Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Version 2.4 Events

Three new events have been revealed to be present in version 2.4 of Honkai: Star Rail, according to a leak.

Apparently, players will have the opportunity to acquire Stellar Jades, Tracks of Destiny, and even Eidolons of one of the most popular four-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail, as stated in the leak.

A number of leaks for version 2.4 of Honkai: Star Rail have already been distributed within the community, despite the fact that the 2.3 update for the game was only released a few days ago.

The complete outfit of the upcoming character Jiaoqiu, who will make her debut alongside another new five-star character named Yunli, was recently revealed in a leak.

Even though there is not much official information that has been confirmed about version 2.4, the update is expected to take place between the 30th of July and the 21st of August, according to the game’s schedule.

Three in-game events for Honkai: Star Rail’s version 2.4 have been revealed in a new leak that was discovered by reputable leaker GuraLeak.

Saga of Primaveral Blade, Operation Memoria Snapshot, and Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic! are the names of the events, according to the images on the website.

Gamers will receive valuable rewards from the events, including Stellar Jades, Tracks of Destiny, Self-Modeling Resin, and other items.

However, the free Hunt from Eidolons that will be available on March 7th is the thing that players should be most excited about.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.4 Events

  • Saga of Primaveral Blade
  • Operation Memoria Snapshot
  • Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic!

The description of the Saga of Primaveral Blade event suggests that this story will take place in the Xianzhou Luofu.

In this version of the story, March 7th has become Yanqing and Yunli’s swordplay apprentice, and players will assist her in getting ready for an upcoming duel.

Due to the fact that she is a frequent companion in Trailblazer missions, March 7th is considered to be one of the most popular four-star characters in the game.

According to recent leaks, the 2.4 event should be able to give away up to three of her Eidolons. Honkai: Star Rail has confirmed that her special Hunt form is of the Imaginary type.

As for the other two events, it seems that Operation Memoria Snapshot is an in-game picture-taking event that is comparable to the one that players experienced during version 1.5.

During that event, players were required to take pictures of particular objects and locations throughout the game. The final event, Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic!, will bring back the well-known Penacony Lordly Trash Can enemies as protagonists and require players to complete specific missions.

At the moment, the 2.3 update for Star Rail, which is referred to as Farewell Penacony, is being implemented.

Before the main story moves on to another planet, this is the final chapter of the Penacony chapter, as the name of the chapter suggests.

Players can pull for either Firefly or Ruan Mei until July 10 thanks to the addition of the much-anticipated character Firefly, a Destruction DPS with a Fire-type.

Following this, the subsequent banners for Honkai: Star Rail will feature the return of Argenti and the release of a new 5-star Jade.

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