Genshin Impact: Best Ayaka Build

There will be a new banner for the Inazuman princess, and she has developed into one best-in-class DPS character if you know how to build her.

Ayaka’s Genshin Impact is one of the most sought-after builds.

It was only with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update that Kamisato Ayaka was made available to players, although she has been available since the closed beta test in July of 2019.

With her rapid rise to prominence on our Genshin Impact tier list, we can now look forward to the release of yet another Ayaka banner featuring her.

A fresh banner is a perfect time to review the most recent Ayaka construction recommendations.

Ayaka, Kazuha, Yoimiya, and Sayu are all natives of the Inazuma region.

Cryo swordsman and daughter of one of the most powerful families in Inazuma, Kamisato Clan, she is a five-star Cryo.

This is why she’s a perfect choice for freeze teams as a DPS with an emphasis on critical strikes.

Genshin Impact’s greatest Ayaka build, includes the best artefacts and weapons to use, as well as the best Genshin Impact characters to complete your team.

Ayaka’s strongest DPS build is as follows:

Weapon: Mistsplitting Sword a Blizzard Strayer’s Reforged Artifacts (four-set)

Ayaka is undoubtedly a DPS character based on her talents.

ayuka build 9 1 Genshin Impact: Best Ayaka Build

Ayaka’s greatest weapon is the Mistsplitter Reforged since it is tailored to her unique style.

Activating the Mistsplitter’s Emblem after a standard strike gives Ayaka a 12% elemental damage bonus.

An 8 percent, 16 percent, and 28 percent elemental damage bonus can be applied to Ayaka’s attacks based on the amount of energy she is left with.

Ayaka doesn’t have to change her play style only because of the sword’s powers to activate each of the three levels.

Blizzard Strayer, a four-piece Ayaka artifact set, is the most popular choice for Cryo characters in general.

Cryo attacks deal 15% more damage with this set, and Ayaka’s crit rate rises to 40% if her opponent is frozen while using it.

Ayaka advanced build

YouTuber Sekapoko recently found a new build for Ayaka that makes use of an artifact set added in the 2.6 updates called “Echo” and gives her the Haran Geppaku Futsu (the new five-star sword that is Ayato’s hallmark weapon) for even more power.

Here’s the whole thing, in case you missed it:

Although this new build does not replace the current meta, it provides an interesting alternative for people who wish to explore with Ayaka and the additional content.

Aside from that, it does a lot of damage in a short period of time and doesn’t require you to build energy replenishment into your squad, which is a big benefit.

Although Sekapoko explores F2P weapons and other alternatives, the game isn’t very F2P friendly.

Ayaka Team Composition

Mona is considered one of the best options for a Hydro character in order to activate the frost elemental reaction.

In addition, Xingqiu is a fantastic choice because he can quickly apply Hydro with his abilities, and he can also do big quantities of damage without having to be on the field – just like Kokomi, who recently through a banner run.

Ayaka’s elemental skills are energy guzzlers, so you’ll want a teammate who can swiftly recharge their energy.

We recommend someone like Diona or Venti because they work well with Cryo characters and have a lot of recharging to their namesakes.

Ayaka’s best ally may be Venti, whose elemental skill propels adversaries into the air, where Ayaka may inflict significant damage.

It is possible to utilise the bard as a support character, however Venti’s crowd-control abilities will not work on boss monsters Kazuha, a strong anemo character in most builds, could be another option.

With Rosaria, Ayaka’s crit rate can be boosted even higher thanks to her Shadow Samaritan passive skill, and she will be featured on Ayaka’s repeat banner if you don’t already have her in your party.

Best Ayaka Build F2P

Blackcliff Longsword is a great weapon for F2P gamers, as it does not take a lot of desires to acquire.

In terms of team composition, Kaeya is an excellent cryo support character who is accessible for free from the very beginning of the game, and Barbara is one of the game’s strongest healers and can bring the hydro component to freeze teams.

Unfortunately, during the Hues of Violet Garden event, Xingqiu is available for free.

If you’re able to attend, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on him for nothing.

The Traveler is an Anemo character, thus he or she can substitute in for Venti or Kazuha in an emergency situation.

The finest Ayaka build in Genshin Impact has been revealed.

See who else will be appearing on the next Genshin Impact banner.

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