How to Get a Player’s Head in Minecraft?

Heads are decorative blocks introduced in the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.4 update. 

Although they may be technically considered to be decorative, they serve a purpose for single-player Minecraft. 

Players’ heads are often used for Minecraft server servers as part of several server-side plugins.

In Minecraft, six kinds of heads are acquired. These are player zombies, skeletons withers, skeletons, creepers, and dragons

Each head can be broken without the need for any special tools. They can be discarded when destroyed.

How to get a player’s head in Minecraft:

miniblocks 1 How to Get a Player's Head in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To get player heads in the newest version of Minecraft, you can simply use the command /give @p minecraft: player_head, but for older versions of Minecraft, you need to use a command block.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Here’s the step-by-step pictorial guide to follow to obtain Player Heads in Minecraft:

If you’re on the newest version of Minecraft, you can simply use the command /give @p minecraft: player_head but for older versions of Minecraft (below version 1.13), you need to use a command block.

TIP: You have to have your Minecraft in creative mode or have cheats activated to make use of command options in Minecraft.

For versions that are below 1.13:

Step 1.) Enter the command: Give Minecraft: command_block

Step 2.) Place down the command block and in the Console Command section type this command: /give @p minecraft: skull 1 3

Step 3.) When you’ve completed it, you need to connect something else to your command block to turn it on. In this case, we’ll make use of a button to simplify, like the one below.

Step 4.) Hit the button and you’ll receive the head of the player for the username you typed in!


player heads How to Get a Player's Head in Minecraft?

Do you have a villager’s head in Minecraft?

If you take down villagers with your stolen enchanted sword, you will be awarded a villager’s head.

Do you have a Steve head for survival?

The answer is no. Steve’s heads are only available through creative mode.

How do you make an Enderman head for Minecraft?

It is possible to get an enderman’s head by killing an enderman. The likelihood of obtaining an advantage after the killing of an enderman is 1/10 (2.5 percent).

What exactly does a creeper head have to do?

Wearing a creeper’s head will reduce the range that the creeper will be able to see you by 50 percent.

The same concept applies to zombies and skeletons too, with zombie heads and skeleton heads as well.

Final Words

Heads are an attractive and unique decorative element in the game because they are smaller than standard blocks, and any texture can be added to the blocks. 

Adventure map makers and servers on Minecraft specifically utilize the player head to their advantage because their textures can be modified to match real-world objects; this can effectively add new blocks that add interest for the player.

In a practical sense, however, players can put on specific mob heads that block particular mob detection areas, which makes the mob easier to fight and farm.

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