Genshin Impact: Best Xiao Build

The DPS of Xiao is unmatched by any other character in Genshin Impact, so take advantage of our build to get the most bang for your buck.

The finest Genshin Impact Xiao build isn’t easy to find.

Xiao, a five-star Anemo polearm user, was added to the game with the Genshin Impact 1.3 update.

To defend Liyue, Xiao is an adeptus, a magical being who is obliged by contract to do so.

Energetically bursting, he unleashes his mighty Yaksha, an evil entity that slowly eats away at his life essence of Xiao.

There aren’t many Genshin Impact elemental responses in Anemo characters, but this doesn’t appear to have any effect on Xiao’s DPS.

Swirl elemental reaction, which interacts with Cryo, Hydro, Electro, and Pyro, allows Xiao to do massive amounts of damage to several foes at once.

So, if you’re looking for someone to carry the bulk of your party’s damage output, consider Xiao.

She was built from the bottom up as a DPS dealer.

Here’s all you need to know about creating the finest Genshin Impact Xiao build in the new 2.7 update: Xiao


Best Xiao Build. Genshin Impact: Best Xiao Build

Because the Bane of All Evil is constantly draining Xiao’s health while wearing the Yaksha mask, his play style is inherently dangerous.

Because of Xiao’s great mobility, Lemniscatic Wind Cycling allows him to quickly avoid attacks.

You can transform Lemniscatic Wind Cycling from a defensive to an offensive ability by equipping the passive skill Dissolution Eon – Heaven Fall.

Whirlwind Thrust’s plunging strike should be your primary focus when Bane of All Evil is active.

Xiao’s ability scales with his height, so make sure to use the attack at the top of his jump.

Xiao’s higher energy recharge rate allows him to continue using his elemental skills, increasing his damage output, even more, when coupled with another Anemo character.

For Xiao, the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is the best weapon, as it has an extremely high crit rate and does additional damage after each strike.

A shield character like Zhongli might also benefit from the Vortex Vanquisher, as this weapon boosts shield strength by 20%.

Deathmatch, a four-star weapon, is an alternative to the five-star polearms because it gives Xiao an attack and defense bonus based on the number of adversaries he faces.

It’s the combination of the Gladiator’s Finale set and the Viridescent Venerer set that makes Xiao’s most impressive Genshin Impact artifacts.

An 18% increase in attack power for Xiao can be obtained by equipping the two-piece Gladiator’s Finale set.

The 15 percent damage increase for Anemo can be obtained by equipping the Viridescent Venerer set.

When used in conjunction with Bane of All Evil, this artefact combination increases damage dealt by a factor of two.

With the artefacts, the Xiao’s critical damage, critical rate, and attack should all be improved.

If you don’t have a second Anemo character, you may want to pay attention to Xiao’s energy recharge rate.

It’s best to keep Xiao on the field as much as possible, as a carry DPS.

At all times, the optimum team composition for Xiao is one that provides him with adequate healing and protection.

Xiao’s healer and backup battery, Sucrose, is an excellent choice for pairing with him.

The Anemo characters Jean or Venti can take Sucrose’s place because they both have the Impetuous Winds elemental resonance, which reduces the stamina consumption of the entire party by 15%.

Your team should include Zhongli and Xiao, both of who work incredibly well together.

If you’re running Zhongli, Albedo’s elemental talent will let Xiao acquire a lot of energy while fighting tough opponents.


Talents 1024x576 1 Genshin Impact: Best Xiao Build

Normal attack: Whirlwind Thrust

  1. Strike up to six times in a row with the normal attack.
  2. Stamina Consumption: Perform an upward thrust after using a specified amount of stamina.
  3. Drop from the sky and bang into the earth, dealing damage according to how far you’ve fallen.


By lunging forward with Anemo harm, Xiao damages his opponents.

There are two charges in this attack, and you can use it in mid-air.

Elemental Burst: Bane of All Evil

In the shape of a Yaksha, Xiao transforms into a strong warrior.

Xiao’s attack range and damage are both increased as a result of this impact.

In addition, Xiao’s damage type is changed to Anemo, and his jumping ability is improved as a result of this.

Xiao’s health depletes constantly while Bane of All Evil is active.

Genshin Impact Xiao Constellations

  1. Dissolution One more Annihilation is added to the Lemniscatic Wind Cycling charges when Eon – Destroyer of Worlds is used.
  2. His energy recharge rate is increased by 255 percent when Xiao is not an active party member.
  3. Up to a maximum of 15 Lemniscatic Wind Cycling levels can be increased by the Wrath Deity.
  4. Xiao receives a 100% defense benefit if his health falls to 50% or lower during Transcension – Extinction of Suffering.
  5. Evolution Increases the level of Bane of All Evil by three, up to a maximum of fifteen for Eon – Origin of Ignorance.
  6. A charge of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling is added when two or more opponents are hit by a charged attack from the Evil Conqueror – Vigilant Yaksha.
  7. The cooldown of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling is also reduced by one second as a result of this.

Genshin Impact Xiao Passive Talents

  1. Activating Bane of All Evil ups Xiao’s damage by 5% as an Evil Conqueror – Tamer of Demons.
  2. Until the elemental burst finishes, Xiao’s damage increases by 5% every three seconds, up to a maximum of 25%.
  3. Dissolution of the damage done by Lemniscatic Wind Cycling is increased by 10% for the next six seconds when Eon – Heaven Fall is active.
  4. Every time a new stack is added, the timer resets a maximum of three times.
  5. All party members’ falling damage is reduced by 30 percent when using Transcension – Gravity Defier.
  6. When absorbing fall damage, only one character’s passive talent will be activated if other party members have a similar talent.

For the greatest Genshin Impact Xiao build, all you need is that.

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