Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date

Two years is an extended period for any series of anime to stay off the screen, and the viewers of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 must be lauded for their perseverance and patience. 

For two long times, they have been begging the creators to announce the announcement that would be the final one regarding the second series. 

Although there was an announcement, there’s a certain amount of uncertainty to be a part of the discussion about the renewal. 

What is the likelihood of having the second season renewed? When will it be released? Here’s everything you must know about it.

More popularly than Tian The series, also known as “Tian Ci Fu Heaven Official’s Blessing,” is a Chinese donghua-based series that was released on October 31st, 2022. 

It was the first popular Chinese series to receive an adaptation in the form of anime, HOB turned out to be a huge success. In addition, the same can be seen in the ratings of the first season, too. 

The show is rated 8.4 points out of 10 stars on IMDb. Additionally, it has been evaluated at 8.39 points by over 30 thousand people on MyAnimeList

So, there’s no doubt that the show will return for the second season.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Renewed or Not?

Cleaning up the mess surrounding Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2, the second season was renewed. 

The first season premiered in January (2021) the creators of the series released updates via the official accounts of the Haoliners Animation League. 

The announcement was made on the day of New Year’s in 2021 that the Chinese anime will have a sequel. 

On 20th November 2021, the official Twitter page of Funimation confirmed the series had been renewed for a second season for a 2022 release.

A second season to the anime adaptation by Bilibili was announced by a Trailer with no publicly unveiled Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2 release date.

You can expect the second season to premiere just like season one on this fall slate around October 2022 with 11 episodes and a possibility of a special episode.


Production status: What caused the delays?

Heaven Officials Blessing Season 2 2 Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 Release Date

As we mentioned earlier, as mentioned above, production for the second season has already started. 

The producers announced this back at the beginning of January 2021. In light of the time that has passed since the announcement, it must be not forgotten that there may have been some hurdles to the process of production. 

One possible cause for the delay could be the pandemic. In the past, several anime shows faced obstacles that led to constant interruptions.

Another possibility that could be real is the release schedules. Producers may be waiting for the perfect moment to make an announcement. 

The pilot was launched in the fall of 2022 slate it could be expected that there’s a waiting period just for that.

Is there enough source material?

Heaven Official’s Blessing isn’t a literal version of the book with the same title. However, the donghua is an unfinished draft of the story that revolves around the story of Xie Lian, who is the ruler of Xianie. 

The first season didn’t even tell a fourth of the epic tale as it was described by the author of the book. The events that occur chronologically in the anime aren’t exactly like those in the novel. 

Therefore, estimating the chapters to be that is covered is difficult.

But, the fans can rest assured that there’s plenty of material to make a second season and more ahead.

Check out the subheading below to learn more about what’s to take place in the coming story.

What will happen in season 2?

Before the second season was revealed, the banner was given special episodes. The trailer confirmed the speculations that the fans believed. 

The trailer revealed on the screen that the location of the next season will be located in Ghost Town. 

Additionally trailer, it also shows generals Xuan Zhen and Nan Yang in small bits. Thus it appears that it appears that the Ghost Town is owned and controlled by Hua Cheng.

The most intriguing question of the time when Hua Cheng will reveal his true form will be addressed during Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2. 

Alongside this is the growing connection between Xie Lian and his ruler. This aspect of the story will also be examined in greater detail. 

Finally, the true look of this ruler will be the most important thing to remember for the next season.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2: Release Date

There was no news on the release schedule for the second series. 

In light of the fact that this sequel is being developed, it can be expected that the date of release can be announced at any time. 

You can expect the second season to start on this fall schedule in October 2022, just like the first season did. It will have 11 episodes and maybe one special episode.

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