Genshin Impact: Archaic Stone Locations Guide

In order to help you identify these Genshin Impact quest items in The Chasm, we’ve compiled a list of their locations.

Are you looking for ancient Genshin Impact stones?

In order to complete the ‘Says He Who Seeks Stone’ global quest, you’ll need to collect these rowdy rocks, which can be found in the new The Chasm location, which was added in with the 2.6 release.

The archaic stone places of the Genshin Impact are difficult to detect since they are generally perched high on the cliffs around The Chasm.

Near the ground, there are only a few of them.

Stamina-boosting methods will be required to go to all of the different sites.

Lumenstone ore should not be confused with this.

For this one, Muning is your man, and he’ll only need three of you to get started.

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to access a secret exploration goal where you can go back and find the other eight items.

To make it easier for you to locate the archaic stones, we’ve put up this brief guide that includes directions and descriptions of each location.

Genshin Impact Archaic Stone locations

genshin impact archaic stone locations map 900x506 1 Genshin Impact: Archaic Stone Locations Guide

The nine archaic stones of the Genshin Impact are shown in the following map:

  1. Pin 1: Near Cinnabar Cliff, across and south of the statue of the seven, lies an antique stone on a cliff edge. Hillichurls patrol the perimeter of the area.
  2. Pin 2: East of the previous stone and south of the Chasm’s Maw teleport waypoint is an archaic stone in the cavern’s bottom.
  3. It’s close to a bedrock key used in the Chasm underground quest to unlock it.
  4. To the south of Tiangong Gorge, an Exquisite Chest and an antique stone can be found.
  5. Pin 4: Near the very edge of the Chasm, on the cliffs above the Chasm, there is another ancient stone. On the peak’s summit, a Stonehide Lawachurl guards the treasure.
  6. To go to the Chasm area’s primary entrance, you’ll need to find an ancient stone at the peak’s apex, which is located above the teleport waypoint.
  7. To reach the teleport location, you must first ascend the trail and then turn around to return to the area.
  8. This ancient stone can be found beside a wooden winch lift on the cliff edge east of the Tiangong Gorge teleport waypoint (Pin 6).
  9. An ancient stone can be found in a cave beneath Fuao Vale (Pin 7).
  10. To get there, head north-west through the mine network entrance from the teleport waypoint at The Surface.
  11. An ancient stone can be found on the northern edge of Fuao Vale, on the cliff top that lies directly north of the “l” in Fuao Vale.
  12. At the base of a cliff immediately south of the Lost Valley domain gate, there is an ancient stone.
  13. The Chasm’s Seven-Statued Monument can be found above and to the north of this location.

Check out this video from ZaFrostPet if you’d rather see where each ancient stone is located in-game.

There you have it, all nine of the ancient stones of the Genshin Impact.

There isn’t a tenth one, so don’t bother asking where it is.

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