Tenku Shinpan by Tsuina Mura is a big name in the isekai world. The demand for anime releases has been great over the years. The demand was heard in 2021, and the series finally saw light. 

On February 20, 2021, Netflix released the twelve-episode series. It has been out of the news since. What is High Rise Invasion Season 2’s fate? It is happening. This is all you need to know.

The High Rise Invasion began on December 5, 2013. Tsuina Mura wrote it and Takahiro Oba illustrated it. Kodansha published the entire twenty-one volumes of manga for six years. 

Studio Zero-G later brought the anime adaptation to this action series in 2021. Despite these developments, there has been nothing new. Fans are looking forward to the second season with great anticipation.

Season 2 of High Rise Invasion: Renewal Status

High Rise Invasion Season 2 has not been renewed as of the last update. Animation Studio Zero has also been absent from the scene since its last release. 

A staff member has not yet made it to the public platform to discuss the series’ return. The series’ makers are not open to discussing the series after the 12th episode. There are many things that can be done under the banner of the return.

Over the years, the overall reception of this Netflix anime series has been good. IMDb rated the series at 6.6 stars out of ten. 

The series has been voted for by more than 21,000 viewers, which is above the six-star rating. The MyAnimeList for the series is still 6.78. This score has been given by around a hundred thousand viewers. 

As indicated by the show’s rating the chances of it being renewed are high. It is however not as high as what Netflix would consider a top priority.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Production details!

As mentioned previously, the first season received fewer ratings than other Netflix series. Producing a season is, therefore, more difficult. 

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Netflix has been striving to surpass all expectations by purchasing some of the most prestigious anime banners. The company is also working to produce original anime stories every day. 

The streamer has a lot of work ahead of it. It becomes more difficult to approve a production decision for a show of average rating in such a situation.

It can therefore be assumed that High Rise Invasion Season 2 has not yet been filmed. The series might still be in production, even though it is currently under the company’s wing. 

Fans can expect to wait at least two years before they see the second season. This section will be updated according to the most recent updates from the studio.

Recap of the Previous Season

The High Rise Invasion plot revolves around a thrilling mystery about cloud-touching skyscrapers. Yuri, a young girl living an ordinary life, seems normal. 

Everything changes for her when she walks by a skyscraper. She witnessed a man being beheaded by a mask on top of a building. 

The masked man chased her around as she was the only witness.

As the story continues, she discovers that this is also happening to other teens around her. The story’s course was changed by Yuri’s fight with Archangel at the end of the pilot series. 

God revealed that the two were on a similar wavelength after their fight. This allowed her to control Aohara. 

Even though they could not save Aohara, their team was able to do so. Aikawa discovered that Yuri was still breathing.

He reached out to Rika, asking him to give Yuri his command. Rika, however, was not in favor of the idea. 

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Aikawa then used the Angel Command to overrule him. The pilot season was over at this point. The fate of Rika will now be known in the second season.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Details!

The second season’s plot will continue from the beginning of the first. The story will take several months to complete before it can begin a new conflict. 

The original manga plot suggests that the second season will start with the arrival of the Emotionless mask and his companions. The Prophet also keeps an eye on the Sniper Mask to help him in his missions.

Rika is on the other hand, still in denial about the fact that her sister was involved in the recent war. Aikawa is holding her hostage and attempting to manipulate her. 

Later on in the story, the Emotionless mask called Haori will take the Sniper and Yuri masks to the Prophet. The Prophet will tell them about Aikawa’s high-end equipment. The conversation will go on for the rest of the story. 

Because Haori Mask’s reaction to this confession will make it clear that the Prophet is not the Emotionless Mask. High Rise Invasion Season 2 is packed full of action and thrills. 

The inconsistent pace and adaptation of the first series make it difficult to predict if the second series will follow suit.

Is there enough source material?

Twelve episodes were used to create the first High Rise Invasion season. The makers were able to cover 150 chapters of the manga because of the pacing. 

Many details were not covered and dialogues were used to build character and worlds. The story was still told within the set boundaries. There are 258 chapters total in the manga. The story is divided into 21 volumes.

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This means that the material available for the second season is sufficient. If we take into account the pace of the first series, we can assume that the material may not be sufficient to cover a 12-episode minimum. 

The story could last longer if the producers slow down the pace of the series. High Rise Invasion Season 2 is the great source material for adaptation. There might not be another season after this one.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 – What’s The Future of The Franchise?

The second season of High Rise Invasion Season 2 will most likely use all the source material mentioned in the subhead. The third season is not renewed. 

Even so, many popular series continue to be produced under the same banner with different spin-offs or reboots. 

Tsuina Mura, the author of this series is already at work on a spinoff story called High Rise Invasion Comee. The manga, which is seven volumes long, tells a sideways tale set in the same universe.

The chances of a return to the show will rise if the second season is better received than the first.

Fans might have to say goodbye to the franchise if that is not the case. With the next release, things will become clearer.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Date Released

Contrary to popular belief, High Rise Invasion Season 2 will not be returning as a dream. There are many obstacles to overcome before the second season can be sent to the animation studio. 

It is also difficult for production companies to meet their deadlines, making it more difficult to obtain the dates. 

Production of a 12-episode season can take more than two years. Fans can expect to wait until 2023 for the second season.