Is XXXTentacion Getting an Anime Adaptation?

In 1998, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy is also known as XXXTentacion was a young musician who made music featuring big shots, like Diplo. 

His songs have made it to the Billboard charts every now. Additionally, one of his albums 17 featured numerous record-breaking tracks like Revenge as well as Jocelyn Flores. 

The Album, Skins, was marked as the top album on the Billboard 200. He also took home the American Music Award and BET Hip Hop Award.

The musician passed away on the 18th of June, 2018 after he was believed to have been shot during the burglary. 

The tragic event was an enormous loss for the industry, which was witness to the demise of another legendary musician. 

XXXTentacion was dead at the age of 20. There was a huge scandal after his death that involved the family of his mom as well as his brother(s). In his will, Onfroy named his mom, Cleopatra Bernard as his representative.

When Onfroy lived, the actor frequently declared his love of anime. He often tweeted his most favored shows, including the series Death Note, Naruto Shippuden, Parasyte, and many more. He also said that he would prefer English anime subbed over anime.

Information So Far

The love of anime for XXXTentacion was no secret to all who was a fan on social media. 

However, what was an awe-inspiring event was that Cleopatra Ber (Onfroy’s mother) stated that an anime-inspired by XXXTentacion’s story was scheduled to be out shortly. 

Around November of 2020, news about the anime caused several people a good level of shock as well as fascination.

On the 8th of November Adam Grandmaison, an American journalist, and host of No Jumper, a podcast No Jumper, tweeted that an anime series would be launched with XXXTentacion. 

The truthfulness of this news is a bit hazy since the tweet was made only through the mom. The mother simply referenced the words Bernard was declaring. There isn’t evidence to support the information.

There isn’t been any announcement regarding an anime adaptation centered around XXXTentacion from an animation company.

There are, however numerous fanarts from XXXTentacion that have led to confusion.

Fan Reaction To The News

There have been mixed reactions after Bernard’s announcement regarding the animated adaptation of XXXTentacion. 

The award-winning artist has many fans. His passion for anime and music attracted people from both sides. 

Many fan art images of anime were constantly uploaded and the numbers increased following the announcement of Bernard. 

Of course, plenty of people are positively viewing this and are supporting the idea of making anime-based adaptations.

While the majority of people were happy with the news, a few were hesitant to accept this assertion. 

The anime has never been created by an artist or public figure. Some people are opposed to the idea that an anime would be a story about someone who has numerous scandals.

There was another group of people that had an intriguing reaction. They believed that it was a rumor that was fabricated by Bernard to attract public attention.

There is no public announcement, many people are unable to believe the news they read as such.

Should This Anime Adaptation Be Made- Personal Views

XXXTentacion 1

XXXTentacion composed songs that lots of people could identify with. 

The majority of his songs dealt with depression, death and expressed dark emotions. His songs carried an enormous weight and lots of weight to them. 

The fact that he achieved this much in the comparatively young 20 years old, people are enticed by the fact that he is talented in the field of music.

He was stunning as an artist who had a natural skill, Onfroy had a scandalous life. He was a victim of trauma in his childhood. 

The boy was in juvenile detention for a long time in which he beat his cellmate until near death because he believed that homosexuality was a part of his identity. 

The charges included battery, domestic violence, and assault. He had allegedly abused his partner and kidnapped her. A case was filed against him.

He was charged for punching, kicking, and mentally beating the victim. Onfroy was known for spreading his terror to his friends and strangers alike. 

He was also reported to have assaulted a student and almost was kicked out. The charges also included witness tampering and possession of firearms and Xanax and refusing to be arrested.

His lyrics urged Xanax consumption, which can make it difficult to view him as a great fit for an adaptation of anime. 

Onfroy had a reputation as a homophobic victim who shouldn’t be honored.

As I’ve mentioned XXXTentacion was a star with remarkable ability in the field of music. 

In his art, he’s inspiring, however, there are many blunders in his past which make it hard to imagine his appearance in an anime show as a character with a strong personality.