How to Remove Traits From Sims 4 Cheat List?

Personality qualities have two sides to them.

It has the power to either define or derail your personality.

But isn’t this exactly what we don’t want?

We’ll show you how to create, edit, and delete attributes in The Sims 4 in this post.

Sims 4 Traits Cheats Tutorial

It’s not difficult to customize your Sims 4 characters, whether you want to add or delete qualities.

All you have to do is access the console commands by simultaneously hitting CTRL + SHIFT + C.

traits cheats sims mod How to Remove Traits From Sims 4 Cheat List?

You’ll be able to visit the panel and use the trait cheats in this list after doing so.

After that, write testing cheats true to completely enable the cheat command, and then use the search box to scroll among the cheats.

Checking your mood?

You good?

If that’s the case, you might want to check your Sims’ mood.

How To Add Or Remove Traits In The Sims 4?

Before you write in any cheats, make sure you have access to the console commands.

To enable the cheats, press CTRL + SHIFT + C, then type testing cheats true.

sims4 traits cheats How to Remove Traits From Sims 4 Cheat List?

Simply put traits.remove trait TraitsName into the Sims 4 console and you’re done.

Many sorts of attributes that you may access, add, amend, and remove are shown below.

To identify the category of the cheats you’re looking for, use Ctrl + F. City Living, Get to Work, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, and Vampires are all keywords.

Sims 4 Cheat List (Complete Reward Trait Cheats)

Sims 4 City Living

traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvySims with this traits are the masters of holding chopsticks for any kind of food that needs them.
traits.equip_trait HomeTurfAll your sims inside their own neighborhood are a lot happier than when they’re not.
traits.equip_trait InTheKnowBasically, sims with this trait can haggle prices on market stalls.
traits.equip_trait SpiceHoundNo food is too spicy for your fiery tongue.
traits.equip_trait trait_hidden_career_critic_thriftyYou always have 20% rebate on purchased Arts, which are applied on Household Funds.

The Sims 4 Get To Work

traits.equip_trait SicknessYou barely get sick and even if you do, you’re gonna be recovering soon enough.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

traits.equip_trait Trait_ArchaeologyThe museum is like your own house. You’re more flirty on dates inside them and you also have the ability to get artifacts donated to the Museum.
traits.equip_trait Trait_JungleExplorerTraits like this one will help you find treasure chests more than people who don’t have one.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

sims4 outdoor retreat sims4 How to Remove Traits From Sims 4 Cheat List?
traits.equip_trait GreatStorytellerListening to your stories ain’t boring for sims.
traits.equip_trait IncrediblyFriendlyYou’re easy to get along with.
traits.equip_trait StovesAndGrillsMasterGrilling is like breathing to you.
traits.equip_trait SurvivalistCamping is like having multiple house to you.

The Sims 4 Parenthood

traits.equip_trait ArgumentativeYou’re always heated and argues a lot.
traits.equip_trait BadMannersYou ain’t much for ethics.
traits.equip_trait CompassionateSims with this trait are a lot more caring.
traits.equip_trait EmotionalControlEmotions are plaything for your sims.
traits.equip_trait GoodMannersGood mannered sims are always top notch in breeding good kids.
traits.equip_trait IrresponsibleSomething that a lot of people have.
traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_ResponsibleSomething that a few of sims have.
traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_UnfeelingFeelings ain’t that important to your sims.
traits.equip_trait MediatorYou can always talk things out with this trait.
traits.equip_trait UncontrolledYou allow freedom to do its thing.

The Sims 4 Vampires

Traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanityKinder and safer vampires to interact with.
Traits.equip_trait TheMasterTraits that grants supernatural control and offspring on vampires always succeeds.
Traits.equip_trait TrueMasterThe ultimate vampire.

Always remember that if you want to add or delete characteristics in The Sims 4, you must first check this list to see whether the hacks you want are included.

Important Notice: In The Sims 4 Expansion Packs, You Can Add/Remove Traits.

Some of the cheats in this list will only function if you have the expansion packs installed.

If you don’t have the DLC package for Sims 4 Jungle Adventure, you won’t be able to add or delete traits.

Please make sure you have those DLC installed else, no matter how hard you try, it will not function.

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