finally offered Cacnea to Gardenia to enable her to help train it and let it master powerful attacks like Drain Punch.

Obtained In This Episode: A Poached Ego!

Given to Gardenia in the episode “Once There Were Greenfields



James did not have Aggron for a brief period of time. While in Pewter City, Delibird arrived with pokeballs, and one of them included Aggron. 

James was overwhelmed by the possibility of having this powerful Pokemon and decided to use it to attempt to take on the Pewter Gym. 

But after that, the Pokemon returned, and Delibird said it was a mistake, and James was forced to hand Aggron back.

The book was mistakenly handed to Delibird in the episode, Grating Spaces.

Delibird returned during the episode Gripping Spaces.



Since the age of a child, James has wanted a Chimecho, and, after falling for a swindle from the Magikarp salesman, James finally had the chance to meet one. 

In awe, he requested Chimecho to be a part of his journey, and Chimecho accepted. 

At times, Chimecho playfully wrapped its tail around James’s face, obscuring his vision. 

Chimecho isn’t a combative Pokemon but is very relaxed. It does use its Heal Bell occasionally to treat Team Rocket’s injuries.

Obtained in episode: Who’s Flying Now?

In Episode: Sweet Baby James, he is abandoned at his old mansion.


Hoppip 1 All James Pokemon List That He Ever Owned!

James’s team had only a short period of time to prepare. 

He bought him from a Magikarp salesman disguised as a Chimecho.

James was quick to realize that it was not an actual Chimecho as he cleaned the item before letting it take off.

purchased from the Magikarp Salesman during the episode “Who’s flying now?”

Flew Away In Episode: Who’s Flying Now?



After the salesman disguised the Magikarp as a Feebas, Jessie and James fell for another of the Magikarp salesman’s tricks.

They exchanged Spoink’s pearl in exchange for the gem, hoping to one day own a beautiful Milotic. 

When they put it into the water, the paint on it began to drip off, revealing it was a Magikarp. Jessie and James decided to release the Magikarp.

Exchanged for the episode Spoink’s Ball: Pearls are an excellent friend of Spoink’s

Pearls are a Spoink’s Best Friend was released in Episode.



After becoming a Pokemon, Weezing became James’ most frequently utilized Pokemon. 

James would always send me out to battle to create a smokescreen to escape or fight with other players. 

Weezing and James held a close relationship due to the time they spent together. 

Although it was an official Team Rocket Pokemon, it was friendly and also cared for other Pokemon, including Koffing. 

When they arrived at Hoenn, James found a poacher who had taken the group of Koffing. 

James managed to free the Koffing with the assistance of Weezing and then ordered Weezing to remain with the Koffing to make sure it didn’t repeat the same thing.

Koffing evolved into Diglett in Episode: Dig Those Diglett

An Ego Poached!


Victreebel 1 All James Pokemon List That He Ever Owned!

James was only a Victreebel for a brief period of time. After it changed to a dazzling state, it was ecstatically embraced by Jessie. 

Jessie was not happy and pushed it off. As it came to land on the ground, it was reunited with James, his old Victreebel. 

They were in love and went to the forest together.

Weepinbell Evolved From Weepinbell In Episode: Here’s Lookin’ at You, Elekid!

Leaves In Episode: Here’s Lookin’ at You, Elekid!



After trading in his previous Victreebel for Weepinbell to make use of its sweet scent to obtain more Pokemon, James did not have Weepinbell for a short time. 

Then he realized that the sweet scent was not as great as the salesman had let it be. 

But when he tried it against Ash and Co., it changed into a different Victreebel.

In Episode: Here’s Looking at You Elekid!, Victreebel is dealing with a Magikarp Salesman.

It transforms into Victreebel. The episode: “Here’s a Lookin at You Elekid!



James’ Growlithe, called Growlie, has been with James since he was a kid. Since the two are close to each other, Growlie is completely loyal to James. 

When James fled home, she was forced to fend for herself. When James returned to his home, he and Growlie returned to each other and shared the same bond that they had shared several years ago. 

James determined that Growlie ought to remain at home and look after his elderly parents.

Before the Episode: Holy Matrimony

Left at the Parents’ House in Episode: Holy Matrimony



James initially got Koffing as a gift, and it was used in battle by James throughout the war. 

Koffing was a loyal soldier and always adhered to James’s orders even when they occasionally opposed the character of Koffing. 

Koffing developed at James’s request after James felt Koffing was weak enough to take on Ash and co.

Prior to the Episode: Pokemon Emergency

Digletts, Digletts, Digletts, Digletts, Dig



James did not have Gyarados for a short amount of time. After he kicked Magikarp out of the water type,

It grew and fought his old master, which caused him to be destroyed in the Dragon Rage at an island theme park.

In the episode Pokemon Shipwreck, he evolved from Magikarp.

Left James In Episode: “Pokemon Shipwreck”


Who is James?

James is one of the main characters in the Pokemon anime. He is a member of the villainous organization Team Rocket and often appears alongside his teammates Jessie and Meowth.

What Pokemon does James have?

James has had a number of different Pokemon throughout the course of the Pokemon anime. Some of his most notable Pokemon include his Weezing, Cacnea, and Chimecho.

What is James’ personality like?

James is often portrayed as being somewhat bumbling and inept, although he can also be cunning and resourceful when necessary. He has a kind heart and is often sympathetic to the plight of other Pokemon.

What is James’ backstory?

James comes from a wealthy family and grew up in a privileged environment. He rebelled against his family’s expectations and decided to become a Pokemon trainer. He eventually met Jessie and Meowth and joined Team Rocket.

What is the relationship between James and Jessie?

James and Jessie are longtime partners and members of Team Rocket. They have a complicated relationship that has been explored in various episodes of the Pokemon anime. They often bicker and argue, but they also care about each other and work together as a team.

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