How to Complete No Rushing in DMZ?

Hey Gamers!!! Y’all have played the game so When you enter the DMZ mode of Modern Warfare 2, you will be transported to a massive sandbox that contains countless areas to explore and exciting missions to accomplish the No Rushing.

This will happen as soon as you step into the Al Mazrah map. The more you explore this incredible environment, the more opportunities you will have to look for intriguing things and discover hidden treasures.

When you enter the fray, there will always be new chances to pursue, regardless of whether you have a specific budget, have a specific audience in mind, or have specific equipment.

The No Rushing assignment is an exciting one for the Legion faction, and it gives you the opportunity to face off against a diverse range of enemies.

In order for you to be successful in completing this task, it is absolutely necessary for you to make use of a specific version of the deadly Sakin MG38.

You are about to go on a journey that will be both fascinating and amazing! Despite the fact that the objectives are not very difficult to accomplish, there are a few things that you ought to be ready for before beginning this mission in your exciting adventures.

I would like to take this opportunity to walk you through the processes that are required to successfully achieve No Rushing in DMZ.

The Guide to No Rushing

no rushing dmz 1 How to Complete No Rushing in DMZ?

In order for gamers to go on this exhilarating journey, they are need to acquire the Sakin MG38 light machine gun and reach a weapon level 17, respectively.

Because of this, they will be able to have entry to all of the fantastic attachments that that they require.

It is essential to have the Soshki bipod and the 150-round box magazine in your arsenal in order to accomplish the task with flying colours.

You will have lots of ammunition to use during each game if you have a munitions box and thermite grenades. This will make your task even more thrilling than it already was.

It is now time for players to make their way to the Airport, which is situated close to the bottom of the map, because this is the location where the mission will take place!

You should look for a location that provides you with a plain view of the region surrounding the exfil. Here is where you will have the most opportunity to eliminate cars belonging to the adversary.

During the No Rushing mission, players are presented with the thrilling challenge of eliminating ten adversaries and bringing down three reinforcement helicopters at the Al Malik Terminal.

Players will be on their toes during the entire mission since it is so exciting! You will need to make use of a Sakin MG38 equipped with the accessories that are advised in order to finish this activity.

The use of a thermite grenade to target the helicopter presents players with the opportunity to level up their strikes.

This results in greater damage being dealt over the course of time, which provides you with the opportunity to halt the helicopter and launch a devastating strike in order to destroy it.

It is imperative that you keep firing at the vehicle until it catches fire; else, it will not be counted as one of the three helicopters.

These do not include the smaller transport helicopters that are used for transportation and that have soldiers riding on the sides of the aircraft.

As an alternative, it is of the utmost importance to give priority to the large transport helicopters because of the vital role that they play in the operation.

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