High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date

High-Rise Invasion is a seinen manga written by Tsuina Miura and drawn by Takahiro Oba. It was released between December 2013 and April 2019 on DeNA’s Manga Box mobile app, and then by Kdansha as a single set of 21 bound volumes.

A sequel called High-Rise Invasion Arrive was posted on the website of Pocket Magazine from July 28, 2019, to April 24, 2021, and it was printed by Kdansha in seven folded volumes.

On February 25, 2021, Netflix will show a remake of ONA with 12 episodes made by the company Zero-G. In this piece, we’ll tell you if there will be a second season of High-Rise Invasion.

We still don’t know if High-Rise Invasion will have a second season or not. The first season ran two years ago, and even though the manga series is over, there is still a lot of material to adapt for the second season.

Even with all of this, High-Rise Invasion was a very talked-about show, and a second season is not impossible given what we know. We don’t know when it might happen, though.

The rest of this piece will tell you everything you know and don’t know about a possible second season of High-Rise Invasion.

You’ll find out that the show’s continuation is very unlikely, but we’ll also tell you everything else that might be interesting to you if you were curious about its future.

Will there be a Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion? or Did High-Rise Invasion get canceled?

High-Rise Invasion: Season 2 has not yet been picked up for a 2nd season. The show’s story isn’t over yet, so hopefully Netflix will decide to keep it going soon.

Internationally, the show did pretty well, which could give Netflix the push it needs to give the show a second season.

Tsuina Miura writes High-Rise Invasion, and Takahiro Oba draws it. Tsuina Miura, who has a fear of heights, had the idea of a “world where skyscrapers are connected by bridges” for a long time. The author also tried to show, especially through Yuri Honjo, that suicide is never a good idea.

The series comes out between December 5, 2013, and April 4, 2019, on the Manga Box app from DeNA. The series was put out by Kdansha in 21 bound books between May 9, 2014, and July 9, 2019.

Seven Seas Entertainment put out the English version in North America under the title High-Rise Invasion in eleven double books between June 12, 2018, and July 27, 2021.

High-Rise Invasion Arrive, a sequel by the same writers, was published online by Magazine Pocket between July 28, 2019, and April 24, 2021, and in seven bound volumes by Kdansha between November 8, 2019, and April 24, 2021.

During its Anime Festival on October 26, 2020, Netflix stated that a version of the show called ONA would be coming out in February 2021. In the middle of January 2021, Netflix announced that the show would be available to watch on February 25, 2021.

Studio Zero-G made the animation, and Masahiro Takata was in charge of it. Tko Machida was in charge of the series writing, and Yichi Ueda designed the characters. Tatsuo and Youichi Sakai wrote the series music.

“HON-NO,” the song for the beginning credits, was sung by EMPiRE, and “Watashi no Na wa Bur,” the song for the closing credits, was sung by Have a Nice Day!

So, what does this all mean for a second season?

Well, that shows that the series is somewhat popular and that there is more material to adapt, or that there is a desire for more content.

Still, we don’t know what will happen with High-Rise Invasion right now. The show hasn’t been canceled yet, which is good, but the fact that we don’t know if it will keep going is also unsettling.

If there is a second season of High-Rise Invasion, it might not come out until late 2023 or even 2024, based on when and if the season is announced.

What could be the plot of High-Rise Invasion Season 2?

High-Rise Invasion Season 2

At the time, we don’t know where the second season of High-Rise Invasion could go because we don’t know how many volumes of the manga series it could adapt.

Because we don’t know much about the show in general, we have no idea how far the second season might go when it starts.

Here’s an outline of the last few episodes of the first season. This will show you what could be changed for a possible second season, since you’ll know where the first season ended.

Kusakabe finds out that Rika knows Sniper Mask and tries to make him into an angel, but she gets hurt in the process. He says that Sniper Mask is strong enough to knock out Aikawa before she passes out.

At the same time, Sniper Mask and Kuon are talking about Rika. Suddenly, the sleep program starts up.

Then he tells Kuon that he needs to be saved when the time comes. Aohara tells Yuri that Aikawa wants to kill the other people in the race.

Then, Kuon told Yuri and Mayuko what was wrong with Sniper Mask and asked Yuri to talk to him. Yuri tells him about Rika, which makes him wonder how they are related.

