Hunter x Hunter Filler List

I can’t tell you how much I love writing about my favorite anime! Though it is only an article listing the fillers but I am so excited!

Hunter x Hunter is an anime that talks about many things we see in this world. It talks about humanity, about the line between good and bad or the lack thereof, about revenge and rage, about anger.

There are numerous directions to approach Hunter x Hunter but the most prevalent is humanity and the two sides of it.

Personally, I believe that the Chimera Ant Arc from HxH is the best shounen arc ever to be written by any mangaka. The arc tells a story about a coin with two sides, Anger x Light and it asks you; Which one do you choose to believe in?

Now then let us move on to the fillers in Hunter x Hunter. Actually, it is kinda disappointing or maybe not that HxH has only two fillers but they’re both worth-watching!

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Let us begin without any further ado!

Filler Episodes

13, 26

Mixed-Canon Episodes

5-6, 12, 23-24, 148

Mixed-Canon Episodes Worth-Watching

Hunter x Hunter only has two filler episodes both of which are just summary fillers. As the name suggests, a summary filler is basically an episode that summaries the events of the past arc or a few of the past episodes.

Here are some Mixed-Canon Episodes that you will love watching!

Hisoka Is Sneaky

The fifth and sixth episode of first season of Hunter x Hunter are mixed-canon episodes, mainly revolving around Hisoka.

How do I even begin to describe Hisoka? TO begin with I would say he is eccentric and maybe a little bit crazy. He is very powerful when compared to Gon and his friends. He is not exactly a killer maniac but he enjoys a good fight.

Hisoka says "You Passed"

In this episode we see Hisoka in action for the very first time and oh my god is he good. He goes up against a group of self assumed righteous people that try to stop him from passing the Hunter Exam but he cuts them down in a single blow!

He also spars with Gon for the first time in this episode and that fight is absolutely worth the watch! He literally toys with Gon but for some reason, he sees a lot of potential in Gon and spares him.

Zoldyck Mansion

Episode 23 and 24 are filled with crazy vibes about the Zoldyck Family.

We get to meet all the family members, most of them I would say. All of these characters are amazing, they are very unique even though they are related to each other.

Kikyo Zoldyck

Being a Zoldyck is not easy, the training each one of them endures is quite extensive. All of them are very powerful, the most powerful being old man Zeno. He is probably the second or third strongest character on the show!

I loved this two-episode mixed canon, especially episode 24, “The x Zoldyck x Family”. This episode is just pure gold, with Killua being killua, his bond with his father. The only thing missing was Illumi and his antiques.

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