Genshin Impact Yoimiya

Genshin Impact: Yoimiya Rerun Banner & Abilities

Genshin Impact 2.8’s Tapestry of Golden Flames banner will feature Yoimiya once again, so here’s everything you need to know about her.

Have questions regarding the Genshin Impact Yoimiya brand? Inazuma’s top pyrotechnician, according to Kamisato Ayaka, is Yoimiya, owner of the town’s local fireworks store, Naganohara Fireworks.

Yoimiya has some of the best animations in the anime game as a Pyro and bows user.

Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya, along with Kazuha and Klee, the other five-star headliner characters on each banner, will be returning in the 2.8 updates on July 13th.

In the second half of the update, a brand-new four-star character named Heizou will be added to the game.

Release Date for Yoimiya’s Banner

Yoimiya Rerun Banner Abilities .

Tapestry of Golden Flames is the name of Yoimiya’s new banner, which will go live with the Genshin Impact 2.8 update.

Yoimiya and Sayu were the two main characters in the original 2021 version of Tapestry of Golden Flames, but it’s unclear if they’ll be back in this incarnation.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya’s abilities

Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya’s full arsenal of skills is listed below:

Normal attack: Firework Flare-Up

  1. Using a bow, shoot up to five times in a row.
  2. Attack with enhanced damage and greater precision when charged. The arrowhead is engulfed in flames as it is aimed at the target.
  3. A blazing arrow that does Pyro damage is fired off at a charge level of 1 while a charge level 2 arrow does the same (generates a maximum of three kindling arrows based on time spent charging, releasing them as an aimed shot, while kindling arrows deal Pyro damage to nearby enemies).
  4. In mid-air, the arrows are fired and descend to the ground, causing AoE damage when they hit the ground.

Elemental Skill: Niwabi Fire-Dance

Yoimiya is encircled by a saltpeter ring, which is lit with incense and fireworks.

  1. Arrows fired by a standard attack become blazing arrows, and the damage they cause is increased and turned into Pyrodamage when this occurs. No kindling arrows are generated and the effect is deactivated as soon as she exits the battlefield.

Elemental Burst: Ryukin Saxifrage

Ryukin Saxifrage, her first invention, soars into the air and fires a hail of pyro-damaging rockets, leaving a trail of Aurous Blaze in its wake.

Inflicts AoE Pyro damage on any other party members who have been marked by Aurous Blaze (including those who are not currently affected by it).

Any damage done to a close foe while the skill is active is passed on to an adjacent foe. Every two seconds, there is an explosion. The skill is deactivated if Yoimiya is unavailable.

Yoimiya Passive Talents

genshin impact yoimiya abilities
  1. It is possible for Yoimiya to return some of the materials used in the creation of Decorations, Ornaments, and Landscape-type furnishings.
  2. The Troublemaker’s Playbook: This effect lasts for three seconds and can stack up to ten times while Yoimiya is doing Teika Fire-Dance, increasing her Pyro damage bonus by 2 percent.
  3. Nearby party members earn 10% more attacks for 15 seconds after using Ryukin Saxifrage. Additional attack bonuses are added dependent on the number of stacks from Trouble-Making Tactics (attack bonus increase by 1 percent ).

Yoimiya Constellations

  1. An additional four seconds are added to the duration of Aurous Blaze for Agate Ryukin. Yoimiya’s attack increases by 20% for 20 seconds after Aurous Blaze defeats an enemy.
  2. Yoimiya’s Pyro damage has a 25 percent damage enhancement for six seconds after she strikes a critical hit with her weapon. Even if Yoimiya is inactive, this can still be activated.
  3. It can be used to increase the level of Teika’s Fire-Dance by a maximum of three times.
  4. Teika Fire-Dance CD reduces by 1 percent when Yoimiya’s Aurous Blaze goes off.
  5. A Summer Festival’s Eve: Ryukin Saxifrage’s level rises by three, allowing it to reach a maximum of 15.
  6. Teika Fire-Dance: During the Naganohara Meteor Swarm, Yoimiya has a 40% chance of launching an extra flaming arrow that delivers 50% original damage, which is considered normal attack damage.