Gleipnir Season 2

Gleipnir Season 2 Release Date, Characters, And Plot

Gleipnir Gleipnir, a very dark and shady show that features some dark characters. 

Before we get into the story we’ll discuss Gleipnir’s manga. 

The manga is written by and drawn by Sun Takeda. 

It is serialized by Kodansha who is responsible for some of the most acclaimed manga, such as AOT, Gleipnir first started in October of 2015. 

The series was later transformed into an animation series with the same name and was aired from April through June during the otherwise devastating year 2020.

Gleipnir is not suitable for all viewers. It’s got a lot involved and can be an offensive experience, to put it blandly. 

The characters are semi-psychopaths if they are not true monsters. 

There are aspects that the initial season doesn’t fully explore and there are numerous disturbing moments. 

Without further delay, we’ll dive into the intricacies of the saga of Gleipnir.

What Is It About?

Gleipnir Season 33 1

As we’ve said before, Gleipnir is hardly for the weak-hearted. It is the story of Shuichi Kagaya, who can transform into the form of a monster. Yes, you read that correctly. Shuichi can transform into a creepy toy monster for reasons that are not even known to him. 

In addition, Shuichi leads a pretty ordinary and routine life. He would rather not be discovered by anyone about his frightening and hilarious capabilities. As all stories can be, this one isn’t without an interesting twist.

Shuichi’s story takes a turn to the worst or odd when he stumbles upon an unburned building. To help a girl out of the flames, he donned his monster costume and dives into the scene to save her. While doing so the rescue, he loses and forgets to take his phone. 

This triggers a series of situations in which the girl he saved, Claire, hunts him to the ground. Claire confronts him about his capabilities however Shuichi straight up declines everything.

The situation gets a little tense when she throws his body off of the top to show that he’s the ultimate monster. In need of life, Shuichi transforms to save his life. 

Claire can get answers as well as evidence for his authenticity. She requests him to help her locate her sister, whom she believes to be a monster. 

She blames her for the deaths of both their parents. She is also interested in learning more about the monsters and their realm from Shuichi who is ignorant about everything.

Who’s in the ensemble for Gleipnir Season 2?

Gleipnir Season 1

The main benefit of a two-season series is that regardless of what is going to unfold next you will know what you can expect from other aspects. 

The cast, thankfully, is usually one of these things. In this sense, “Gleipnir” fans probably don’t need to worry about the possibility of major casting changes. 

There’s a good chance that they’ll witness Nao Touyama or Natsuki Hanae put on the roles of (or perhaps, even enter the flesh-suits of) the main characters Shuuichi and Clair as well (via Myanimelist).

The same is true of the characters supporting them. Alien the sibylline alien that lives inside a vending machine is likely to be played by Takahiro Sakurai. 

What is perhaps more important for fans following the conclusion, however, is the fact that Kana Hanzawa will remain to play Clair’s sister Elena.

It’s safe to presume that the remaining “Gleipnir” cast members are expected to stay the same, except for some new faces. 

“Gleipnir” isn’t the longest manga out there but it’s slightly more advanced than the adaptation and probably introduced a few new faces in the form of a few. 

However, the newly introduced characters (and their voice actors) will remain a mystery until Season 2 can find its way through the forest.

Is It Worth Watching?

It’s quite tricky. If you are a fan of nakedness, body horror and straight-up grotesque videos such as Gleipnir will please you at the very least. 

In addition, it’s not much positive about the film overall. Although it offers an intriguing and compelling storyline, it fails to convey it effectively. 

The show has a great fans service since Claire is naked in most scenes. But, it appears to have lost its way due to this.

A lot of aspects remain unexplored. The majority of the time has spent the study of Claire and Shuichi’s romance, which is destined to be a saga of doom only. 

As we mentioned earlier the first season aired in 2020 and had 13 episodes. It’s a show which is easy to complete. 

But beware, it could be a bit disturbing. Some have said that it was the type of program that made people want to switch their televisions off. This is is not for all.

Where do we stand in the moment?

The last episode was filled with an abundance of confusion among the main characters as well as lots of manipulation of memories. 

Elena erases the memories of Shuichi his parents’ deaths. 

Ghostly girls were who was responsible for the whole mess.

However, Elena cannot afford to allow Shuichi to find out that. 

The most important thing is that if Shuichi remembers, he will die. 

Kaito was with the girl to protect everyone from the alien spaceship. 

Shuichi already has a sense of the ship and could be targeted if he remembered. 

So the only method to protect him would be getting him to forget. 

He’s confused but stubborn, and Shuichi goes into the mountains again, this time with Claire along with Sanbe.

Gleipnir Season 2 Release Date

The animated series Gleipnir Season 2 will be launched sometime in the fall of 2021.

This could be delayed even more because of covid19. 

We will however keep you informed. 

At the moment there is no official announcement being made regarding Gleipnir season 2. 

In the present fans will have to keep an eye out for an announcement on season 2.