.hack// Series Watch Order Guide

Anyone who is familiar with the PlayStation is also familiar with this crazy popular franchise ‘dot hack’ (dot hack).

Right from PlayStation 2, the .hack series has received quite a lot of praise and anime adaptations owing to it’s engaging and complex storyline.

If you aren’t a gamer, but you are a weeb, you definitely will enjoy watching this series.

.hack// has quite the complicated watch order because of the anime being based on individual games.

So, let’s take a peek at the watch order of the .hack// franchise, so you can enjoy the anime without pulling your hair out over the order too much.

1. .hack//Sign


Number of Episodes: 28

The very first series that sets up the problem.

The World is a game which is created to be very similar to life.

It comes with a detailed world world with no clear mission for each individual player.

The player can then themselves choose a purpose and act accordingly.

A person by the alias of Tsukasa can’t log out of his game as he has been hacked into.

As long as he continues to function in accordance to the hacker, he is protected by an invincible guardian.

What will be the consequences of him making this choice?

2. .hack//Liminality


Number of Episodes: 4

This is an OVA series directly paralleling the PlayStation 2 Game.

Each episode has a separate case with a separate character:

“Vol. 1: In The Case of Mai Minase” (with .hack//Infection): Mai and her boyfriend both collapse while playing the MMORPG, The World and are rushed to the hospital.

What does their hospitalization reveal? Did they die or were they killed? What is going on with this case?!

3. “Vol. 2: In The Case of Yuki Aihara” (with .hack//Mutation)

"Vol. 2: In The Case of Yuki Aihara" (with .hack//Mutation)

Yuki (Yukichin in the game) gets stuck into am elevator with an unnamed woman and hears a strange sound.

Tokouka and Mai are going to meet Yuki but are stuck in traffic.

Will they be able to meet Yuki or something strange will happen before they do?

4. “Vol. 3: In The Case of Kyoko Tohno” (with .hack//Outbreak)

"Vol. 3: In The Case of Kyoko Tohno" (with .hack//Outbreak)

A team investigates author of the Epitaph, a mysterious woman called Emma Weilant.

Mystery thickens are they discover something called as Liminality.

What is this concept?

Why does it exist and who created it?

What’s with the legend surrounding The Epitaph of Twilight?

5. “Vol. 4: Trismegistus” (with .hack//Quarantine)

"Vol. 4: Trismegistus" (with .hack//Quarantine)

Junichiro Tokuoka, Kyoko Tohno, Yuki Aihara, and Mai Minase all gather on a dinner boat in Tokyo Bay, to prepare for their “risky”…and probably illegal mission.

The discover a lot of secret including an autonomous A.I. delaying its own so-called death.

These two stories are linked closely and interwoven into one another and finish off the story for most of the characters in these two series itself.

Legend of Twilight and Gift introduces a completely different storyline focused in different characters.

6. .hack//Legend of Twilight

.hack//Legend of Twilight

Number of Episodes: 12

Shugo and Ren obtain special premium characters in an event and dive into “The World”.

Not soon after, they realize something is wrong.

They’re being targeted by someone… Or something.

Why are they being targeted?

What is happening around the world because of this game?

How can Ren and Shugo solve this problem?

7. .hack//GIFT [OVA]

.hack//GIFT [OVA]

Number of Episodes: 1

.hack special event!

Twilight Hot Springs has started!

You can get your well-deserved rest and a chance to spend your time relaxing at the Springs!

Or not…

This self-parody of the .hack franchise somehow manages to be fun with the caricatured versions of characters while still retaining its serious story telling.

8. .hack//Roots


Number of Episodes: 26

The World had been a huge success and wildly popular!

Thus the release of the new, The World: R2.

Betrayed by his so-called friends, Haseo’s character is killed just for kicks.

Barely being saved by someone called Ovan.

He, however swears to get revenge upon the Tri-Edge.

Who are the Tri-Edge?

Why does Haseo want revenge?

What happened to him?

Will he able to get his revenge?

Will Ovan help him?

Will someone join them or will they have to do it all alone?

9. .hack//G. U. Trilogy

.hack//G. U. Trilogy

Number of Episodes: 1

Haseo meets a member of the Tri-Edge, Azure Kite and challenges him for a fight.

He, however, realizes how hopelessly weak and how outmatched he is.

Azure as the winner, Data Drains him leaving him to start from scratch without any items or member addresses.

Haseo, however, obtains something very special, the Avatar of Skeith.

Will the Avatar of Skeith help him find the Tri-Edge and kill them for sure this time?

Will he able to bring his dear friend back?

Or would he be defeated and left to start all over again.

10. .hack//G. U. Returner [OVA]

.hack//G. U. Returner [OVA]

Number of Episodes: 1

All characters from .hack//Roots and games receive a message from Ovan.

Ovan wants them to visit a forbidden festival.

What do they find at this summer themed festival?

What are they supposed to look for?

What is happening to Ovan?

All the answers are hidden subtly and beautifully unravelled in this single episode OVA.

11. .hack//Quantum [OVA]

.hack//Quantum [OVA]

Number of Episodes: 3

Trying to battle “The One Sin” for kicks! What were these three thinking?!


Obviously, now that Tobias, Mary and Sakuya have ended up in the maze, they need to find a way out, but it’s not so easy.

A cat is secretly keeping a watch on them.

Is this a player?

An AI?


What is this cat?

What will it do to our players?

Find out in .hack// Quantum.

12. .hack//Sekai no Mukou ni [Movie]

.hack//Sekai no Mukou ni [Movie]

Number of Episodes: 1

14-year-old Sora Yuuki is invited to a game called “The World”.

Due to an accident in the game, Yuuki can’t quit the game and the world around her begins deforming.

How does Yuuki deal with this?

Will she be able to save the world?

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