Genshin Impact: Noelle Hangout Guide (Act 1 & 2)

In both acts of Noelle’s hangout event, you can unlock all of the endings and achievements.

Looking for a hangout guide for Genshin Impact Noelle? Hangout events let you spend time with a character one-on-one to learn more about them and see if you can have a chat with them without their fleeing.

Part one of Noelle’s hangout was made available with the 1.4 updates, while part two was included in the 1.5 updates.

The two acts of Noelle’s hangout events have six alternative endings, eliminating those where she completely abandons you.

You must reach all of the endings to receive all of Noelle’s hangout event gifts. While it takes two story keys to get into each hangout, once you do, you can go back and explore it whenever you choose.

To try a different direction, you can conveniently enter the hangout at any prior plot checkpoint.

The hangout will finish early if Noelle loses enough hearts during the event by selecting dialogue options she doesn’t like.

A complete guide for the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event for Acts 1 and 2 is provided, so you can get every ending and achievement unlocked.

Act 1 – Chivalric Training

genshin impact noelle hangout guide part 2 how to get all en xquj Genshin Impact: Noelle Hangout Guide (Act 1 & 2)

Goodbye, Miss Maid!

Honorary Knight! > All of Life is Training > Guest from Afar

Irrespective of what you say, when Noelle asks for advice on her chivalric training, say “It’s acceptable not to be a knight.”

After then, nothing you say will affect the outcome.

The two of you will accompany Alois back to Mondstadt after helping him with some slimes. The choices you make before you get to the tavern have no bearing on the outcome of the game.

“Is this what they provide to all guests in Mondstadt?” Alois inquires. Decide on “Noelle’s method of extending hospitality.”

After returning to Good Hunter, you’ll be presented with the same two dialogue options; select “hospitality.”

Alois will get a gift from Noelle… select “hospitality” from the same two dialogue options. For the sake of flavour, there are additional dialogue possibilities. You’ll get the ‘Goodbye, Miss Maid!’ finale when he departs.

A Cold Reception

Honorary Knight! > All of Life is Training > Guest from Afar

If you tell Noelle that “It’s acceptable not to be a knight” and then choose “Made specifically for you” instead of Alois’ “hospitality” comments, you’ll get this ending.

It is only after you’ve escorted Alois from the city and learned of his plans for Dandelion Wine that you discover his true intentions.

Noelle is disappointed when you return, and the ‘A Cold Reception’ ending occurs.

A Maid Above Ground

Honorary Knight! > Training Ground > For Greater Strength

Respond with, “Of course, where do you want to start?” when Noelle begs for your help with her Chivalric Training.

Make a statement to her when she tells you that something is missing from her life and that she is lacking in strength.

Within a predetermined time limit, Noelle will be put through a rigorous strength test. Once more, she asks what you need, so tell her you need more strength.

After slaying slimes and a Mitachurl, while mining for ore, rocks begin to fall into the gap. This ending can only be unlocked by clearing rocks and defeating the Lawachurl.

A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength

Honorary Knight! > Training Ground > For More Experience

Ask, “Is it because you lack real-world fighting experience?” rather than telling Noelle that she lacks strength.

Henning comes to seek help, and you explain to her how essential it is to fight together—you try to defeat some adversaries but inevitably fail.

A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength and the accomplishment “…For I am Duty Bound” can be yours for the taking if you help him out.

A Conundrum Called Love

Honorary Knight! > A Breather > It’s the Heart that Matters

Respond with “Of course, where do you want to start?” when Noelle inquires about Chivalric Training. Tell her she needs more sleep this time.

You and your companion will have tea together, no matter what else you decide. As you plan your gift, you decide that “it’s the thought that counts,” so you offer Bea a grilled fish.

Sadly, this doesn’t help much, and Noelle is humiliated by her decision to study at the library. ‘A World Known Only to Roses’ is a secret achievement that can only be obtained by reading Noelle’s research notes.

