Genshin Impact: Best Yanfei Build

Using the greatest DPS build for this four-star Pyro character is the best way to maximize its potential.

Are you looking for the finest Genshin Impact Yanfei build?

The Zhongli banner introduced this four-star Pyro Catalyst wielding in the Genshin Impact 1.5 update.

A good team and the best DPS build can maximize her Pyro damage and keep her alive, despite her being vulnerable.

Liyue Harbor’s top legal expert is Yanfei, commonly known as the “law that walks.”

She knows everything there is to know about the law.

Eula, another Genshin Impact character, has a mysterious link to her as well.

With normal attacks, her stamina consumption is reduced by the scarlet seals generated when utilizing her elemental talent and elemental burst.

She is a part-lighted beast, similar to Ganyu.

You may see her complete range of talents by clicking here.

There is nothing particularly special about Yanfei’s stats, nonetheless, putting her as a DPS character alongside shield characters like Diona and Zhongli can help you get the most out of her.

Let’s start with the most effective Genshin Impact Yanfei build.

Best Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS build

After building up scarlet seals with her standard attack or Signed Edict and Done Deal, you can then unleash a charged assault to finish off the scarlet seals you’ve built up.

If you want to chain elemental reactions, we recommend using Xingqiu with Zhongli and his formidable jade shields, as we’ve already stated.

Using conventional attacks to generate scarlet seals, Yanfei then uses elemental abilities to increase the power of her scarlet seals.

Strengthening and increasing AoE damage is what you should work on.

When she uses her elemental burst, she also gains brilliance, which increases the damage of her charged attacks and grants her a scarlet seal.


Yanfei’s weapon of choice is the Solar Pearl.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass level 30 unlocks a four-star catalyst weapon that can be selected from the BP Bounty.

In addition to boosting critical hit damage, this will also contribute to the elemental skill’s damage.

Catalysts that boost elemental damage bonus and have an increased likelihood of applying additional attack damage should also be considered if you have Skyward Atlas.


The Crimson Witch of Flames four-piece set is ideal for boosting Pyro damage and increasing Xingqiu’s vaporise damage.

She’ll also be able to deal 40 percent more overloading and burning damage as well as 15 percent more vapour and melt damage with this.

The two-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set, along with Gladiator, can be substituted if you don’t already own the complete set.

This is a great option for teams that don’t have access to elemental reactions on a regular basis.

Yanfei’s Pyro damage is increased by 35 percent if she wears the full Lavawalker gear.

Genshin Impact Yanfei abilities

yanfei artifacts 1024x483 1 Genshin Impact: Best Yanfei Build


  1. A normal strike from Yan Fei uses fireballs that can inflict up to three hits of Pyro damage on the target.
  2. As long as Yanfei is able to land fireballs on an enemy, she gains a Scarlet Seal, which reduces her stamina consumption.
  3. The length of any Scarlet Seals that are presently held is replenished each time this effect is triggered, and the seals will be removed when she leaves the battlefield.
  4. An AoE pyro assault can be unleashed when a brief amount of time has elapsed.
  5. Each Scarlet Seal consumed increases the AoE range and damage inflicted by the charged attack.
  6. This attack drains stamina and all currently held Scarlet Seals.
  7. When Yanfei hits the ground, she deals AoE Pyro damage to all of the foes in her path, as well as to herself.


AoE Pyro damage is dealt to foes within range by summoning a wall of blazing lava.

Yanfei receives the most number of Scarlet Seals from any opponent who is struck by the flames.


In the event of a burst of flames, this burst rushes any nearby foes.

There is an AoE Pyro damage and a Brilliance bonus that can be obtained from these.

Yanfei is rewarded with the following:

  1. Every few seconds, he bestows a Scarlet Seal on Yanfei.
  2. Boosts her charged attack’s damage output.
  3. Until Yanfei is replaced by another character, or dies in combat, this effect is in effect.


  1. Each Scarlet Seal carried by Yanfei reduces the stamina cost of her charged assault by 10% and boosts the attack’s resistance to interruption during its discharge.
  2. With health below 50%, Yanfei’s charged attack has a 20% increased critical hit rate.
  3. Right of Final Interpretation:
  4. Increases the level of the Signed Edict by three when using Samadhi Fire-Forged (to a maximum of 15)
  5. Amnesty: The Supreme For 15 seconds, the shield created by Done Deal absorbs up to 75% of her maximum HP.
  6. It is 250 percent more effective at absorbing Pyro damage.
  7. This document adds three points to the Done Deal tally (to a maximum of 15)
  8. Additional clause: Increases the maximum amount of Scarlet Seals that can be owned by a single player.


  1. An encyclopaedic knowledge of the Liyue region’s resources is displayed on a mini-map.
  2. Proviso: Yanfei’s Pyro damage bonus is increased by 5% for six seconds after he consumes a Scarlet Seal with a charged strike.
  3. A new Proviso damage bonus effect will take the place of the previously active Proviso damage bonus if this effect is activated while the previously triggered benefit is still active.
  4. In the event of a critical strike from Yanfei’s charged attack, she deals additional AoE Pyro damage equal to 80% of her attack, which counts as charged attack damage.

Yanfei’s best build is Genshin Impact.

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