How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Building farms, homes, and dungeons Minecraft can be an absolute blast, but what’s a fantasy world without your feline companion? 

If you’re looking for pets to hang out with or wait for you when you return home from an exhausting time of mining diamonds or gold, you can train a wandering cat.

The process of controlling a cat playing Minecraft will be quite simple, but just like every other thing within the game, it’s not explained for you to do it for

Because the game isn’t as demanding as the current games, we can remain optimistic for that Dragon Quest 3 remake released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

It’s nevertheless interesting to consider that the game’s creator, Square Enix, has ties with Nintendo and PlayStation 4, so we can think that the game could be made available on Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Switch Pro. 

It would be fantastic to see Square Enix make the game available for Windows because many would like to play the video game on their PC.

minecraft cats How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

This guide will show you how to control cats on Minecraft and includes where to find cats roaming around and what to do after you have adopted them.

Where can you find cats?

There aren’t any animal rescue facilities within Minecraft and you’ll need to locate a cat to take home on the open. 

Fortunately, cats are easily found. Stray cats are found in villages that have at least 4 beds and a villager. 

For every four beds in the village, a cat will produce (up at 10) and you’ll be able to pick a range of colours in the average village.

minecraft witch hut How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Black cats are also seen in witch huts and swamps.

For the Bedrock Edition of the game (the most popular modernized versions of the game available on Xbox One, Windows, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch), black cats tend to appear during the moon at their fullest.

How To Tame a Cat?

Step 1. To control a cat you must first gather some raw cod or salmon from nearby lakes or rivers.

Step 2. Get the raw fish, then slowly approach a cat that is straying. The raw fish can be used on a hesitant cat.

Step 3. Continue feeding the cat raw fish until hearts appear above the head, which indicates it’s being controlled. It’s likely to be necessary to feed it several times before it will start to trust you, so make sure to stock with fish before attempting this.

Fourth step: If the cat is fed enough that the heart will cease to exist while the pet will get an appropriate collar. Now you own an animal companion!

Cat behavior

minecraft cat behavior How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

If you’ve successfully trained cats, they will follow you wherever you travel. If you’re unable to locate that cat panic you can send them to a player that is about 12 miles away. 

If you don’t command them to sit, cats that are tamed aren’t content to sit for very long and will wander around the person. 

It is possible to tell the cat to sit and have it remain at a specific spot — in the case of keeping a cat indoors within your home, for example.

If they are in a house the cats will climb up onto furniture of their own. It is common to see them on the top of beds, chests and even furnaces. 

As with real-life cats, cat cats on Minecraft may cause trouble and render furnaces, chests and other items inaccessible until you remove them. 

If they are involved in something that you don’t want them playing or tampering with, get them away and lure them away with raw fish, or take away blocks beneath them to allow the cats to leave.

If a person goes to bed in the time of night, there’s a possibility that an untamed cat may sleep next to them. 

If they wake at night, there’s a good chance that your pet cat has something to give you, it could be strings, chicken pieces or a rabbit’s foot as well as other items.

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