Genshin Impact Players Can Claim Free Character in Version 4.8

The 4-Star Dendro character from Inazuma Kirara, who will also get a new outfit in the upcoming patch, will be available for Genshin Impact players to claim as a free player copy in Version 4.8.

Since the game’s release, Genshin Impact’s update rewards have always been the same: an odd-numbered Version always gives you an exclusive 4-Star weapon, and an even-numbered Version always gives you a 4-Star character.

When using the Lantern Rite, players can choose a 4-Star character from Liyue. In other Versions, the 4-Star character is usually chosen ahead of time.

Gorou, who broke a long string of Inazuma characters never being featured as free 4-Stars in a Version, was the most recent 4-Star that players could claim.

Somewhat surprisingly, Kirara is about to become the second free Inazuma character, and her role as a Dendro shield support can be very interestingly changed up.

With Nilou rumoured to be on the Event Banners for Genshin Impact Version 4.8, Kirara may join Nilou’s rerun, since she works well with the Bloom elemental reaction.

There are rumours that Kirara will be the feature-free 4-Star character of Version 4.8. It was only a matter of time before Kirara was confirmed as the reward in Version 4.8, given that both Nilou and Kirara are set to receive new Genshin Impact skins.

As is customary, Genshin Impact players will be able to obtain Kirara by completing the Flagship Event of the upcoming patch, which is set to take place in a magical forest.

Although Kirara in Genshin Impact is a character whose ability kit only opens up with C4, she has only been featured on the Event Banners once since her initial release.

This hasn’t given most players enough time to get Kirara, and many Genshin Impact fans will enjoy being able to raise her constellations through the Flagship Event in Version 4.8.

Kirara has already featured in a number of Flagship Events, but she is going to be one of the main stars of Version 4.8, along with Wanderer, Nilou, Emilie, and Navia.

How Kirara Could Fit With Future Characters in Genshin Impact

Kirara can use her Elemental Skill to make a Dendro shield, but right now only Baizhu can do the same thing with his Elemental Burst.

She can even be a good Hyperbloom car in her own right, making her a valuable option in many teams.

However, it appears that Genshin Impact is willing to play with underutilised Elemental Reactions like Burning with upcoming characters like Emilie.

One of the upcoming Natlan characters in Genshin Impact only needs to get along with Kirara for her value to skyrocket.

A lot of people will probably know more about Version 5.0 by the second half of July 2024.

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