Yoshida gets a message from his angel telling him where Rika is and telling him to meet Yuri. After Yuri and Sniper Mask talk, he goes to sleep.

One of Aikawa’s angels, Student Mask, watches Yuri from a different building. Kuon, Mayuko, and Mayuko’s other self, Angel, go into Sniper Mask’s brain and then into his dream.

There, they meet a young shooter mask who talks to a young Rika and calls her “Yuka Makoto.” When Kuon wakes up from his sleep, the girls give up on his dream.

Later, Yuri finds a group of Masks and kills them while Student Mask watches. Student Mask strikes Yuri because Aikawa wants him to.

At that moment, Mayuko comes along and saves her. When Student Mask talks about Aikawa’s beliefs, Yuri plans to kill him to end the world. Aikawa says that Kusakabe, Swimmer Mask, and Archangel Yuri will be killing people with his team.

Kusakabe talks about when she and Aikawa met Archangel. Archangel thinks that everything is bad and that killing people is the right thing to do.

This belief was what made it possible for Aikawa to control him. One of Yoshida’s angels tells him where Rika, Kusakabe, and Archangel are. Yuri also gets the report from Yoshida and hears that Kusakabe’s team is coming.

Aohara tries to get information from Student Mask and also says that he has the power to stop an angel from moving for a second.

Then, Yuri and his people get ready for the last fight. Uzuki tells Sniper Mask that she is his mother before he can shoot Kusakabe. Swimmer’s Mask and Archangel fight Yuri, Ein, and Mayuko while Aikawa uses Archangel’s full power.

As Yuri pushes the swimmer’s mask back, Archangel runs after Aikawa, followed by Mayuko and Ein. Makoto tries to shoot the Archangel, but with his fingers, he stops the bullet. Ein sneaks up on Archangel and tries to beat him, but he can’t.

At this time, Aohara uses his power, which lets Ein and Mayuko hurt the Archangel. Archangel takes Makoto’s extra bullet and fires it at Aohara, hitting him in the neck.

Ein takes care of Aohara while Mayuko dares Angel, her other self, to finish the “defragmentation.” Tanabe shows up and confuses the Archangel to save time.

After Mayuko’s defrag is done, she has the same fighting skills as Archangel. While Kuon calms down to use his last move, Yuri kills Swimmer Mask. Mayuko gives Kuon the signal to use the railgun.

Kusakabe tries to talk to Aikawa about himself, but Aikawa gets away. Archangel comes out of the wreckage.

Before Yuri can kill the Archangel, the God Command tells her that their wavelengths are the same, so she can control it.

Tanabe doesn’t know what to do, so he gets Yuri to take care of him. Aohara dies, even though Yuri’s team wins the battle.

Aikawa finds out about Yuri and tells Rika that she is using him as a bargaining chip to get Yuri to give up.

When Rika turns down Aikawa’s offer, Aikawa uses Angel Command on him, so it’s not clear what will happen to him.

Which Studio Could Make High-Rise Invasion: Season 2?

If High-Rise Invasion: Season 2 is ever given the green light, who will make it and draw it?

No one knows for sure, but the teams that made it to the second season are the best candidates. Season 1 was made by both Kodansha and Netflix, and it was drawn by Zero-G.

Kodansha was founded in 1909, and it quickly became the best cartoon company. Attack on Titan, Noragami, and Your Lie in April are just a few of the cartoons they’ve made that have become very popular.

Netflix is a huge streaming service, but it has also started making its own shows instead of just watching them.

In the late 2010s, they started making cartoons, and they’ve already had a couple of hits. Devilman Crybaby, Baki Hanma, and Aggressive Retsuko were all made by Netflix.

Zero-G has been around since 2011, but it’s not as well-known as the two companies above.

They have created some popular shows, like Grand Blue, Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, and Tsugumomo.

Where To Watch High-Rise Invasion?

Since Netflix helped make High-Rise Invasion, it makes sense that it’s only available on Netflix.

Even though High-Rise Invasion: Season 2 hasn’t been picked up yet, it’s possible that it will also be a Netflix-only show.

If the show is banned in your area, you can get around it with a VPN. Just change your IP address to another place and check to see if the show is now available.

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