Whisper of the Paper Rose

Honorary Knight! > A Breather > Sincerest of Gifts

Probably my favorite Noelle hangout conclusion. When Noelle asks about the gift, tell her “we should choose wisely” after promising to help her with her training and telling her that she’s been lacking sleep.

While the Squirrel Wood Carving option costs you a heart, you can still proceed in the game. The better choice is the Frosting Bottle.

Beatrice will question you about the sites you photographed once you’ve taken three images around the map, and answering “Cape Oath” will advance the quest.

Once at Windrose, you and Noelle exchange a paper rose. Aww.

Act 2 – Knightly Exam Prep

noelle ending 1 Genshin Impact: Noelle Hangout Guide (Act 1 & 2)

In the second part of the hangout, you’ll be helping Noelle prepare for her forthcoming exam. Avoid saying “You don’t look so nice” to her when you see her at the library, otherwise you’ll lose a heart.

Rest Amidst the Rocks

Emergency Exam Prep > Levity in Liyue > Crook-Catching Commission

Tell Noelle that “a change of scenery would be beneficial” after you give her guidance on her exam in the library.

Travel to Liyue and eat at Wanmin Restaurant, which is located there.

When Noelle wonders where to go next, tell her to go to the port after she’s finished her spicy meal at the Blacksmith.

You face off against some fugitive treasure hoarders after chatting with the Millelith on the docks.

Rest Amidst the Rocks is unlocked after you and your companion sip tea together.

The Maid-Knight’s Tale

Emergency Exam Prep > Levity in Liyue > Emergency Story-Sourcing

In response to Noelle’s request for a change of scenery in the library, advise her to go to Third-Round Knockout.

To clear out a hilichurl camp with Iron Tongue Tian, you first communicate with him.

Go back to Liyue and tell the storyteller what happened after you gave Tian the Chaos Device from the Ruin Guard.

This will unlock the second ending, “The Maid-Tale.” Knight’s

Perfect Score

Emergency Exam Prep > Can-Do Katheryne > Immaculate Examination

Noelle informs you about her exam in the library; counsel her to face the stress of it head-on rather than try to avoid it.

Then tell her to take more tests to get used to the new environment.

Take the exam in the Adventurer’s Guild and you’ll unlock the Perfect Score ending if you get a perfect score.

Noelle Adventurer’s Guild exam answers

  1. Windwheel Aster
  2. Roald
  3. Mare Jivari
  4. Steak

Then, to pass the exam with flying colors, you must destroy the ruined guard in 70 seconds.

Points Deducted

Emergency Exam Prep > Can-Do Katheryne > Imperfect Examination

Immaculate Examination follows the identical course, but instead of answering correctly, you must make one error – this might be anywhere.

To earn the secret accomplishment ‘Mondstadt’s Note-Taker General,’ read Noelle’s Study Notes on the table after the exam.

The One and Only Noelle

Emergency Exam Prep > Outrider 101 > In the Master’s Image

Encourage Noelle to envision passing the exam after you tell her to tackle the exam’s tension directly. Collect Valberries and Slime Condensate in the Stormbearer Mountains for Noelle so she can build a Baron Bunny.

Hilichurls cannot get past your camp if you place this device there. Then offer that she could become an Acting Grand Master.

You may likely run into Marjorie when returning to Mondstadt to check whether anyone needs your assistance in finding her misplaced monocle.

Locate Glory, a young woman sitting on a bench, who claims to have seen a sparrow fly away with something in her hands. Find the monocle by climbing to the highest point around and looking for nests.

Work Made for a Maid

Emergency Exam Prep > Outrider 101 > Copying the Cavalry Captain

Tell Noelle to face her exam anxiety head-on and visualize herself succeeding. Recommend that Noelle become a Cavalry Captain after fighting the hilichurls in the highlands.

Serve Payne a drink in Angel’s Share tavern. When the day’s work is done in the bar, the sixth and final ending, Work Made for a Maid, will be unlocked.

All six of Noelle’s hangout event endings have been covered by both acts so far.

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