Genshin Impact: Best Hu Tao Build

Is this the best Genshin Impact Hu Tao build you’ve ever come across?

Hu Tao is a five-star Pyro character with a polearm, making him an ideal DPS weapon.

Participating in the Papilio Charontis Chapter tale quest will reveal some of her past.

In the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Hu Tao serves as the 77th director.

If you want to get into an argument with her, just punch her in the face.

To enter the Paramita Papillo state, Hu Tao uses her elemental skill.

All of her attacks take on the Pyro form and are given an additional damage boost dependent on her current maximum health.

It’s safe to assume that Hu Tao’s single target damage is among the best in the entire game.

As a result, we’ve given her a prominent place on our list of Genshin Impact players.

With the help of an AoE-specialist DPS dealer, you can quickly put together a deadly combo to get you through Abyssal Moon Spire’s toughest stages in one piece.

The Most Effective HU TAO DPS Build For GENSHIN

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Hu Tao’s strikes are converted into Pyro attacks by the Guide to Afterlife, which is the only way to deal with her.

Look for Genshin Impact artefacts with health, pyro damage, and crit rate to get the most out of this elemental skill.

For Hu Tao, the four-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set is ideal, since it boosts her Overloaded and Burning damage by 40%, as well as all Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%.

Hu Tao’s elemental burst increases the two-piece set bonus from 15 percent to 50 percent for ten seconds when used with the elemental burst.

Sanguine Rouge, like Xiao, makes Hu Tao a difficult character to portray because of her passive abilities.

In order to earn a 33 percent damage bonus from Sanguine Rouge, players should keep Hu Tao at or below 50% health, however, this can be extremely risky while facing powerful foes.

As a result, healers are put in an awkward situation because they must learn to handle Hu Tao differently than the other characters in the game.

However, Hu Tao has a natural weakness for AoE strikes, which is why he does so well against individual targets.

Characters like Ganyu and Venti might help you make up for this shortcoming.

Xingqiu, a Hydro based Sword user, is a great four-star partner for Hu Tao since he gives Hu Tao a lot of elemental reaction opportunities.

Zhongli’s powerful Jade Shields will help you defend yourself, so be sure to include him in your team.

Hu Tao’s greatest weapon is the Staff of Homa, a new five-star Polearm with a high attack bonus and critical rate.

Hu Tao’s attack bonus is increased by 1% of her maximum health when using this weapon, identical to Sanguine Rouge.

Deathmatch works well if you don’t have any five-star Genshin Impact weaponry because its effect gives an attack and defense benefit depending on the number of foes on the battlefield.


Normal attack: Secret Spear of Wangsheng

  1. Normal Attack: Launches up to six spears in rapid succession.
  2. An attack that uses stamina to propel itself ahead and do damage to any enemies in its path.
  3. Using the Plunging Attack, the character plunges from the sky to the ground below, striking enemies in its course and causing AoE damage when it slams into them.

Elemental Skill: Guide to Afterlife

To enter the Paramita Papilio condition, Hu Tao uses a predetermined amount of her health to knock back the surrounding adversaries.

  1. Increases Hu Tao’s attack power in proportion to her current maximum health.
  2. In order to maximize Hu Tao’s base attack, this bonus cannot surpass 400 percent of it.
  3. This ability converts attack damage to pyro damage, which cannot be mitigated by any other type of elemental infusion.
  4. Blood Blossom is applied to foes hit by charged strikes.
  5. Strengthens Hu Tao’s ability to bounce back from failure
  6. Blood Blossom does Pyro damage every four seconds to enemies it touches.
  7. Damage from an elemental skill is equivalent to this amount.
  8. Only Hu Tao can replenish the duration of the Blood Blossom effect, which may only be used on one enemy at a time.
  9. It’s over when the timer runs out, or when Hu Tao leaves the battlefield or dies.

Elemental Burst: Spirit Soother

This spell summons a fiery spirit to attack, delivering pyro damage to all-around enemies in a wide area of effect.

Hu Tao’s maximum health is replenished when he strikes an adversary.

You can use this effect up to five times, depending on how many foes you hit.

Hu Tao’s damage and health regeneration are both increased when he has less than half health when the enemy is hit.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Constellations

  1. Hu Tao’s charge attacks don’t use stamina while in the Paramita Papilio condition initiated by the Guide to Afterlife.
  2. Hu Tao’s maximum health at the time of the effect applied increases the damage of the Blood Blossom by 10%.
  3. In addition, the Blood Blossom effect will be applied by Spirit Soother.
  4. Carmine lingers: The Guide to Afterlife gains three levels. Garden of Eternal Rest: When Hu Tao applies Blood Blossom to an enemy, the crit rate of all adjacent allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) is enhanced by 12 percent for 15 seconds after the adversary is defeated.
  5. Spirit Soother’s Level is raised by three after using Floral Incense.
  6. When Hu Tao’s health dips below 25%, or when she receives a lethal attack, Butterfly’s Embrace will activate.
  7. Hu Tao’s injuries will not cause him to tumble.
  8. Her elemental and physical resistances are raised by 200 percent for the next 10 seconds, her crit rate is increased by 100 percent, and she has increased resistance to interruption.
  9. When Hu Tao gets down to one health point or less, this effect is automatically triggered.
  10. One time every sixty seconds

Hu Tao’s Passive Talents in Genshin

  1. The greater Hu Tao has an 18 percent probability of receiving a “strange” dish of the same sort if she cooks a dish correctly.
  2. Flutter By: As soon as Guide to Afterlife’s Paramita Papilio state expires, it will grant a 12% crit rate boost to all allies in the party (except Hu Tao herself).
  3. Red as a Blood Orange: Hu Tao’s Pyro damage increases by 33% when her health is equal to or lower than 50%.

For the finest Genshin Impact Hu Tao build, that’s it!

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