How to find and kill Shadow Company Soldiers in DMZ?

Hey gamers!!! Welcome aboard, Today I brought you some exciting info about Shadow company. DMZ missions typically involve sneaking into a restricted area, taking out specific targets, obtaining a valuable item, and safely making your way out with it.

Some objectives can be easily grasped. In order to do that we Discover the effective method to locate and eliminate Shadow Company Soldiers in the Warzone DMZ.

Warzone Season 4 introduced several exciting updates to DMZ, such as the addition of a brand new Vondel environment and the inclusion of the Phalanx Faction.

Additionally, it resets players’ progress in DMZ and necessitates them to gradually regain their previous achievements.

Certain missions, especially those involving the White Lotus Faction, center around the Shadow Company.

As an illustration, one of the tasks involves eliminating 5 Shadow Company soldiers and successfully extracting with an STB 556. Another task requires players to extract using the Shadow Company Laptop.

Understanding and eliminating Shadow Company soldiers is incredibly easy, even for a child. Let’s have a look at the guide I made for yall…

Shadow Company Soldier Locations in DMZ

Shadow Company is the mysterious group that holds control over Ashika Island.They can be quite puzzling, with their motives and legends wrapped in enigma.

Chances are, if an AI gets taken out on Ashika Island, it’ll probably be a soldier from Shadow Company.

To find and take down Shadow Company soldiers, players can easily sneak into Ashika Island and head towards a busy Point of Interest.

You should definitely visit Tsuki Castle, a magnificent building situated right in the center of the island. This map looks very similar to the multiplayer map from the popular game, World at War, which came out in 2009.

Warzone DMZ Ashika Island Castle How to find and kill Shadow Company Soldiers in DMZ?

The image above gives a clear visual of the location, while the image below specifically shows where it is on Ashika Island. It should be readily available no matter where you find yourself, just like how a child can easily understand.

Hey there! I wanted to give you a heads up about this popular spot – it tends to get really busy, so it’s a good idea to be careful when you visit. It’s crucial to approach situations with caution and ensure that you have all the necessary equipment and resources.

Coming in from the southwest direction would be the most ideal route. You can select one of the Castle’s impressive towers and enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful grounds below. We easily defeated the AI that was patrolling the area without any difficulty.

You’ll be able to see your progress and success towards your mission when a notification pops up on the side of your screen as you rack up kills with Shadow Company.

The best place to find and kill five Shadow Company Soldiers

Ashika Island Warzone DMZ Castle How to find and kill Shadow Company Soldiers in DMZ?

Although the mission may seem challenging at first, it is actually possible to complete it by playing on two different maps. This allows players to strategize and tackle the enemies in a more manageable way.

In Al Mazrah, there is a limited presence of Shadow Company soldiers, with the main concentration being at the Sattiq Cave Complex. On Ashika, however, the primary type of enemy AI is the Shadow Company soldiers.

This makes it the perfect spot for gathering resources from them, which is super convenient.

In order to successfully fulfill this contract, it will be necessary for you to overcome a certain quantity of each variety of adversary.

Be sure to make the most of the different enemy spawns on each map to increase your chances of achieving victory. In the near future, there might be some changes to the way this mission is completed, which could have an impact on the two-map method.

Currently, Al Mazrah is the most effective map for dealing with both types of enemies simultaneously.

Here’s all the information you need to find and take down Shadow Company soldiers in Warzone DMZ.

For those who are new to the game and haven’t tried the extraction mode before, it can be quite challenging, even though experienced players of DMZ may find it straightforward.

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