Helldivers 2 Teases Patch Notes for June 13 Update

There will be a significant update for Helldivers 2 on Thursday, June 13, according to Arrowhead Game Studios.

The game developers intend to make a number of additions when it releases its upcoming update after taking into consideration the feedback they received from players.

In Helldivers 2, a third-person shooter that was released in February for the PlayStation 5 and the personal computer, players work together as Helldivers to save and protect the citizens of Super Earth from a variety of enemies, such as bugs and bots. He is a cooperative game. With this game, Sony achieved its highest ever sales of a PlayStation game.

Now, Helldivers 2 is getting ready to release a significant patch on June 13. This patch is expected to include an increase in the visibility of supply lines and attack origins, a reversal of patrols and spawn rates, invite-only lobbies, super samples upon reaching Level 6, a fix for unlimited grenades, and more than one hundred other changes and fixes.

Just a snippet of what Helldivers 2 players can anticipate until the full patch note list comes out on June 13 has been released by the game; it has not yet revealed its full patch notes.

A message was also sent out to the game’s fans on social media, stating that the developer is aware that the frequency of patch releases has slowed down.

Helldivers 2 stated in a tweet thread that “this is so that we can dedicate more time to each patch in order to reduce the pressure on our teams, dig into your feedback more, and deliver higher quality patches.” This is similar to the approach that we will take in the future with regard to Warbonds.

Helldivers 2 Devs Promise Slower But Bigger Updates

There are a lot of bug fixes, features that players have requested, and the highly anticipated Viper Commandos Warbond set, according to Helldivers 2, which has stated that its upcoming patch is “strong.”

There are new emotes, capes, victory poses, and player cards included in the new Warbond, as well as new skins for hellpods, Exosuits, and Pelican-1.

Additionally, the new Warbond includes a new version of the Liberator that was featured in Helldivers 2, which is the AR-23A Liberator Carbine.

As you progress from quick, small patches to slower, larger patches, we are well aware that your expectations will go up as a result… We’ll keep releasing patches and updates that fix bugs and evolve the game.

Also, and most importantly, evolve the game WITH our players and community,” Helldivers 2 stated in a tweet thread earlier this week.

As a result of Johan Pilestedt’s transition to the position of chief creative officer at Arrowhead Game Studios and Shams Jorjani’s appointment as the new CEO of Helldivers 2, that game has been undergoing some adjustments.

It was Pilestedt’s intention to concentrate more on Arrowhead’s games and community, which is in line with the new update plans for Helldivers 2.

It would appear that Helldivers 2 is more dedicated than ever before to listening to its players, engaging with them for feedback on social media, and devoting time to adding new content. As a result, patches are dropping at a rate that is slower than anticipated.

A wide variety of players responded to the thread in the following ways: Others are relieved that the developers aren’t being overworked, while others are looking for quick fixes for minor issues that continue to plague the game.

Some people are looking forward to the dedicated time that will be spent on major updates. The upcoming update, according to other players, will determine whether they continue playing the game.

In spite of this, Helldivers 2 is making an effort to be open and honest with its player community by sharing information about its development process and the timeline for its release.

Players are likely to continue to flock to the game later this week in order to inspect the new Warbond.

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