Hex Spell DnD 5e

Hex 5e D&D Guide

The Hex spell can be used as an individual damage boost to one victim. 

If a character has the chance to increase their damage per attack it’s a positive thing.

The rules of Hex are located inside the Players Handbook on page 251.

Hex 5e

Enchantment: 1st level

The casting time: 1 bonus action

Range: 90 feet

Components: V S Components: V, S (The eyes of a petrified newt)

Duration: Concentration for up to one hour

hex dnd 5e

You cast a curse upon any creature you detect within the range of. When the spell is over it deals an additional 1d6 necrotic attack to the target each time you attack the creature with your attack. 

You can also choose a specific ability during the casting of the spell. The target suffers an advantage in ability checks that are made using the selected ability.

If the target’s hit points fall by 0 points by the time this spell expires then you may use an additional action on the next turn to curse the new creature.

A Remove Curse cast on the victim ends the spell early.

At higher levels: If casting this magic spell with the slot for spells of 3rd or 4th levels and above, you can keep your focus on the magic for as long as 8 hours. 

If you choose to use a spell slot that is 5th and higher, you can keep your focus upon the spell for as long as 24 hours.

These rules of Hex provide the true benefits of the spell: it’s a bonus ability to cast. This means that you can attack and cast in simultaneously. 

Another benefit of the spell is that it allows it to move between different targets once the first target is reduced to the point of zero hit points.

This implies that it’s not a single-time casting, as the damage boost could be carried over to other potential targets.

The target gains a disadvantage when making ability checks using an ability that is chosen which could be massive against enemies that have special attacks like the grapple.

Is Hex Good?

Hex gives a boost in damage for each attack that is made on the target. It penalizes the target for throwing a saving ability. 

You can also transfer the Hex to a different target once the target you initially chose drops to the point of no-hit. 

This is what makes Hex an extremely useful spell that must be kept in the arsenal until the middle levels, if not at all.

The sacrifice for concentration may be negative. The limited benefits of up-casting can be a problem. 

They should be balanced in the majority of situations by the advantages discussed previously. 

In addition, the length of the period is up to one hour at the lowest level. This is a long amount of time for an enemy or adversary (if outside of combat) to pay the penalty.

Hot Tip

Hex is a bonus ability to cast. It means the ability to cast Hex on your target and then use your attack move or spell that’s cantrip on that same round.

Can You Hex Crit?

Damage caused by attacks is impacted by critical hits. This means Hex damage is part of the critically hit-related damage. 

It’s a spell that confers an additional damage bonus, but not a modifier, or natural ability, therefore it will cause damage when it is an attack that is critical.

Hot Tip

Hex cannot save DC which makes it an excellent ability to gain by using the magic initiate feat.

What is Hex stack with Hex Blades Curse as well as Bestow Curse?

bestow curse dnd

Hex is a spell for concentration. Bestow Curse is a spell of concentration. Thus, they are not able to stack. 

Hexblade’s curse can be described as an ability rather than a spell and doesn’t require concentration, therefore it can be used in a stack. 

Hexblade’s Curse does not gain from an attack that is critical and is included as an effect modifier.

Utilizing Hex outside of Combat

Hex as with many spells is targeted towards combat, however, the longer duration of the spell suggests that there are applications for it beyond combat, too. A few non-combat applications for Hex are listed below:

  • Then, you can throw it at your opponent in a competition like archery, drinking.
  • Casting it over casters to make it harder for them to sustain the spell.
  • You can use it against someone you don’t want to lose with apprehension or fear or you would like to be a lot easier to manipulate.

When the animal you used Hex on is unable to reach 0 hits, then you can select a different monster to curse. This means that you can select the ability of your choice to be disadvantaged.

Bottom Line

Hex is a multi-faceted spell that provides low-level characters with the ability to increase damage on an opponent. 

It is a fantastic time to use a concentration spell and also impedes the ability test for the person who is targeted. There is no save needed, which means the effects are virtually assured.

Final Words

For 1 1st class spell Hex can be a good option. It provides a damage boost and penalizes certain ability-related checks but doesn’t offer the ability to save. 

The duration of casting is as close to the best as it gets, and you can also choose to switch the targets, which is akin to receiving the chance to cast again.

There are numerous opportunities to use it in non-combat combat too. This makes it an extremely effective spell at lower levels, and an appropriate choice for higher levels.